KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3 Portable Photo Printer - Review, Specs, Pros and Cons, more

KODAK Mini 3 Retro uses 4Pass Technology to print flawless photos instantly and is the most affordable option in Portable Photo Printer to print right from your home.

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Kodak Mini 3 Retro

With our cellphones, we capture a tonne of pictures, but they are frequently overlooked and misplaced in the camera roll. So, wouldn't it be best to print out your favorite memories as a replacement?

A growing number of photographers are abandoning their heavy DSLRs in favor of smaller mirrorless models and even cell phones. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that portable photo printers are also gaining popularity.

You may print directly from your smartphone, social media, and Instagram grid with the best portable picture printers. You can instantly print from these portable printers using your digital camera's memory card, iPhone, or Android, each providing fast copies of your images to share with friends or put on your diaries.

These days, manufacturers like Kodak are releasing handy tiny portable printers which you can have constantly to print your finest pictures while you're on the road. These printers come with their own apps to let you create, edit, and personalize your prints. Here, we'll discuss the portable photo printer KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3. The Kodak Mini 3 Retro portable photo printer rapidly and affordably prints attractive 3-by-3-inch photos.

KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3 Portable Photo Printer Specs

  • Item Weight - ‎1.01 pounds
  • Product Dimensions - ‎5 x 4 x 1 inches
  • Item model number - ‎P210RY
  • Batteries - ‎1 Lithium Ion battery. (included)
  • Charge time - 90 minutes
  • Color - ‎Yellow
  • Size - ‎Printer Only
  • Sheet Size - ‎3 x 3 - inch
  • Brand - ‎KODAK
  • Price - $119.99 at Amazon

KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3 Pros and Cons

kodak mini 3 retro, kodak mini 3 retro portable photo printer, kodak mini 3 retro review, kodak mini 3 retro specs, kodak mini 3 retro pros and cons
Kodak mini 3 Retro Specifications


  • Lovely finishing and design
  • Produces prints that are accurate to color with maintained detail in both bright and dark regions.
  • Provides options for borderless and bordered photo printing
  • Includes enough product for 68 photos


  • The prints are decent, but you could anticipate more professional results given the high-end style.
  • Offers just Bluetooth connectivity (there is no Wi-Fi available)
  • Accessories in the bundle are limited


No matter where you are, printing stunning, crystal-clear, and vibrant images is simple with the KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3. By Bluetooth connecting your smartphone or tablet to the printer and using the KODAK Print app, which offers a variety of connectivity options, you can print beautiful images.

You may make advantage of the entertaining augmented reality elements as well as other aesthetic aspects like frames, filters, and attractiveness.

As the picture paper and dye-sub ink ribbon cartridges load into a compartment accessed by opening the side, users have a lot of fun using the KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3.

While not the smallest printer, the KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3 weighs less than 1.01 pounds and is about 5 by 4 by 1. It is small enough to carry in a backpack.

KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3 Design

You can carry the KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3 Portable Photo Printer almost anywhere because it is compact enough to squeeze into your pockets. The Mini 3 Retro is an easy-to-use gadget. A small USB port for power and charging is located on the printer's back edge.

It is simple to reach the picture paper because the printed photos roll out of a slot on the front edge. This little printer is available in two bundles, the one we examined here with 68 sheets of media, and three colors: white, yellow, or black.

kodak mini 3 retro, kodak mini 3 retro portable photo printer, kodak mini 3 retro review, kodak mini 3 retro specs, kodak mini 3 retro pros and cons
Kodak Mini 3 Retro

The less expensive ($141.99) package has only eight sheets, which immediately gives the printer a colorful and cheerful vibe.

Packs of 30, 60, and 90 sheets are available for purchase with replacement cartridges. Users can open the compartment door, remove the used cartridge, and then replace it. That's all it takes to change the cartridge.

There are only a few accessories available for this printer. The dye-sub ink ribbon cartridges and photo paper pack into a slot that is entered by opening the side. There is enough sheet and ink in this portable printer to generate eight photos.

KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3's Photo Quality

The images taken by the Mini 3 Retro have premium quality, with vibrant colors and exquisite detail. The dye-sub printer uses cyan, magenta, and yellow ink along with a clear layer to help the colors stand out and shield the picture from dust and fingerprints.

It's crucial to keep in mind, however, that while zero-ink technology has improved over time, it still falls short of dye-sublimation imaging in terms of quality. They did, however, generally look good compared to others.

The Kodak Mini 3 Retro prints effectively, is reasonably priced and gives users the option of borderless or bordered photographs. It also offers a distinctive square image format. It would be up to the users to decide whether or not the 3-inch square format suits their requirements.

KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3 Print Speed and Cost per print

The Mini 3 Retro is fairly quick compared to its competitors and also relatively economical to operate. It takes 43 seconds on average to complete each borderless print but bordered prints take only a few seconds longer.

The last replacement media cartridge, which is available in prints of 30, 60, and 90, will, as you might expect, result in the lowest cost per image (CPP). According to Kodak, the cost of each print from the 90-pack will be roughly 40 cents.

The inbuilt battery of the KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3 can be fully charged in around 90 minutes, can create 25 prints, and, with proper storage, can preserve photos for up to a century.

The KODAK Mini 3 Retro 3x3 satisfies all the requirements for the best portable photo printer for you, including reasonably low operating costs, superior print quality, and distinctive media size.

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