Apex Legends Uplink - Season 16 legend, abilities, leaks, release date, more

Apex Legends Uplink will probably be the next Apex Season 16 Legend as hinted by some prominent leakers.

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Apex Legends Uplink - Season 16 legend

Apex Season 15 began recently, but players have already begun looking forward to Apex Legends Season 16, which will include a battle pass, a new Season 16 map, and, of course, the next Apex Legends Season 16 legend.

Back in March 2022, we received a major leak on nine unreleased Apex Legends legends that will be joining us in future seasons. However, fast forward to June 2022, and we got another leak on the new unreleased Legend.

According to a credible dataminer, Thordan Smash, one of the unreleased legends, Uplink, might be the forthcoming Apex Legends Season 16 legend.

Uplink is a new character that was uncovered during Season 12 of Apex Legends, and it has piqued the interest of players. The suspicions began when data miners gave us hints of the new Apex Season 16 legend Uplink.

Despite the fact that we are uninformed of Uplink's past, we have enough information about the likely Season 16 Legend, Uplink, thanks to leaks and teasers. Let's get into the details of the same.

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Apex Season 16 Legend - Uplink

Uplink is the next possible Legend who could appear in Apex Legends Season 16 and given the fact that the players know little about this character, there are numerous theories circulating on what its story will be in the game.

Notwithstanding, the Apex Legends Season 16 legend is still in production, so Uplink may not be their final name, as Respawn is known for using placeholder titles before releasing games.

Apex Season 16 Legend Uplink leaks

Apex Legends Uplink, like Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer, and Valkyrie, will be a recon character as he will be able to provide long-range support for his teammate.

Thordan Smash commented on Apex Uplink, saying, "The most recent story from the Outlands article was just posted, and aside from being wonderful and even showing off some legendary looks that I wish were skins in the game, it may have also shown off a new legend that's coming into the game."

One of the characters described in the leak, Uplink, a future Recon legend, is perhaps one of the best kits for Apex Legends. Their skills revolve around shielding and restoring comrades, and they appear to be the strongest of the nine leaked Apex Legends heroes.

Unfortunately, it appears like already weak characters like Crypto and others are going out of style given the potential of a character like Uplink.

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The leaker added that we have seen clips of another legendary defensive support player by the name of Uplink, whose passive is known as network communication.

There wasn't a lot of information available about this ability from the initial releases. However, it has been suggested that his equipment is like Watson's generator and Lifeline's drone.

If Uplink is who the leaker claims to be, he might be a member of the Frontier Corps, a nonprofit devoted to lessening the negative impacts of the Apex Games.

There have now been reports that his skills have been divided and handed to other potential characters. There is a chance that Uplink will reappear in a later season, though some have discovered he is still present in the game files.

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Apex Legends Season 16 Legend - Uplink abilities

Along with the 9 unreleased legends, their abilities were also revealed. Hence, we are already aware of Apex Season 16 Uplink's abilities.

Uplink has the ability to increase the effectiveness of consumable powers and even protect allies from dropping down for a short period of time and is possibly a support Legend.

  • Uplink's Passive - Network Communion

Gain 25% Recovery Effects used in Signal Range.

  • Uplink's Tactical - Shield Satellite

Release a Satellite that follows allies to regenerate their shields and revive them.

  • Uplink's Ultimate - Immortality Relay Beacon

Deployable Satellite Beacon that prevents allies in the signal area from being downed.

It's worth mentioning that the Uplink abilities may have changed since it was shot, and some of them may have been scrapped altogether, so take the leak with a grain of salt.

However, you can't be so sure about anything as Respawn Entertainment is yet to formally announce and reveal the Legend. Yet it is possible that Apex Legends Season 16 legend could be Uplink, and if the leaked abilities are anything like his official kit, he has the potential to completely change the meta.

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Apex Legends Season 16 Uplink release date

It's difficult to say whether Uplink will be included in the next Season 16 update because Respawn hasn't revealed anything about it yet.

Well, February is still far off, so it wouldn't be wrong to say that there is quite some time left before the developers begin teasing the new Legend in the coming days.

This was all the information about the Apex Legends Uplink, the Season 16 Legend. Keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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