Amazon Prime Early Access Sale 2022 deals - games, console peripherals, mice, headsets and more deals

Amazon Prime Early Access 2022 Sale will go on from October 11 to October 12, and the deals offered are some of the best ones for every type of user and gamer.

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals

For those interested in technology and gaming, Amazon Prime Day Early Access deals are here which can be considered as a holiday season, with a plethora of discounts for deal hunters.

This year, Amazon is hosting yet another shopping holiday and instead of Prime Day 2, this new Amazon deal season will be known as Amazon Prime Early Access Sale.

Prepare your wallets because Amazon Prime Day Early Access 2022 will allow you to save tonnes of money along with offering a slew of great deals. With so many gaming discounts presently available in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, it's the perfect time to pick up the item you've been eyeing or snag a discount on.

Whatever gaming platform you prefer—PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and more—there is unquestionably something in the package for every type of player. We have compiled the top discounts from the Amazon Prime Day Early Access 2022 Sale so far.

Below we have detailed everything that you should know about the Amazon Prime Day Deals in 2022.

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Amazon Prime Early Access 2022 Deals

The main concern right now is "when is Amazon Prime Early Access Sale 2022?" Amazon has previously stated that a number of its own products will be heavily discounted.

As anticipated, the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale will feature both limited-time "lightning" offers and savings that are valid from October 11 to October 12.

Well, this Amazon Prime Day won't happen for a little while. We decided to present you with an early Prime Day discounts list for all things gaming because we were unable to wait. You won't have to waste time searching for the best offers because of this. Embrace the savings!

Early discounts on a variety of items, including gaming headphones, mice, and even monitors, are still available. However, Amazon Prime Day Early Access which will go live on Oct 11, brings with it thousands of discounts that can be difficult to sort through. However, fear not, as we have the best deals available right now.

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Best Prime Day Early Access PlayStation discounts

Even a giant like Amazon had limited stock of PlayStation last year. And whatever they did was sold out in seconds. The hope we will see some more PS5s come in on Prime Day. But ignoring that, Amazon was generous with PS4 and PS5 titles, like Returnal (PS5, $49) and Final Fantasy VII Remake ($30).

We can expect them to extend their bounty again and put up titles like Returnal for PS5 and multiplatform titles for PS4 at a discount.

Here’s the Early Access PlayStation games deals list:

Best Prime Day Early Access Xbox discounts

Both the Xbox consoles are just as new as PS5. So expecting a major discount on either of them is more or less hopeless. But the upside is that the Series X is now widely available too, unlike the Series S, which was available since its launch.

We have seen Xbox bundles on Amazon previously, with titles like Far Cry 6. So there’s hope from Amazon on this count at least. But whichever way that goes down, third-party titles will surely get some bumper discounts.

Check out the list of discounts on Xbox games below:

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Best Prime Day Early Access Nintendo Switch discounts

There is a general dearth of Switch console bundles. Not to worry, though. We have heard tell of discounts on all of the three console variants when they are sold individually. To continue this alternative pattern of positive and negative statements about Nintendo consoles, unfortunately, the company is grappling with a stock shortage.

But back to Amazon. If you already own a Switch console, Amazon lends out a kind hand. We have seen discounts on games in the past, rarely on first-party titles too.

Here’s the list of the top Nintendo Early Access deals:

Best Prime Day Early Access 2022 peripherals deals

We adore accessories. And we have brought the list of best Prime Day Early Access 2022 peripherals deals that are practically certain to experience a significant price reduction.

  • Early Access PlayStation peripherals deals
  1. Razer BlackShark V2 headset - $74.99 (save $15)
  2. SteelSeries Arctis 1 headset - $42.99 (save $7)
  3. Turtle Beach Recon 200 headset - $44.99 (save $14.96)
  4. WD My Passport 2TB external hard drive - $62.99 (save $17)
  • Early Access Xbox peripherals deals
  1. HyperX CloudX Flight headset - $79.99 (save $80)
  2. Turtle Beach Recon 200 headset - $44.99 (save $14.96)
  3. Xbox Core controller - $47.99 (save $12)
  4. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3-months - new members only) - $1 (save $13.99)
  5. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3-months) - $29.99 (save $15)
  • Early Access Nintendo peripherals deals
  1. Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro - $39.99 (save $10)
  2. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - $74.99 (save $25)
  3. Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. - $39 (save $10)
  4. Nintendo Switch earbuds Pro - $25.95 (save $4.04)
  5. Nintendo Switch Joy - $76.98 (save $6.83)
  6. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - $59 (save $11)
  7. Orzly Nintendo Switch case - $10.36 (save $14.63)
  8. Samsung EVO 512GB microSD card - $61.99 (save $38)
  9. SanDisk 128GB microSD card - $15.99 (save $12.19)
  10. SanDisk 512GB Ultra microSD card - $54.99 (save $105)

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Best Prime Day Early Access monitor discounts

A monitor has the benefit of office-work utility in addition to acting as a small gaming screen. Amazon has a soft spot for monitors, it seems. You’ll see discounts all year round. On Prime Day, some serious discounts can be expected.

Here are some sweet links for you to check out:

Best Prime Day Early Access gaming headset discounts

You can’t call yourself a gamer until you have a great gaming headset fixed on your noggin ninety percent of the day. Plus, you need this for talking to your friends over multiplayer mode.

Now, electronic accessories, such as a gaming headset, are where Amazon rules. Get ready to see some massive discounts on these babies on Amazon Prime Early Access 2022.

The following are some of the greatest deals on Early Access Gaming headsets:

Best Prime Day Early Access keyboard discounts

On a serious note, you get a good keyboard if you want to avoid wrist pains, either for work or for gaming. And Amazon has a great market for them. Not only will Amazon Prime Day Early Access 2022 feature heavy discounts on all sorts of keyboards, but even now you can find amazing offers, such as the ones listed below.

Best Prime Day Early Access gaming mice discounts

Whatever was said in the keyboard section goes here too. A comfortable mouse will not only reduce the hassle of reaching your keyboard for every small thing because gaming mice usually have programmable buttons, but it will also prevent pain and discomfort from extended periods of use.

Again, Amazon is a great place to buy gaming mice, especially on Prime Day. Check out these cool gaming mice:

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Well the deals are huge and the list is long, but we are sure that everybody will have something to look forward to.

Amazon Prime Day Early Access Sale seems like a huge occasion that brings out some best deals for its users, and gaming lovers. So, this Amazon Prime Day Early Access Sale 2022 is the exact event you should participate in. And if you are interested in buying any of this stuff, you can purchase them through the above-mentioned links.

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