Dungeons & Dragons - building house of the Dragon’s Daemon Targaryen

Dungeons & Dragons house of the Dragon or we can say Daemon Targaryen's house-building guide has been shared below.

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Dungeons & Dragons - how to build house of the Dragon’s Daemon Targaryen

Game of Thrones ended, and with it, many tears were shed and hearts were broken. The pilot episode of the House of the Dragon met with the audience’s wish for something more and that is partly the reason for its immense success and critical acclaim of it. This series is the story of the pre-Dance of Dragons events.

It’s gripping, intriguing, and bloody at once. And given this nature, it’s perfect for a Dungeons & Dragons crossover.

Of course, to ask fans of Dungeons & Dragons to join the entire story of Westeros and Essos into the fabric of this game is unreasonable at best. However, what falls well within the spectrum of the reason is creating characters that come directly or have drawn inspiration from this series.

Matt Smith plays one of the most dynamic characters in the series, Daemon Targaryen. This is an important pawn in the chess of Fire and Blood. He is impulsive and cruel and sets his goals as high as the iron throne. Plus, you can create this character without the usual human fighter build.

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Best Dungeons & Dragons Daemon Targaryen races

Variant Human tops the list of the most obvious and intuitive choices for the races of Daemon Targaryen. Charisma and Dexterity would both be a +1. Moreover, proficiency in Intimidation will be required to showcase his characteristic presence and sword-fighting abilities.

But the story doesn’t end there. If you are ready, as the Dungeon Master, to go the extra mile for this character, the human-like depiction of a Dragonborn will convey this character’s natural ability of dragon-riding much better and more authentically.

Best Dungeons & Dragons Daemon Targaryen backgrounds

There’s a variety of backgrounds that will suit Daemon’s personality well, given the fact that he is such a dynamic character, and will also depend on what your personal preference is. For example, Targaryen is the brother of the current king and was a previous heir to the throne. So he is of royal blood. Courtier, Noble, and Knight will all depict his royalty. But this guy is also the head of the recently formed Gold Cloaks. And that means such backgrounds as Urban Bounty Hunter, City Watch, and Soldier will also work for him.

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Best Dungeons & Dragons Daemon Targaryen classes

There are two broad ways to go about deciding the class for Daemon Targaryen. Let’s start with the obvious one. Given Daemon’s skill and acumen in fighting, Fighter is the apparent choice. But it is also important to pair the class up with proper subclasses. We’ll choose these based on Daemon’s abilities. This guy is an excellent jouster and melee combatant. The Cavalier subclass, then, is one that particularly answers this quality, as its specialties are to single out opponents and horseback riding.

There’s a suboption here for the subclass. It is Samurai, and the reason why we choose this is that a Samurai is a proper courtier warrior. They have excellence in Performance and Persuasion and are natural at maneuvering social situations. Most importantly, the lethality of Dark Sister, Daemon’s Valyrian Steel Sword, is reflected perfectly in the Samurai’s ability to strike.

Now we come to the second way of deciding the class, and it is to opt for a multiclass with a College Of Swords Bard. The unique thing here is that Daemon will be able to use Inspiration to sow fear into the opponents and to assemble his Gold Cloaks, which will lead to increased damage. There’s a caveat here, however. The high charisma in the College Of Swords Bards might not answer to Daemon’s personality, but when taken at more than the 8th level, it’ll work just fine.

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Best Dungeons & Dragons Daemon Targaryen Ability Scores

The most crucial Ability Score for Daemon is Charisma, which, ironically, allows him to frighten his enemies by intimidating and manipulating stressful social scenarios. Next, come Strength and Dexterity, both equally important. To emphasize the melee combatant in Daemon, which is represented by his strength, agility, and acumen with a sword, go for the Constitution Ability Score. This lets Daemon tolerate blows that would annihilate others.

The last is Wisdom and Intelligence. Apparently, not in line with Daemon’s persona, on close inspection, you’d find that this guy is not stupid, but rather rash and impulsive. In this respect, Intelligence gets first consideration, and not Wisdom.

And there you have it! That’s how you would create Daemon Targaryen in Dungeons & Dragons. Keep in mind that these are not iron-clad rules. We’d like you to use your imagination and creativity that, while remaining true to Daemon’s essence, will result in a much more personalized experienced.

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