Apex Legends (Anime) Gaiden Thematic event - release date, skins, weapons, LTM, rewards, bundles, more

Apex Legends (Anime) Gaiden Thematic event has been announced officially, and it will bring some of the most exciting skins of the game thus far.

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Apex Legends (Anime) Gaiden Thematic event

Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter mobile game, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, has been on a warpath to dominate in its genre ever since its release in early 2019.

One major reason for this enormous success is that the developers consistently pump out new content to keep things fresh and exciting.

Each new event in Apex Legends, the popular free-to-play battle royale game, is eagerly anticipated by players since it brings a plethora of perks and in-game rewards for enthusiasts.

Recently, we got the Apex Legends Summer Sundown Event which provided players with new skins, cosmetics, and rewards, and came to its end on July 12th. However, Respawn has already prepared its next major event in the game - Apex Legends Season 13 Gaiden Thematic event, popularly known as the Hero Anime event.

Prior to the official announcement, leaks revealed that the Apex Legends Anime Gaiden Thematic event will take place in during Season 13 only, and will include brand-new cosmetic skins as well as additional content. And the leaks were indeed correct.

Hence, without any further ado, let's get into the details revealed by Respawn on the new Apex Legends Anime Gaiden Thematic event, its skins, Bangalore Prestige skin, Armed and Dangerous LTM, Gaiden event reward tracker, and more.

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Apex Legends Season 13 Gaiden Thematic event

Prior to the official reveal of the Awakened collection event, we were given the details on both Apex Legends "Anime" and "Awakened" events. Thanks to the data miners who always go one step ahead and dig up the game files for us.

It was revealed that Apex packs will be available at the Anime Gaiden Thematic Event and players will probably pay roughly 400 Apex coins for all of these loot boxes, similar to previous thematic Apex Packs.

Moreover, it was claimed that the in-game store will offer various bundles, and at least one Legendary, Epic, or Rare item will be included in each Apex Anime Gaiden Thematic event pack. Well, we can't say that the leaks were wrong, as the developers also announced the same.

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Apex Legends Season 13 Hero Anime event art leak

The official post read, "BEGIN YOUR EPIC TALE IN THE GAIDEN EVENT: Summon your inner hero with 40 adventurous event-limited cosmetics and the return of Armed and Dangerous when Gaiden launches on July 19th."

Apex Legends Anime Gaiden Thematic event release date

Previously we had no info on when the Apex Anime event will begin, however, now as per the formal announcement, July 19th is the Apex Anime Gaiden Thematic event release date.

Additionally, this Apex Gaiden event that will start on July 19 will end on August 2. The gamers have plenty of time to obtain all the exclusive cosmetics and perhaps even acquire the brand-new Prestige skin.

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Apex Legends Anime Gaiden Thematic event skins

This Apex Legends Anime Gaiden Thematic 2022 event will feature some of our favorite skins from previous events, as well as a few new additions.

Limited event items, including 40 skins with anime themes, will be available to players during the Apex Legends Gaiden Thematic Event. There will be complementing skins for the Flatline, Wingman, EVA-8, and Charge Rifle as well as legendary skins for the Revenant, Mirage, Octane, and Wattson.

A few of these skins were revealed by the leaks, and now are a part of the official reveal. All of them seem heavily inspired by famous Anime IPs, as they should be. The following are the Legends having their own versions of the Apex Legends Anime Gaiden Thematic skins:

  • One Piece Octane skin
  • Naruto Wattson skin
  • My Hero Academia Mirage skin
  • Evangelion Revenant skin
  • Dragon Ball Z Crypto skin
  • Tokyo Ghoul Bloodhound skin
  • Sailor Moon Bangalore skin
  • Heart Stopper Seer skin

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Many casual players appreciate the designs, especially given that such a well-known IP has never been featured in the game previously. Some anime fans, however, were not happy with the outfits or how the IP was distributed.

At first appearance, Octane's skin is an original and unusual variation on One Piece. It has so far received the most supportive feedback from fans of the program and the game.

Crypto is a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z. Additionally, Wattson gets a new epic skin that resembles a number of Naruto designs, maybe making reference to Jiraiya, Kakashi, or both.

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Apex Legends Anime Gaiden Thematic weapon skins

Other than the legends, we will also be getting some Apex Legends Anime Gaiden Thematic event weapon skins. However, leaks have only revealed two of them.

  • Revelations Flatline
  • Cardinal Force Wingman
  • Oak Thump Charge Rifle
  • Blunderbuss EVA-8

The Apex Legends Gaiden Thematic Event will also include yet another Prestige Skin in addition to different anime skins for Legends and weapons.

"Apex Commander" Bangalore Prestige Skin

Bangalore will obtain her "Apex Commander" Prestige Skin in Season 13. The Pilot uniform from the first Titanfall games inspired Bangalore's Prestige edition skin. And, because this is a Mythic tier skin developed just for Bangalore, Respawn's design team made the perfect choice with the style.

