Best VPN 2022 - top 5 choices to speed up internet

Best VPN 2022 is the exact term that you should be looking for if you are facing issues accessing certain stuff online.

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Best VPN 2022

Virtual Private Network – VPN. You will definitely have heard of it. Maybe you know what it is, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’d like to install one on your machine. Well, whatever your relationship status with VPNs is right now, this is the place to be.

First, let’s start with the definition. What exactly is a VPN? It’s an application that will route your internet connection through several servers that are spread around the world to make tracing your own location virtually impossible. Or it could be used to convey a false location to a service provider, like Netflix, so that banned content may be viewed.

Also, a VPN encrypts your traffic. Leaving the jargon behind, makes you go incognito for real. No one, not the government, not the internet service provider, not nobody, can see what you are doing on your laptop. This way, you get access to sites banned by the ISP. So you can run TikTok in India and Western news in Russia.

Now, that we are on the same page, the next step is clear: choosing a VPN. Well, this page right here tells you "what is the best VPN 2022" in detail. Check out our list of the Best VPN 2022 you can find anywhere on the internet.

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Best VPN 2022 - ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has a huge network of servers: over 3,000 in 160 locations. What’s unique here is widespread. Sure, other VPNs may have more servers, but they aren’t distributed this widely. Well, the top one on our list of the best VPN 2022 is an answer to those who might be curious to know "will VPN speed up internet?"

These guys use AES-256 encryption with OpenVPN and Lightway protocols. This ensures high speeds. ExpressVPN also uses the TrsutedServer technology. That means the RAM-only DNS does not save your browsing history.

The applications of ExpressVPN had a makeover recently. Now, they are simple and attractive. Also, the range of devices you can use with this best VPN 2022 is wide – PC, Mac, iPhone and Android, Chromebook, Linux PC, Fire TV Stick, etc. The customer service is also better than on most other VPN service providers. There is 24/7 live chat support.

A caveat about ExpressVPN: you won’t be able to install this particular best VPN 2022 on many devices because of their 5-device policy. And also, there’s the cost problem. ExpressVPN isn’t exactly cheap. But if we put every little thing and convenience these guys provide into perspective, then this is probably one of the best VPNs money could buy right now.

Check out ExpressVPN here.

Best VPN 2022 - NordVPN

NordVPN is the biggest name currently in the VPN industry and hence is a part of our list of best VPN 2022. Moreover, it looks like they are aware of this fact.

NordVPN has 5,000 servers in 60 countries. Not as wide a distribution as ExpressVPN, but nothing to joke about either. You will probably connect with servers that work with Nord’s own NordLynx protocol, which is like an updated WireGuard.

There’s the standard AES-256 encryption, and the usual options like Onion over VPN and Double VPN, which, theoretically keep allow you to browse even more privately. There is also Threat Protection. It has been just implemented so it’s not the best version of itself, but it’s getting there.

This particular best VPN 2022's range is big. The browser extensions are rather basic, but the apps have great quality. A note about apps: the map-based interface is great on large screens like those of PCs and tablets. On smartphones, however, it becomes difficult to use.

NordVPN is the king when it comes to streaming platforms. No matter which one you happen to have – Netflix, iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and more – NordVPN will run smoothly. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee and some sales that run at various times throughout the year. One thing’s for sure, if you choose NordVPN as your best VPN 202, you won’t regret the decision.

Check out NordVPN here.

Best VPN 2022 - Surfshark

Gameort keeps an eye out for exceptional products in all things technology related. That’s how Surfshark came within our purview. After a thorough check of this VPN service from a variety of angles, we have concluded that despite being launched in 2018 and being one of the most recent VPN services you could find, it excels in almost every area of testing.

Surfshark provides tunneling protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN and boosts over 800 servers from 50 countries. In terms of privacy, bandwidth speed, protection, and security, it is unrivaled. Surfshark has truly earned its place among the top VPNs of our day.

Best VPN 2022 - Proton VPN

The Proton VPN is one of those products of the Swiss-based company Proton that received a drastic overhaul recently. Not that it was too bad, to begin with. Now, it’s at the top and is considered as the best VPN 2022 by some.

The use of OpenVPN (assisted by Proton’s proprietary technology, VPN Accelerator) and WireGuard ensure excellent connection speeds. String encryption and a comprehensive zero-logging policy allow for total privacy. As if to satisfy your qualms personally, Proton VPN gives you the option of using its Secure Core servers. These are located in physically secure places located in privacy-friendly places. Furthermore, you can route your internet connection to a location of your choice to ensure even more anonymity.

As far as Netflix is concerned, the Proton VPN delivers outstanding performance. These guys unblock Netflix within seconds (figuratively!), in addition to BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. And the customer support has your back should you face any problems (well, we are not considering this one as the best VPN 2022 for nothing).

However, the number of P2P servers in Proton’s arsenal is comparatively low. Also, the product isn’t the cheapest out there. However, you could sign up for 2 years for a decent enough deal. With 10 simultaneous connections capability, of course.

Check out Proton VPN here.

Best VPN 2022 - Private Internet Access

Now, this is one best VPN 2022 that has been around for a seriously long period of time. But unlike its competition, its product quality has only increased over the years.

Private Internet Access doesn’t seem to want to tell us its serving size. However, our estimate sits at around 10,000 servers distributed over 83 countries. That is serious horsepower right there. The kill switch is extremely reliable with these guys. The desktop apps of this best VPN 2022 also have port forwarding, something you don’t hear a lot about these days. Faster browsing is allowed through its proxy browser extensions.

With regards to Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime, Private Internet Access does not disappoint. However, in the case of BBC iPlayer, you might face some problems. Not that say that the number of streaming platforms it can access is not impressive – it is – but that you might be up against some issues with some platforms.

Also, PIA does not at the moment have a fully independent security audit, meaning whatever they claim has not been “officially” verified. Not that we have reasons to doubt these claims. But the formality, for its own sake, still remains.

Also, the price tag of this best VPN 2022 is one of the cheapest ones you’d see, especially with the 2-year plan. We wholeheartedly recommend Private Internet Access.

Check out PIA here.

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