Bayonetta 3 gameplay, story, weapons, and more leaked less than a week before launch

Bayonetta 3 footage leak has shared new info on its gameplay, story, weapons, and more, almost a week before the launch.

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Bayonetta 3 gameplay leak

Bayonetta is a fast-paced action game that tells the story of ancient witches and their conflict with the forces of light. One of these witches, the titular character, engages in combat with angels while carrying firearms strapped to each limb.

When Bayonetta was published in 2009, it immediately became a cult favorite. It is frequently cited as the title that best represents Platinum Games as a game company.

Although it didn't break sales records, it quickly gathered a devoted following that was sizable enough to support its sequel. The latest in a long line of stunning action games for the Nintendo Switch, Bayonetta 3, had been eagerly awaited by gamers everywhere.

However, the internet is already flooded with spoilers for Bayonetta 3, which is still a few days away from release. Beware of spoilers because this information may have leaked due to early shipping or piracy.

As to the social media leaks, a few handles uploaded about 30 clips of the game, however, at the time this post is being published, several of these clips have been taken down due to copyright issues.

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Bayonetta 3 gameplay, story, and song details leak

Before Bayonetta 3's release in October, Nintendo published a tonne of new trailers for the game, giving gamers a glimpse at gameplay, the plot, and the characters they can control. Although there has been a lot of anticipation for Bayonetta 3, individuals have already begun posting videos on YouTube and other forums, which has increased fan anxiety about discovering huge spoilers.

Videos of the game that include spoilers are currently being posted on sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit. Below, we've included some information about the subject.



A user on the website Famiboards revealed that they have looked at some of the leaked gameplay on Youtube and there will be a moon-themed song (a more upbeat Bayonetta-styled rendition of Moonlight Serenade).

Elaborating further, another user wrote, "From the new gameplay that got leaked, it has confirmed the new moon song is moonlight serenade, and that the ost is taking a more orchestral/funky approach kinda like the 90's sailor moon."

  • Bayonetta 3 Story leak

VIOLA'S DAD - LUKA: Viola says her dad gave her strawberry Lolipop or candy. This implies Luka is for sure her dad.

"Whittingham Fair Bayo’s last scream actually made me so sad I wasn’t ready for this. I feel so bad for Viola too! She had to watch her AND Sigurd die trying to protect her," stated a user who watched Bayonetta 3's leaked footage.

To give an overview, "Monster's name is strider, the monster is Luka. The monster kills viola, and viola comes back as her own version of the monster. Desert Bayo is a princess. Panther within idle."

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  • Bayonetta 3 Gameplay leak

A user giving Bayonetta 3 gameplay leak revealed, "Throwing the player directly into a losing battle with (presumably) the final boss is a great way to set up just how powerful he (it?) is. It also immediately creates a kinship with Viola, given that her reaction to watching Bayonetta die is similar to the player’s."

Another fan revealed, "BEAST WITHIN IS BAAAACK BABY, seems we'll be able to use the bayo 1 moveset too without masquerade lets go."

Info on Bayonetta 3's weapons, demon, and masquerade has also been shared.

  • Labolas: his weapon is an ice version of dmc5 Balrog cross with a rocket punch, masquerade seems to be a centaur/werewolf hybrid,
  • Mickey the Bat: hat and cane with thunder element, masq is a bat woman with the top/bottom half connected through magnetic force.
  • Kraken: big octopus, with a crossbow anchor fusion, masq is a woman with a few tentacles that shoot ink, nothing too special, except the whole using ink as jetpack(woomy!).
  • Umbran clock tower: power stancing shield from dark souls/Elden ring, masq is a puppet, with a string attached that extends all the way up.

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Major Bayonetta 3 Spoilers

A Reddit user shared a major spoiler post that gave new info on all that coming with Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3 Playable characters: Bayonetta, Viola, Jeanne

Bayonetta 3 Options: Couture Mirrors return with multiple options, color pallets, etc. (Not in English so I can't say 100% but have seen the Alt Bayos (Different colors for them too) Viola room decorations, shirts, etc. Couture for Pink Bayo, China Bayo, Desert Bayo, and French Bayo, + assumably, given the B1 and B2 Mirror, both outfits of B1 and B2.

Bayonetta 3 Difficulty: Climax difficulty returns

Bayonetta 3 Chapters: There were (14 Chapters) in the video. However, I do not know if that means the following: The person has completed the game. If there are alternate chapters. Or if they did the umbran tears that supposedly unlock either an extra verse or chapter. (Unknown atm).

You can select chapters and pick verses to continue or start from (I think). Each chapter has conditions (If those conditions are met, they probably earn you something). Like "don't get hit by this enemy" or "do this move x-times."

Usage of Bayonetta 3 weapons: When using the original guns, from the previous games of B1 and B2, wicked weaves and beasts within the return replace the masquerade effects. These are not cosmetic or aesthetic. They have their own moveset and mechanics that combine beast and crow within.

Bayonetta 3 unlockable Demons, Weapons, and masquerades: I think for what they do, we've been given a nice group of weapons. We have seen 7 weapons (Including French Bayo Staff) but there are an additional 4 weapons, masquerades, and demons. Either by secret/unlock, through the story mode, or shop. Otherwise, something like the "Rodin" weapon is not currently shown but there is a platinum ticket.

Additionally, Viola gets a masquerade form that unlocks, but one that is specific to her.

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Well, Nintendo will have to work extremely hard to recover from all the damage caused by the Bayonetta 3 material leaks on different social media sites, including YouTube, Twitter, and more. There are complete cutscenes that have been uploaded on YouTube and these clips have received tens of thousands of views before Nintendo can even comprehend what has happened.

It has happened before, and it probably won't be the last time, that a highly anticipated Switch exclusive has been leaked before release. Both Mario Party Superstars and Pokémon Brilliant Daimons & Shining Pearl experienced a similar incident.

Long before the game's official release, early versions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 were also available on the market and described an almost comparable incident to this one. Pokémon Legends Arceus is another excellent illustration. Twitch users were streaming a pirated copy of the game two weeks before it was released.

All, we can say is that the hype for Bayonetta 3 is super high, and those who have got early access to the game are sharing more than needed info on the web.

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