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Complete review of Resident Evil Re:Verse – Capcom’s attempt at a multiplayer-only title

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Resident Evil Re:Verse

Capcom is not one to give up. When these guys say they want their players to enjoy a multiplayer video game in the Resident Evil universe, they mean it. So what if their previous attempts were a bit less than successful? 

They are back with Resident Evil Re:Verse, their latest attempt at this mission, available for free to those who own Resident Evil Village.

This title is a descendant of such titles as Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City and Umbrella Corp. Titles like these were more interested in the multiplayer aspect of the game rather than the single-player survival title. Both of these titles were masterpieces of critically planning in their own right. 

However, Capcom wasn’t satisfied, and this dissatisfaction manifested at the start of the project Re:Verse.

In this post, we’ll deep dive into Resident Evil Re:Verse.

Details of Resident Evil Re:Verse

  • #Price: Free for owners of Resident Evil Village
  • #Developer: Capcom 
  • #Release date: 28 October 2022
  • #Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Is Resident Evil Re:Verse working out?

The plan was to release Resident Evil Re:Verse with Resident Evil Village. However, there were big hopes from the former so it was held back to add more details to it. The beta of this game has now started and we can see that the cell-shaded illustration is gone, replaced with a more photorealistic effect.

This title proves to be a melting pot for all things Resident Evil. You’ll find characters from various eras of Resident Evil in this game. There will be Jack Baker from RE7 killing zombies with his garden shears. Who would emerge the victor in a battle of Tyrant stalkers between Mr. X from RE2 and Nemesis from RE3? 

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At first, you play as one of the heroes of the game, like Leon, Claire, Chris, Jill, etc. But if you get killed, you are spawned as one of the monsters. This is your second life and you get to attack players through an array of techniques. 

Even in this continuum, you first spawn as a molded zombie from RE7, and as you progress you get to control more powerful monsters, and also even some iconic bosses. Die in this form and you go back to the human state. This process will then continue.

The concept, we feel, is awesome. However, its repetitive nature is a bit of a problem for us. It is bound to become tiresome after some time. Also, you could do a lot of damage to other players without them sustaining any real hits, and yet, they’ll be able to kill you with a couple of hits. 

We know that this play would get better as a player understands the mechanics of the game. But those who are not used to a third-person multiplayer shooter game would still find Re:Verse a hard game to navigate. At some point or other, this game would just descend to the ranks of the hundreds of other third-person shooter games out there.

No RE in Resident Evil Re:Verse

It's nice and all that Resident Evil Re:Verse has a lot of characters belonging to the entire Resident Evil universe. But is that all that is needed for a game to have that Resident Evil appeal? Survival horror is an intrinsic part of this brand, something it just can’t part with. Resident Evil games that feature only guns and bullets are no more special than the average shooter you’d find online. 

This was the case for Resident Evil 6. Capcom has shown us in the special that it is very capable of producing a mix of horror and survival which is the secret ingredient of the success of Resident Evil. Look at RE4 and RE: Village. This is something that is lacking from Resident Evil Re:Verse.

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Don’t get us wrong, we are not against multiplayer Resident Evil titles. Previous versions of The Mercenaries have been amazing in their online functionality. Maybe the Village version should have offered this. Also, there are the unforgettable RE Outbreak games that were pioneers of multiplayer Resident Evil.

Right now, Re:Verse is just another competitive shooter game. In that sense, it’s not on par with Overwatch 2 and Modern Warfare 2. If you want that Resident Evil feel, then maybe you need to visit one of the RE remakes.

Bottom line

We are not saying that Re:Verse is not a technically sound game. Of course, it is. What we have talked about above is more about the heritage and culture of Resident Evil that even successive title has to bear. If you are into this sort of game, then go right ahead and dive into Resident Evil Re:Verse.

In this regard, we would also like to say that this game is much ahead of Capcom’s previous attempts like Umbrella Chronicles and Operation Racoon City. Maybe someday, Re:Verse would also be added to this list, while Capcom works on its next multiplayer-only Resident Evil game.

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