Minecraft - how to get emeralds quickly in 1.19 update

Minecraft Emeralds are rare gems that live underground and have a variety of purposes that may entice you to get them. And hence we have brought you the ways how to get these Minecraft Emeralds quickly.

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Minecraft - how to get emeralds quickly in 1.19 update

If there is a similarity between Minecraft and the real world, it’s that in both cases, you have to pay a hard price to acquire emeralds.

In Minecraft in particular, emeralds are the only currency that you can use to obtain new items, especially from mobs like villagers and wandering traders. Other uses of emeralds include constructing and activating a beacon, the usual material for which, however, is iron blocks.

True, there are other precious metals like gold and diamonds. But for some reason, the developers decided to exclude them from the category of being a super-useful thing.

Acquiring this mineral is easier said than done. If you are a new player, then you are up against a challenge here. You can only obtain Minecraft emeralds in four ways, all of which are listed below.

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Best ways to obtain emeralds in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft emeralds - Trading with villagers in 1.19 update

We start with the easiest and quickest way to get some juicy Minecraft emeralds in your pockets. It is to simply trade items with villagers who have some type of employment. If you hand these guys a specific item, every villager will be willing to trade emeralds with you.

So all you have to do is go scavenging for various items and then bring them back to a random village where you will get some emeralds in return. This method will allow you to collect Minecraft emeralds fast.

Later, you can just buy precious and desired items back from the same villagers using those same items.

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Minecraft emeralds - Plundering chests in 1.19 update

There is no dearth of land in the world of Minecraft. And since there is land, there are also buildings. A lot of them. Especially naturally generated ones. Now, many among these are those types that generate chests inside them. These chests have a significantly high chance of bearing some Minecraft emeralds for you.

Igloos, jungle temples, shipwrecks, buried treasures, desert temples, end cities, villages, underwater ruins, and more are all the places you can explore that will yield you some emeralds. 6 times of out ten, you will get 4-8 emeralds in a buried treasure.

Village chests are trickier to predict. The determining factor here is the profession of whatever villager said chest in of.

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Minecraft emeralds - Mining in high mountains in 1.19 update

There was once a time when emeralds were the rarest ore among the earth's materials. The odds indicated you would find diamonds more easily than this ore. But that was soon to change.

It was in the 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update that the ore generation dynamics of Minecraft changed. That means Minecraft emerald ores are now much more common. If you know where to look, then this is a gold mine for you. That spot where you have to look is high in the mountains.

Mojang’s recent ore generation chart tells us that at Y level 256, you will be able to mine emerald ores. And as you descend, the ubiquity of these ores will decrease.

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Minecraft emeralds - Murdering Evokers and Vindicators in 1.19 update

In the Woodland Mansion, as well as in raids, reside the worst nightmare of a hostile mob you can dream of: Vindicators and Evokers of the Illager mob category. The distinction between these two types of characters is a simple one. Vindicators come at you with iron axes, while Evokers invoke vexes and fangs to deal damage.

And here’s the deal: if you manage to kill any one of these guys, there’s a chance you’d end up with a shiny emerald in your hands. Of course, this is the most ludicrous and dangerous idea out of the entire bunch. But if you are up for an adventure that has low yield rates cum an even lower survival rate, then this method of obtaining Minecraft emeralds is for you.

That concludes our list of the four ways how to get the Minecraft emeralds quickly. Give them all a try. Who knows, you might prefer a different ranking to ours.

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