Minecraft x Lightyear DLC pack - features, release date, trailer, and more

Minecraft x Lightyear DLC pack has been released and it offers a series of interesting features to the players.

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Minecraft x Lightyear DLC pack details

Which kid, and even adult, is not a fan of one of the main characters of the popular animated movie franchise Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear? And you will definitely have heard of the recent Disney movie Lightyear that revolves around its namesake, Buzz Lightyear.

Now, given its popularity in the Disney universe, it was almost expected that something between Minecraft and Lightyear would take place. The expectations were right on point, as Mojang announced new details about the Lightyear and Minecraft collaboration.

The Lightyear is a spinoff film from the Toy Story franchise, as mentioned. It is an origins story focused on the character whom we will now see take his place among the numerous stars in the Minecraft universe. We might just say that the Minecraft Lightyear DLC will let you go to infinity and beyond in the game!

We have detailed everything that you need to know about this exciting new venture - Minecraft Lightyear DLC, including its release date, trailer, features, and more.

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Minecraft Lightyear DLC Release date

June 17, 2022, was the official Minecraft Lightyear DLC release date. Implying players can download the DLC pack immediately.

However, you will need to have Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, in addition, to accessing the marketplace in Minecraft before the Minecraft Lightyear DLC pack is made available to you.

Minecraft Lightyear DLC collaboration trailers

The above video is the official trailer of the Minecraft x Lightyear DLC.

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Minecraft Lightyear DLC pack features

First of all, players get access to content that is story-based. The developers of the game have stated that players can “play through Buzz’s origin story and help him navigate an alien planet after an unfortunate crash landing” in the Minecraft Lightyear DLC pack.

In total, there are five missions available to play in the Minecraft Lightyear DLC. In these five missions, you will have to make it through “a hostile jungle, a swamp, and a mine, as well as various alien settlements.” And you will experience all the exciting stuff that is part of the movie, like flying vehicles, different types of gadgets, and taking down a lot of bosses.

If you are one of those who want to get their hands on a new Character Creator item, this Minecraft Lightyear DLC will include a provision for that. You will get new content that will allow you to redress the characters.

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As of yet, this pack is not available on Nintendo Switch. But not to worry. The developers say the Minecraft Lightyear DLC Switch version is arriving “soon.”

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Minecraft Lightyear DLC Price

Guess what the price of this Minecraft Lightyear DLC pack is. We will tell you - it is $0.00.

That’s right. It’s free of cost. So you will not need to pay for vanquishing Zerg as you travel across the universe as Buzz Lightyear.

And that is all there is to the Minecraft Lightyear DLC pack, including its release date, trailer, features, and more. This is going to be an amazing crossover given the popularity of each of the two entities involved.

Make sure you download this content and play it to your heart’s content. Keep visiting for more Minecraft news.

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