Valorant Agent 21 Harbor - abilities, release date, teasers, leaks, more

Valorant Agent 21 Harbor will be joining the game soon, and the devs have shared a few details about the upcoming character coming after Episode 5 Act 3.

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Valorant Agent 21 - Harbor

Valorant currently has a sum of 20 Agents in the game, with Turkish Initiator Agent Fade being the last Valorant Agent 20.

Players have already gotten accustomed to Valorant Agent 20 Fade's effect and were looking forward to the arrival of the next Valorant Agent which was codenamed 'Mage'. There were a lot of rumors about Valorant Agent 21 and players were able to get the codename of agent 21 via ValorLeaks post as a few lines of code found in the in-game files had marked Valorant Agent 21 as Mage.

Recently, we also had leaks that revealed that probably Cypher has some kind of connection with the new Valorant agent as new voice lines of Cypher was discovered where two REALM agents (including Cypher) discuss their mission to eliminate this new Valorant agent.

However, the next character coming to Valorant soon after Episode 5 Act 3 launches is Valorant Agent 21 Harbor and the devs have dropped a new Valorant Agent 21 Harbor teaser.

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Valorant Agent 21 Harbor

Earlier today on Oct 10, the devs released a new teaser and it was confirmed that the Valorant Agent 21 will have something to do with water ability. So, now the new Indian Agent Harbor is all set to join the crew, bringing an additional spark to the game.

We already know that the 21 Agent Harbor will be from India from earlier revelations and Riot has already teased us with Varun Vatra, an enigmatic figure with a power source. In light of this, analysts predicted that Varun Vatra will join VALORANT as the 21st Agent and a recent tweet from Valorant validated their prediction.

Additionally, the most recent teaser seems to have revealed Varun Vatra, a.k.a. Mage's source of power. Varun Vatra may have gained his strength by stealing a potent magical artifact, according to the conversation in the firing range teaser.

In addition, the legend surrounding his ancestry is fascinating. Easter eggs in the game have teased details of Harbor's lore. After stealing a priceless and potent relic, Batra is a known fugitive of the secret taskforce Realm. As a result, the organization's agents have been looking for Batra and trying to beat him. Valorant Protocol also took on the task of locating the Indian man prior to Realm, though.

Valorant Agent 21 Harbor Teaser

The announcement was made on Valorant's official Twitter account showcasing the new agent and his name both in English and Hindi, confirming his origin.

Valorant Agent 21 - Harbor Abilities

We are yet to get any official information on Agent 21 - Harbor's abilities, however, we can retrieve some of his abilities from the teaser that we have seen above. If you look closely at the laptop's image, you can see a wall of water, which provides us a hint that one of his skills will include building a wall out of water. Nobody knows for sure if it will be a solid wall like Sage or one like Viper, though.

After the small hints from the developers, leaks revealed the entire kit and the potential name of Valorant Agent 21. 

While it's impossible to know for sure if this kit is correct, the leaked Varun Vatra Abilities are:

  • Harbor's Cove

EQUIP a sphere of shielding water. FIRE to throw. ALT FIRE to underhand throw. Upon impacting the ground, spawn a water shield that blocks bullets.

  • Harbor's High Tide

EQUIP a wall of water. FIRE to send the water forward along the ground. Hold Fire to guide the water in the direction of your crosshair, spawning a wall along the water’s path. Alt Fire to stop the water early. Players that hit are SLOWED.

  • Harbor's Cascade

EQUIP a wave of water. FIRE to send the wave rolling forward and through walls. RE-USE to stop the wave. Players hit are SLOWED.

  • Harbor's Reckoning

EQUIP the full power of your Artifact. FIRE to summon a geyser pool on the ground. Enemy players in the area are targeted by successive geyser strikes. Players caught within a strike are CONCUSSED.

Harbor-related new information has surfaced, followed by a teaser. Harbor will have water-based skills, and the Agent will be a Controller, according to ValorLeaks.

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Valorant Agent 21 Harbor release date

Valorant Agent 21 will join the current lineup with Episode 5 Act 3, according to Riot Games, but the precise dates have not been released as of writing.

Ignoring any delays, October 19, 2022, will be the possible Valorant Agent 21 release date as Episode 5 Act 3 also releases then. This release date is can be deduced from the fact that Riot Games has always been consistent with new content for this game and the Episode 5 Act 2 battle pass ends a day before, that is October 18.

This was all the latest information about the upcoming Valorant Agent 21 Harbor. Keep visiting for more details that will be coming soon.

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