God of War TV Series is "True to the Source" as per Amazon Studios' television head

God of War TV series will be released in the near future and Amazon Studios has revealed new details about the same.

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God of War TV Series

The quality of video game adaptations varies somewhat. Movie and TV adaptations of video games have generally been quite bad, either making an attempt to differ from the original source or pulling all the wrong aspects from it. This trend gained popularity in the early 2000s with the Resident Evil film series.

However, Uncharted was a great smash at the box office despite the fact that it wasn't particularly well received by critics. Never a film to pass up a chance to make money, Uncharted. And hence, following the league, we have a new TV series under development, God of War TV Series.

PlayStation recently revealed that it is collaborating with Amazon to create a God of War live-action version for Amazon's Prime Video streaming service, dipping into all the streaming services.

The program's official Amazon description does hint that it will mainly follow the events of God of War 2018, with Kratos and his kid traveling to disperse his wife's ashes. Well, similar to the Horizon show, no specifics are currently accessible.

However, that has changed now as Amazon Studios' Head of Television, Vernon Sanders has shared new details stating, "the God of War TV series would be incredibly true to the source."

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God of War TV series

God of War has had a significant year in 2022. In addition to dominating the earth and the nine kingdoms, God of War Ragnarok has also been adapted into a television series by Amazon Studios.

Yes, it's taking place: Amazon will soon release a God of War series. The video game adaption, which is set in Norse mythology, will follow the former Greek deity Kratos as he travels to scatter his dead wife's ashes at the highest mountain in all of the Nine Realms while also having to raise his kid and fight against gods who would do them harm.

We are certain that God of War in a completely new light will be fantastic, but still, there are many unanswered questions like how will this version exactly look and what can we expect?

Well in an interview with Collider, the head of television at Amazon Studios, Vernon Sanders, revealed further details about the upcoming God of War television series, stating that it will remain faithful to the game's source material and be engaging even for those who have never played it.

Sanders also talked about the project's goals, citing the studio's prior success with adaptations like Invincible and The Boys.

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Vernon Sanders's views on the God of War TV series

Following earlier speculations, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Pictures, and PlayStation Productions have announced that a God of War TV series is in fact in production. And offering further light on the forthcoming God of War TV series, Vernon Sanders added:

We do incredibly well with adaptations, from Invincible to The Boys. I mean, we just covered so many of them, right? And so we know that there's such a passionate fan base for God of War. But the thing that we're always looking for is whether there is a real emotional core if there's a real narrative story, and I think that's part of what makes God of War so special.

At the center of it all is this story of fathers and sons, and families, set against this giant epic landscape. So what Rafe Judkins and Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby have come up with for the first season, and for the series, I think, is both incredibly true to the source material and also compelling on its own. If you never played the game, you will fall in love with the show and feel very much invited in. So we think it's going to be huge.

It has been confirmed that Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby will pen the script for the television series God Of War that will be produced by Amazon Studios. The television show, which is based on Sony's first-party intellectual property, will be created in association with Sony Pictures Entertainment and will make its global debut on Prime Video.

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Sanders also praised Invincible and The Boys, two excellent Amazon Prime Video adaptations, in the most recent interview. There are more to come, such as The Expanse and Reacher, but fans are also wary of less well-liked adaptations like The Lord of the Ring: Rings of Power and The Wheel of Time. Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, who are currently on the writing staff for the God of War TV series, contributed to The Expanse.

A release date or starring choices for the God of War TV series has not yet been made public. But it has been confirmed that Cory Barlog, Creative Director at Santa Monica Studios, will serve as an executive producer on the venture.

Before the series debuts on Amazon Prime Video, at least a few years may pass. You have plenty of time to catch up on the game series while you wait, including the just-released (and wonderful) God of War Ragnarok.

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