Genshin Impact Yaoyao build - talent books, ascension materials, weapons, team comp, more

Genshin Impact Yaoyao build guide will certainly be useful if you are planning to acquire the lethal Dendro Polearm user in version 3.4.

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Genshin Impact Yaoyao build

The game of Genshin Impact has actually hooked several players over the years, and credit for it all goes to HoYoverse, as the organization constantly releases fresh content for the gamers like new characters, enemies, weapons, and much more.

One such new introduction to the game is Yaoyao, the 4-star Dendro Polearm user who will be coming in Genshin Impact 3.4 version. The Genshin 3.4 version will go live on January 18th, and maintenance is expected to start at 06:00 (UTC+8) and is expected to be completed within 5 hours.

Yaoyao is one of the much-awaited characters in the game and has been a continuous topic of discussion. Yaoyao was also formally introduced to the players by HoYoverse, where she has been described as the Burgeoning Grace and the Disciple of Streetward Rambler. Although she is the youngest disciple of Streetward Rambler, she takes care of her other seniors like an elder sister. She also has a 4-star Dendro rating.

Yaoyao works as a support and healer for Genshin Impact. Most travelers are familiar with Yaoyao's support builds and she appears to have been created as a support character, especially for Dendro DPS. Before the official reveals, the entire Yaoyao kit has already been leaked.

So, in this article, we'll look at the ideal Genshin Impact Yaoyao build, including her talent books, ascension materials, weapons, and more that will help her reach her full potential.

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Genshin Impact Yaoyao build in version 3.4

Back on December 9, Yaoyao - the Burgeoning Grace is the Disciple of Streetward Rambler was introduced as one of the upcoming characters by HoYoverse.

"I wanted to give Yaoyao the magical device I used when I was younger, so she could protect herself. But before I could say anything, Cloud Retainer had already gifted Yuegui to her. Can't say I'm surprised. Yaoyao is a very lovable child after all." says Streetward Rambler about Yaoyao.

Every one of the farming resources to maximize Yaoyao's talent books, ascension material and more have been exposed by leakers. Those planning to get their hands on the best version of Yaoyao in the 3.4 update should certainly start saving Primogems and begin pre-farming all materials.

It goes without saying that the characters when reaching their maximum stats are the most useful ones in the game, hence we have collected all the required data for Genshin Impact Yaoyao build in version 3.4 and the mats required for it.

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Best Genshin Impact Yaoyao talent books

The Diligence Book set will be the ideal Yaoyao talent book.

Teachings of Diligence, Guide of Diligence, and Philosophies of Diligence are talent books based on Liyue that has already been released in the game. On Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, gamers can collect Diligence talent books by completing the talent domain.

Taishan Mansion domain is the exact domain of Genshin Impact's "Diligence" talent book. To level up Yaoyao's talents to Lv. 10, you'll need the following materials in the quantities specified:

  • Daka's Bell (Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal) x18
  • Teachings of Diligence x9
  • Guide to Diligence x63
  • Philosophies of Diligence x114
  • Slime Condensate x18
  • Slime Secretions x66
  • Slime Concentrate x93
  • Crown of Insight x3

Unfortunately, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to harvest many of the materials early because Yaoyao is a brand-new character from an area that has recently been introduced. While some resources are already present in the game, many will only be available after the 3.4 update.

The preceding items must be leveled up to 10 in order for Yaoyao to use each of her battle talents.

In the current version of Genshin Impact, a lot of the ingredients for Yaoyao's talent book can be farmed.

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Best Genshin Impact Yaoyao ascension materials

Those who are planning to get the required material to level up Yaoyao to level 90 and build her prior to the Yaoyao banner release should look at the following ascension mats:

  • Quelled Creeper (Dendro Hypostasis) x46
  • Nagadus Emerald Chunk x9
  • Nagadus Emerald Fragment x9
  • Nagadus Emerald Gemstone x6
  • Nagadus Emerald Silver x1
  • Jueyun Chili x168
  • Slime Condensate x18
  • Slime Secretions x30
  • Slime Concentrate x36

For Yaoyao's ascension materials, Genshin Impact players will require a few of the Nagadus Emerald drop items that are dropped by Dendro Hypostasis and Jadeplume Terrorshroom.

Yaoyao, who is from the Liyue, will require 168 Jueyun Chili to reach the top level of 90. One of Liyue's regional specialties is the scorching Jueyun Chili. Jueyun chili can be grown in a teapot, or Chef Mao from the Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor will sell them to you.

Another ascension material for Yaoyao will be a boss-drop item called the Quelled Creeper. Dendro Hypostasis in Sumeru's arid region must be defeated in order to drop this boss item.