Instead of the Collection event, Respawn, on the other hand, is following a different strategy as the Bangalore Mythic Skin will be featured in the Anime Gaiden Thematic "Gaiden" event.

When all 40 event items have been acquired, the Bangalore "Apex Commander" Prestige skin will become available. Additionally, users must perform challenges related to each skin in order to unlock the tiers.

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Apex Legends Bangalore Prestige skin phases

It was stated, "You can acquire Bangalore's "Apex Commander" as the newest Prestige skin if you collect all 40 event items! Prestige Skins are three-tiered Mythic cosmetic Legend skins (3 versions total of the Prestige Skin)."

  • A player will be able to finish challenges to unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3 without paying any further money once they have unlocked Tier 1 of a Prestige Skin.
  • Once made available, these challenges can still be completed by players even after the event has ended.
  • A player can unlock the Legend skin for that tier once they have completed the challenges for each Prestige Skin Tier.
  • Any tier of a Prestige Skin that has been unlocked can be equipped by the players.

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Apex Legends Season 13 Gaiden Thematic - Armed and Dangerous LTM

The Armed and Dangerous LTM will also be returning on July 19 as part of the Apex Gaiden Thematic Event.

According to Apex leaker SenosApex, the weekend crafting rotation for the LTM will include the Kraber and the Mastiff, while the weekday rotation will feature the Longbow and Peacekeeper.

The blogpost read, "The Armed and Dangerous LTM is returning to Apex Legends, so get your shotguns and snipers ready. Using only snipers and shotguns, participants engage in wild confrontations and gunfights in this fan-favorite mode from the past. Storm Point, Olympus, and World's Edge will be the locations of the action."

Apex Legends Season 13 Gaiden Thematic - Reward Tracker

The Apex Anime Thematic Event will also feature a brand new Reward Tracker, allowing players to collect free gifts simply by playing the game.

As you can see from the image, completing this Reward Tracker will give you some unique benefits and as players progress through their battle pass, they can obtain stars for creating metals, an Apex Pack, and the Epic "OK" holospray.

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Apex Legends Season 13 Gaiden Thematic - Reward Tracker

Even gamers without access to cash have something to work for and an added incentive to complete daily tasks thanks to the reward tracker.

During the event, players will be given a set of event challenges to complete, for which they will be rewarded with Event Points. To complete the tracker, players must earn 3,000 points during the event. Each task will award 250 points to players who complete it.

All of these tasks stack with your Battle Pass, allowing you to complete numerous challenges at the same time.

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Apex Legends Gaiden Thematic event rewards

The Apex Anime Thematic event contains a set of five challenges that change every day, and these challenges, like earlier events, have a second set of challenges that show up once you finish the first set.

Players receive rewards at regular intervals when they level up during the event. Players that finish the reward track will get the following Apex Legends Anime Gaiden Thematic event rewards in two weeks:

July 19th to July 26th

  • Fuse’s Down Thunder Epic Skin
  • Bionic Buddy Gun Charm
  • Epic 3030 “Cloudburst” Skin

July 26th to August 2nd

  • OK Holospray
  • 1 Gaiden Event Pack
  • 1 Apex Pack

Apex Legends Gaiden Thematic event - Store bundles

Finally, the Anime Thematic Sale offers players the chance to purchase reduced skins that are packaged with a lot of Apex Packs. Players attempting to gain Heirloom Shards now have a little more affordable way to unlock numerous packs at once, although these discounted pack bundles are only sometimes made available.

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The following items and bundles are available for purchase from the Anime Gaiden Thematic Sale page:

  • Marked Man Bundle
  • Oak Thump Bundle
  • Gibraltron Bundle
  • Galactic Guardian Bundle
  • Loba Edition Bundle
  • Deputy of Death Bundle
  • Mechameleon Bundle
  • Guiding Lights
  • Style And Grace
  • Seer Bundle
  • Lean On Me

Players can acquire a wide range of cosmetic items during the Anime Gaiden Thematic Sale. It will be accessible for two weeks, and on August 2 both the sale and prize tracker will cease.

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It was additionally revealed that these Apex Legends Anime event packs are only available for a limited time:

  • Gaiden Event Packs are available for a limited time during the Gaiden Event, but the items will be available in the standard Apex Pack pool of items after the event ends.
  • Gaiden Event Packs guarantee you one non-duplicate Gaiden Event item.
  • The new event will introduce 40 new cosmetic items around the Gaiden theme.
  • Gaiden items can be crafted with crafting metals. After two seasons, crafting metal costs of Gaiden Items may be reduced.

These were the complete details about Apex Legends Season 13 Anime Gaiden Thematic event, including its date, skins for legends and weapons, price, and more.

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