Dead Space Remake gameplay leak - 2 hours of footage leaked early

Dead Space Remake gameplay leak has revealed almost 2 hours of the game's footage before the game's official release.

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Dead Space Remake gameplay footage leak

The idea that Electronic Arts is working on a true large-scale recreation of the original game has re-energized Dead Space fans, but we still have some time before the new addition to the game is released.

Motive Studios is working on a Dead Space Remake based on the sci-fi survival horror series Dead Space, and fans are confident that Motive Studios will faithfully recreate the plot of the series' first installment, which was released in 2008.

With Dead Space, the gamer takes on the role of Isaac Clarke, a crewman tasked with investigating a distress signal from the massive mining ship USG Ishimura. However, Isaac Clarke soon becomes the target of violent undead creatures known as necromorphs, who are driven to murder and infect everyone they come into contact with.

The Dead Space Remake will be available on January 27, 2023, and will be released exclusively on current-generation consoles, including the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Well, now before the official release, the first 2 hours of Dead Space Remake gameplay have been leaked.

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Dead Space Remake gameplay footage leaked

The first two hours of Dead Space Remake have already been leaked online, so the wait to know the exact details of the game is over. A simple screen capture from the PS5 version of Dead Space Remake is shown in the video.

But first, a word of warning. Fans who prefer to avoid spoiling the first few cutscenes and the first few hours of Dead Space Remake gameplay should refrain from viewing the video in order to play Dead Space Remake without knowing about any features or unpublished information.

TheJSR67's YouTube channel is where the leak is coming from. It provides an in-depth rundown of the game's introductory narrative, in-game items, combat system, and other features.

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There isn't much in the video that hasn't already been made public, but there are definitely a few elements that weren't formally shown off, and the new footage can be a great way to sate your curiosity about Dead Space Remake before the game's release.

This video serves as evidence that Dead Space Remake only features minor visual modifications. Although some of the riddles vary by region, typically there is a relatively good 1:1 ratio to the original Dead Space game.

One might easily compare Dead Space Remake to REmake, where the fundamentals are the same but new places and events are strewn about to surprise experienced players.

Based on recent trailers and demonstrations, fans have generally had positive thoughts of the Dead Space Remake. However, it's hard to evaluate the game without playing the complete gameplay, and it very well could surprise everyone and wound up becoming one of 2023's best games.

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Well, that is all that we have now on Dead Space Remake gameplay, however, players who wish to explore the game on their own will have to wait till January 11, as ts is the official release date of Dead Space Remake.

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