Apex Legends Season 14 Legend teasers dropped by Respawn

Apex Legends Season 14 Legend teasers have been dropped by the developers, which are highly suggestive that Vantage is coming next for the players.

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Apex Legends Season 14 Legend teasers

While the majority of Apex Legends players are occupied enjoying Season 13, which added Newcastle, a new Battle Pass, map updates, a new ranked season, and more, data miners and leakers are already hard at work exposing what has been hidden in the upcoming seasons.

In a few weeks, Apex Legends Season 13 will come to a close, and players are already excited for Apex Legends Season 14. The creators remained silent and withheld any fresh details about the upcoming season until recently, as Respawn has now begun releasing teases for season 14.

To provide players with background information on its prospective newest Apex Legends Season 14 Legend, the official Twitter account went to the past. Now even though the leaker did hint at who the next legend may be, we have got new info on the same.

Below you will find details about Apex Legends Season 14 Legend, and what the devs revealed.

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Apex Legends Season 14 Legend teasers

Owing to its high emphasis on world-building and storytelling through its characters, who have the same universe as the adored Titanfall series, Apex Legend has gained quite a lot of recognition. Now following the same method, Respawn dropped new teasers on Apex Legends Season 14 Legend.

Six diary entries that appeared to be written by a youngster were teased on Twitter by the Apex Legends account on July 21. It discusses the mother of the main character together with their hunting skills. "You've got to keep yourself occupied when you're one of only two individuals on the earth," the caption of the post stated.

An unknown individual record their mother's experience on a certain planet over the period of two months. The owner of the journal talks about how hunting has allowed them to improve while touching their heart with a hello to their mother and talking about their hunting adventures and wishing there were more people on the globe to contact with.

"Wish I had some friends or something instead of talking to my gun," reads the final piece, which features a detailed drawing of a sniper rifle. A few fans immediately noted that this character might be Vantage, the rumored Apex Legends Season 14 Legend who was a part of the nine leaked Legends.

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Apex Legends Season 14 Legend - Vantage

This Legend is one of only two persons on the entire planet, according to Respawn's caption for the teaser. This might alter in Season 14 once Vantage enters the roster of Apex Legends.

Back in March 2022, we obtained a significant leak about nine unpublished Apex Legends legends that will be joining us in future seasons, and according to a reliable data miner, Shrugtal, the upcoming Apex Legends Season 14 legend that was listed in the unreleased legends leak, maybe Vantage.

Initial indications suggested that the next Legend would be called Hawk, however significant leaks during Season 12 showed that Respawn had switched to Vantage as their name. Leaks revealed both Season 14's Legend name and her skills.

There are also excellent odds that Vantage, a recon-based character who uses her sniper rifle to acquire information on enemies' vitals, will be our next Apex Legends Season 14 Legend as both Respawn's teasers and leaks hint at the same. Vantage has a companion drone named Echo, which presumably serves a similar purpose to Crypto's drone.

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However, it's important to remember that all of the information we know about Vantage is based on leaks, so you should proceed with caution. Until Apex Legends Season 14 is out, we won't know for sure if it's true.

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