Best Minecraft 1.19 Pocket Edition seeds

 Top 10 Minecraft 1.19 Pocket Edition seeds

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Minecraft 1.19 pocket edition seeds

A drop can turn into an ocean. This principle is demonstrated strikingly in the seed-based world of Minecraft. The blocks of this game create amazingly stunning and unique landscapes and structures. To avoid all the hassle of building such a landscape from scratch, we have seeds.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition both function on the same seeds. So whatever seeds you enjoyed on the console, you can enjoy them on your mobile too. Here’s a list of the top ten seeds in Minecraft 1.19: Pocket Edition for you to try out.

Top 10 Minecraft 1.19 Pocket Edition seeds

Ancient Metropolis (-8169586992898948313)

If you are into exploration, then you’d find ancient cities to be an exciting option in Minecraft. Among these, the Ancient Metropolis is at the top end of the list. With this seed, you spawn nearby the dark biome. You can saunter over to (X:776, Z:1,976) where you’ll find a village. You could even establish this as your base of operations from where you could conduct surveys into the ancient city. Inside this biome, you’ll encounter tons of ancient city structures and a massive quantity of loot.

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Villages Galore (565535403532980236)

This is the village museum. You spawn at a place where nearby, there are as many as seven villages, and maybe even more. Lots of opportunities for trading and looting. You can even dig underneath the spawn area to find three ancient cities there. In this seed, you’ll find that there is no lack of places to explore. Below we provide a list of the coordinates for the various villages and ancient cities that you can find in the vicinity of this area:


  • (X: -1,352, Z: -296)
  • (X: -1,784, Z: 184)
  • (X: -776, Z: -312)
  • (X: -888, Z: 184)
  • (X: -328, Z: 312)
  • (X: -408, Z: -472)
  • (X: 184, Z: -776)

Ancient cities:

  • (X: -232, Y: -51, Z: 88)
  • (X: 24, Y: -51, Z: 56)
  • (X: 120, Y: -51, Z: -312)

Zombie Village in Mangrove Swamp (57000088)

Currently, no seed offers a mangrove village in Minecraft 1.19 to its players. However, we do have alternatives, of which this seed is one. Here, at (X:-368, Z:192), is a lovely abandoned savannah village overrun by zombies. The village is surrounded by sinister-looking mangrove trees and a swamp to add to the creepiness. Approach this village at night to give you a horror-movie experience.

Mangrove Cove (41000080)

You are spawned on a savannah peak biome. At (X:25, Z:-175), you will chance upon a beautiful ocean cove wafting over the calm waters. There is a significant mangrove swamp biome right next to this cove. You could build a beautiful house here if you wanted. Plus, there is the added benefit of being able to take amazingly high-quality screenshots, that too with the shaders active.

Mangrove Swamp with Multiple Structures (3546842701776989958)

This seed is an intersection of many activities. Near where you spawn, there’s a combined village, desert pyramid, pillage outpost, and shipwreck. You will find a new mangrove swamp biome just beside all these structures. You could even free an allay in the process of exploring the pillage outpost. Just make sure you move your feet quickly. The pillagers are an impatient lot after all.

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Massive Deep Dark Biome (-5085390861204437539)

If you are brave enough to go down into the subterranean world, this seed is for you. Dig downward right from where you have spawned to get to a huge deep dark biome. For looting, you have a total of five ancient city structures. You should have some protection on you before you head inside, however. You can’t expect such a huge biome to have a single Warden protecting it, can you? But if you are careful enough, there are a lot of rewards you can gather here.

Instant Ancient City Spawn (565535403532980236)

This seed is exactly what it sounds like. You spawn in the middle of an ancient city, which any armor or armament. Take one wrong step, and the Warden will be upon you. To compensate for this danger, there are huge quantities of loot for you to plunder in the city’s loot chests. If you play this seed right, then here is a great opportunity for you.

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3 Strongholds in Close Proximity (4364519598890647509)

Within a radius of 1500 blocks from the spawn point, you’ll find three strongholds. You can navigate between these three strongholds and find an End portal. From there you can hop over to the shadowy dimensions and complete their Survival Mode story. Here are the coordinates of the three strongholds:

  • (X: -508, Z: 932)
  • (X: 996, Z: 996)
  • (X: 820, Z: -860)

Massive Lush Cave (-156227665)

This particular seed was not introduced in Minecraft 1.19, but that does nothing to its appeal. There is a massive lush cave system located at (X:-579, Y:103, Z:-671). You will find some great structures inside. Along the walls and ceilings, there are many abandoned mineshafts. And if you dig deep enough, you’ll discover an ancient city structure. This is a great place for looting activities.

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The Wild Island (5890542)

The Wild Island is all about variety. You spawn near the center of the island and you can find a range of biomes there. The very foundation of the island is a system of lush and dripstone caves. If you are inquisitive enough to dig down deep enough, you will be welcomed by a deep dark biome.

And there you have it! All of the top ten Minecraft 1.19 Pocket Edition biomes that we promised. This list is not exhaustive by any stretch. In fact, we encourage you to make a list of your own. Go and explore and see what works best for you. Let this list serve only as a starting point to launch yourself into the world of this amazing world.

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