Star Wars Eclipse Zaraan race revealed by leak

Star Wars Eclipse Zaraan race has been revealed by the new story leaks.

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Star Wars Eclipse Zaraan race revealed by leak

Star Wars Eclipse, the next big installment in the Star Wars video game franchise, was announced by Quantic Dream almost a year ago. But other than an awesome trailer that was revealed back then, we haven’t gotten any more news on it since then, neither of the plotline or the characters.

You may have heard that almost immediately after its announcement, this title was revealed to have been delayed. And this delay could potentially have us wait another couple of years. The reason cited was a lack of staff at the Paris headquarters of Quantic Dream.

But now, after such a long time, we’ve finally received a Star Wars Eclipse leak from the data miners’ community. And that’s what we’ll be discussing in this post.

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Star Wars Eclipse leak reveals the introduction of a new race

This new Star Wars Eclipse leak comes to us from a podcast of Sacred Symbols. VGC, the gaming news website, transcribed this podcast where a document was received that allegedly revealed some major information about Star Wars Eclipse.

The host of Sacred Symbols, Colin Moriarty, says that this game is still in “very early production.” The protagonist, according to the leak, is a character called Sarah.

Here’s what Colin has to say about the lead character, “Sarah is described as an athletic 30-something and is a member of a human-like race. This race is at the lead of some sort of empire called The Zaraan, a race not seen in Star Wars before.”

Commenting on the Star Wars Eclipse Zaraan race, Moriarty says that this race “prides itself on political and military aggression and similar to what you find elsewhere in Star Wars there’s little differentiation between males and females when it comes to roles and responsibilities.”

As is the case with almost all other elements in Star Wars, the Zaraan race has a peculiar characteristic about them. In this case, it concerns the nuptials of the Zaraan people, which Moriarty describes to “carry interesting military implications as they become one governing unit that works together.”

And this interesting feature leads to a problem for Sarah, which also could manifest itself as a core aspect of Sarah’s backstory. It is that “Sarah, a fanatical true believer in the violence and criminality regularly demonstrated by her empire, is married to a character named Xendo, who is a far softer touch.”

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If you are no stranger to Quantic Dream titles, then you’d know that these guys love to play with the emotional and personal stories of characters. This new Star Wars Eclipse leak could provide a window into what we could expect about the ethnic complexities of the Zaraan race.

And as always, we need to take leaks with a pinch of salt until an official announcement is made regarding the matter. There’s a lot of time till the release of the game and in that time, anything could change.

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