Players will however need to wait for the release of patch 3.4 in order to harvest some of these ascension materials. It is essential to take note that to farm the boss drop for Yaoyao's ascension, players must first uncover the Desert region of Sumeru and must beat Dendro Hypostasis at least 23 times in order to receive the drops, which are restricted to two or three each time you kill a boss at World Level 8.

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Best Genshin Impact Yaoyao artifacts

Similar to ascension materials and talent books, the Yaoyao artifacts play a major role to build a strong character. Now, the best-suited artifact sets for Yaoyao are the ones that have already been released in the game.

The Tenacity of the Millelith (four-piece) and Deepwood Memories (four-piece) are excellent options because Yaoyao's Skill and Burst deal the majority of his damage.

Tenacity of the Millelith

  • 2-Piece: HP is increased by 20%
  • 4-Piece: When an Elemental Skills hits an enemy, the overall Attack of all close by party members is increased by 20% and shield strength is increased by 30% for a total of 3 seconds

Deepwood Memories
  • 2-Piece: 15% Dendro Damage Bonus
  • 4-Piece: When an Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits an enemy, their Dendro Resistance will decrease by 30% for a total of 8 seconds


Yaoyao may function as your usual Dendro support, able to heal allies while also giving foes access to Dendro RES shred. She will probably need Energy Recharge as an off-field Support in order to quickly activate her Elemental Burst and hence Deepwood Memories (four-piece) set will be best suited for Yaoyao.

Depending on the constitution of your team, you have a few alternatives for the artifact set, but we chose the four-piece Tenacity of the Millelith as Yaoyao's Elemental Skill appears to be able to hit adversaries more than once, making it simple to reliably activate the four-piece effect of the Tenacity of the Millelith.

However, choosing Yaoyao's artifact set is trickier because it alters significantly depending on your build.

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Best Genshin Impact Yaoyao weapons

Since we are looking at the best elements that suit Yaoyao, let's look at the best Yaoyao weapons. Some of the best Yaoyao weapons include:

  • Staff of Homa
  • Black Tassel
  • Favonius Lance
  • Moonpiercer
  • Kitain Cross Spear
  • Dragon's Bane

Yaoyao's weapon can either be constructed to deal healing (MAX HP%) or deal damage (Elemental Mastery).

Yaoyao will consume a lot of energy if you employ her as a healer for your squad, and you'll need to give her a lot of HP. As a result, we think Favonius Lance will be a fantastic, inexpensive option for her weapon.

However, the Staff of Homa is effective when Yaoyao is acting as the attacker because it increases HP by 20% and grants an Attack Bonus bonus based on 0.8% of the character's maximum HP.

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Best Genshin Impact Yaoyao Team Comps

Up to this point, there has been a lot of speculation about the potential Yaoyao build when she joins the Genshin Impact squad.

Yaoyao can fit virtually all team configurations because she is a support character, given that you also need healing support and a Dendro enabler. You can pick your own ideal team based on your physical characteristics and personality. How you use Yaoyao's support skills will largely determine how successful your team-building efforts are.

  • Cyno, Nahida, Fischl, Yaoyao
  • Lisa, Collei, Xingqiu, Yaoyao
  • Alhaitham, Xingqiu, Raiden Shogun, Yaoyao

Yaoyao is a four-star Dendro polearm user who is most effective in a supporting capacity. She is an excellent utility choice for elemental response teams because she has the ability to heal friends through her talent and burst while also dealing AoE Dendro damage.

We can have Cyno + Nahida + Fischl on a team where Yaoyao is used to assist a Dendro DPS and the spread reaction. Because Cyno requires reactions and Nahida is the primary Dendro sub-DPS and application, Cyno works well with any off-field Dendro. Yaoyao can be employed for further off-field Dendro application, healing, and elemental resonance, while Fischl is for the party's energy recovery.

When Yaoyao is the team's healer, Hyperbloom DMG maximizes the team's DMG as a whole.

In this Yaoyao team comp, Alhaitham serves as the main DPS, as his Elemental Burst gives AoE Dendro Dendro DMG based on the quantity of Chisel-Light Mirror present. Blooming can be made to create cores with the help of Xingqiu, who can supply Hydro Element even off-field, while Raiden Shogun may serve as the team's Sub DPS. The Electro-Charged response will be started by her Elemental Skill, and Hyperbloom will be started by the Dendro Cores.

Yaoyao is the team's healer in this situation, and her shield creates a secure environment for the players. She also increases the team's DMG by employing the full set of Millelith's Tenacity.

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This was everything from us on the best Genshin Yaoyao build. It is suggested to explore your own Genshin Impact Yaoyao builds and experiment with this one as well to see which ones perform the best.


We'll update you with the latest information regarding Genshin Impact, so keep following. Till then, you can also check the latest Genshin Impact leaks about the upcoming characters:

| Alhaitham | Yaoyao | Mika | Kaveh | Dehya | Dainsleif | Baizhu | and more.

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