League of Legends Season 13 - release date, system changes, ASU and CGU, skins, rework, patch 13.1, more

League of Legends Season 13 release date has been announced, and the new season is all set to bring some exciting content for the players.

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League of Legends Season 13

With League of Legends Season 13 rapidly approaching, Riot has already released a preseason video outlining the changes that will be implemented, similar to the previous updates

On November 16th, League of Legends players were formally introduced to a plethora of changes, including those for the jungle role, when the preseason for Season 13 began. Since then, Riot Games has worked to balance the game, whether it be through the use of League of Legends items or champion kits. The 2022 calendar year came to an end with LoL Patch 12.23b, which was the final patch for Season 12.

There is still a lot to look forward to for both veteran and new players, even though it is a shorter preseason than the item redesign in Season 11, the Elemental Rift in Season 10, and others before it.

In light of the fact that preseason 2023 is almost over, many players are wondering when Season 13 will start, what changes can be expected in this new season, and what has been disclosed regarding League of Legends Season 13 Skins, System, and PBE Changes.

Well, we are here to provide you with the answers.

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League of Legends Season 13 release date

League of Legends season 13 release date has not yet been revealed, but if past seasons are any indication, it will start in early January 2023.

Riot Mort, the Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics, revealed League of Legends season 13's start date and the whole patch schedule on Twitter. According to the statement, League of Legends Season 13 will start on January 11th, PST, and Pre-season 2023 would end at that time.  As per the usual time schedule, LoL Patch 13.1 release time will be:

  • 3 AM PT (NA)
  • 5 AM GMT (EUW)
  • 3 AM CET (EUNE)
  • 8 AM KR (Korea)

The following is the League of Legends Season 13 Patch Schedule:

  • LoL Patch 13.1: January 11, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.2: January 25, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.3: February 8, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.4: February 23, 2023*
  • LoL Patch 13.5: March 8, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.6: March 22, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.7: April 5, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.8: April 19, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.9: May 3, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.10: March 17, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.11: June 1, 2023*
  • LoL Patch 13.12: June 14, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.13: June 28, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.14: July 19, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.15: August 2, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.16: August 16, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.17: August 30, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.18: September 13, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.19: September 27, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.20: October 11, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.21: October 25, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.22: November 8, 2023
  • LoL Patch 13.23: November 21, 2023*
  • LoL Patch 13.24: December 6, 2023

If you observe, there are 3 patches marked with an asterisk (*), this is owing to the fact that on some days, US holidays prevent the patch from being issued on a Wednesday. And hence, a patch can get delayed. Additionally, a brand-new video would be released, showcasing everything players can anticipate being released in the upcoming year.

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Now that we know when the season will get released, let's head over the coming changes and upgrades in LoL Season 13.

League of Legends Season 13 System Changes

League of Legends preseason 2023 preview has already been out, and it appears that Season 13 will feature a tonne of exciting new content, gameplay, and upgrades. Apart from what Riot Games have disclosed in their preseason overview, not much is known about League of Legends Season 13.

As revealed officially, the League of Legends Season 13 system changes include:

  • Chemtech Drake's comeback

The Chemtech Dragon, which is making a comeback in League of Legends Season 13, comes in first. The updated Chemtech map is entertaining, improves gameplay, and doesn't make too many significant changes. With the additional healing and shielding power, the Chemtech drake buff is reasonably potent for enchanters.

  • Revisions to Jungling

Riot is attempting to lower the entry barrier to League of Legends' jungle by making it easier for both auto-filled and fresh players. This involves the replacement of jungle items with new jungle pets, which give your clear more power. They have a stronger visual impact and provide players three alternative avatar options for itemization.

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  • Pings updates

Season 13 of League of Legends brings about major changes to in-game communication, but voice chat is still absent. Six new pings will be added to the ping system, and a new objective planning tool will let players decide on whether to contest or abandon an objective. A significant update is that pinging an enemy ward now marks its location and timer on the map.

  • New and improved items

An item revamp for tanks and fighters is season 13's final significant modification in League of Legends. In contrast to the MOBA's new additions of Icathia's Endurance, Radiant Virtue, and Goliath's Ascendiary; Rod of Ages and Spear of Shojin are returning equipment.

Additionally, Iceborn Gauntlet, Abyssal Mask, Ravenous Hydra, and Randuin's Omen have all undergone substantial revisions and Sunfire Aegis and Turbo Chemtank have both been lowered from Mythic rank.

  • Abyssal Mask Changes

Abyssal Mask is also being modified because it is constructed of the same Catalyst of Aeons as Rod of Ages. Abyssal Masks' Damage to Mana conversion will fall by 1%, however, Riot is making significant improvements to the healing. Abyssal Mask Changes include:

  1. Damage to Mana conversion reduced from 8% to 7%.
  2. Mana to healing conversion increased from 20% to 25%.
  3. Max healing per cast increased from 15 to 20.
  4. Maximum healing for each cast was raised from 15 to 20.

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  • Alterations to Top Lane

In League of Legends Season 13, a significant overhaul is also being made to the top lane. With improvements to solo lane experience and mid-lane minion gold, top laners now become the champs on the map with the most gold and experience. This could lead to a new meta of carry top laners with a little more resources to experiment with, but it will also generally simplify playing the lane.

League of Legends Season 13 Upgrades

The gameplay and abilities of Aurelion Sol will be entirely reworked as part of a CGU (comprehensive gameplay update). It is also revealed that Ahri would receive a visual update before the season is through.

  • Ahri ASU

Finally available is the long-awaited Ahri ASU (art and sustainability update). This is merely a modernization of Ahri's fundamental animation, rigging, and art. Fans of Ahri have long yearned for this shift.

  • Aurelion Sol CGU

The overhaul of Aurelion Sol is another eagerly anticipated update. The fact that they will entirely redesign his kit makes a comprehensive gameplay update (CGU) a more significant upgrade than all the other revisions they have made.

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League of Legends Season 13 Skins and Champions

According to what we currently know about LoL Season 13, two sets of skins will be available. The Mythmaker and Lunar skins are shown here.

  • LoL Mythmaker Skins
  1. Mythmaker Garen
  2. Mythmaker Galio
  3. Mythmaker Irelia (Legendary)
  4. Mythmaker Sivir + Prestige
  5. Mythmaker Zyra
  • LoL Lunar Skins
  1. Lunar Empress Ashe
  2. Lunar Emperor Kha’Zix
  3. Lunar Guardian Malphite
  4. Lunar Empress Qiyana
  5. Lunar Emperor Thresh

Along with the skins, we will also get new champions in the upcoming season. Before season 12 ended, a new Top Lane tank called K'Sante, The Pride of Nazumah was released. Following K'Sante, we received hints about a new Darkin assassin that would release soon as well as an Ixtal male enchanter that is in the works.

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League of Legends Season 13 is intended to address some issues with the game. Additionally, a lot of effort has gone into making the game friendlier for new and returning players. There seems to be enough new content to keep existing players interested and perhaps, the enhanced accessibility will allow even more individuals to play the game.

There were the complete details about League of Legends Season 13, including the release date, new releases and changes, upgrades, skins, and more.

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