Dead Space remake release date delayed till 2023

Dead Space remake release date seems to be pushed back till 2023, as suggested by a known industry insider.

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Dead Space remake release date rumors

The idea of Electronic Arts working on some kind of true large-scale recreation of the original game has re-energized Dead Space fans, however, currently, we don't have a lot of info available about the game.

Dead Space, a sci-fi survival horror series has a remake under development at Motive Studios and fans trust that Motive Studios will faithfully replicate the plot of the series' first installment, which was released in 2008.

With Dead Space, the role of the character of Isaac Clarke is assigned to the gamers, who is a crewman charged with investigating a distress signal from the enormous mining ship USG Ishimura. However, soon Isaac Clarke becomes the target of violent undead creatures, necromorphs, who are driven to murder and infect all they encounter.

Even though the developers are gradually disclosing more about the Dead Space remake as time passes on, still no official Dead Space remake release date has been set. Recently, EA revealed a teaser trailer for the Dead Space remake, as well as a Livestream dedicated to the game.

It has been quite a long since the developer revealed a sneak peek of pre-production gameplay and now fans are expecting to see something more significant. Previously it was reported that the Dead Space remake would be released in Q4 2022, however, new rumors suggest something different altogether, with new evidence indicating that both Motive Studios and EA may require a little more time than previously anticipated.

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According to the latest reports, early 2023 is the targeted Dead Space remake release date.


UPDATE: 12/03/22

Dead Space remake release date - Official Announcement

The Dead Space remake is aiming for a 2023 release date, according to a recent post from the verified Dead Space Twitter account. 

A short video with the words "Dead Space: Available Early 2023" and a spaceship floating in front of a large planet accompanies the announcement. The black shape of the planet leads the footage, while the spaceship appears to be both incredibly small and stationary. This contrast, as well as the ship's flickering red light, provides the majority of the suspense.


Dead Space remake release date delay rumors

According to a known journalist and industry insider, the Dead Space remake will now be released in early 2023.

The targeted Dead Space remake release date has now been changed to next year, and the news of delay came from the popular VentureBeat journalist, Jeff Grubb, who earlier reported on his premium Giant Bomb podcast, GrubbSnax that the game was targeting a late 2022 release window.

As per Grubb, the Dead Space remake will most likely arrive in 2023 as the game is no longer scheduled for October, but for early 2023. In his podcast, the journalist said, "They never said anything publicly; this was simply my reporting internally describing what they were attempting to do, and now they aren't trying to do that; instead, they are aiming for early 2023."

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Adding to this Grubb reported that the internal delay is not a hint that the game is in peril, but rather that the team is concentrating on the remake's quality. He suggested that there are several reasons for the delay, but the main one is that the development team wants the Dead Space remake to be as wonderful as possible and they would like to make sure people don't destroy themselves.

This does not imply that the Dead Space remake is in jeopardy, instead, it is a foundation to create something excellent, so that it is a success when it is released, which will then pave the way for future success.

It isn't wrong for the developers to be cautious of the game's quality as they must be having quite a pressure on them in terms of how well a Dead Space remake could sell.

Fans won't have to wait long, as the studio will have a special Dead Space Remake live stream on March 11 that promises to provide even another deeper look into the game's backend and technology. It's also possible that Motive is preparing to make a formal announcement about the Dead Space remake release date. If so, then we will know whether Grubb's report is true or not.

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As a result, existing information on the Dead Space Remake release date delay should be taken with a grain of salt until EA and Motive Studios make an official announcement.

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