League of Legends Season 13 Champions - Milio, Naafiri, new hangry jungler and artistic mid-laner

Upcoming League of Legends Season 13 Champions, Milio, Naafiri, a new hangry jungler and artistic mid-laner have been revealed by the devs.

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League of Legends Season 13 Champions

Although it may have seemed like the previous year went by quickly, Riot Games is moving far more quickly. The League of Legends developers today released the Champion Roadmap, which offered some intriguing details about the impending Ixtali Enchanter, Darkin Assassin, new hangry jungler, and artistic mid-lane champion.

Riot Games has formally confirmed their impending intentions regarding the 4 new champions arriving in the near future while gamers wait for LoL patch 13.2.

Two of the newly crowned champions were named: Milio and Naafiri. The Ixtal-based healer is the first, while the Darkin champion is the second. Both are now officially known, thanks to several leaks and teases, and will be available this year.

Riot has also announced the arrival of two new champions for junglers and mid-laners in Season 13 and there is a high possibility that players will like them immensely. Overall, it appears that League of Legends champions will have a hectic Season 13 this year.

Below, we have shared details on each upcoming LoL Season 13 champion specifically.

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League of Legends Season 13 Champions

League of Legends keeps getting new champions. There are many alternatives with the game's current availability of more than 160 picks. But fans may anticipate at least four new champions in Season 13.

The complete list of LoL Season 13 champions are presented here in the order of potential release.

  • Milio, Ixtali Enchanter
  • Naafiri, Darkin Assassin
  • A new hangry jungler
  • A new artistic mid-laner

Leading champion designer Lexi 'Lexical' Gao stated at the beginning of the season, "Looking farther out, we have a hangry jungler and an artsy mid-laner who are looming in the background." They're a little too early to discuss them right now, but keep an eye out for upcoming teases.

This pace, which includes four to six champion releases, a few reworks, and mid-scope tweaks, is comparable to the one that Riot has been working at since approximately Season 10.

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League of Legends Milio, Ixtali Enchanter

Milio will be presented to League of Legends players after the Aurelion Sol CGU. He will be the Ixtal-based healer who primarily uses the element of fire. Milio appears to be a young man who enjoys challenges and excitement.

Milio will therefore go on his quest to uncover the realm of Runeterra's deepest secrets in the upcoming year while also facing the challenges that are thrown his way. He will be an enchanter and, most likely, will play a supporting role.

league of legends season 13 champions, league of legends milio, league of legends Ixtali Enchanter
League of Legends Milio, Ixtali Enchanter

Milio, an Ixtal native, will be our forthcoming male enchanter, as far as we know. Riot, however, didn't provide much information regarding the gameplay aspect.

League of Legends Naafiri, Darkin Assassin

The next League of Legends Darkin champion to be launched is Naafiri. She will primarily play the assassin mid-lane. Our understanding of her gameplay indicates that she will have a simple kit.

The players who enjoy focusing on champions with relatively simple-to-use kits and who rely more on the macro play will find Naafiri to be a perfect choice. The developers brought up the topic of Naafiri having various bodies while talking about her. The fact that it was so subdued could have been due to her design or equipment.

league of legends season 13 champions, league of legends naafiri, league of legends Darkin Assassin
League of Legends Naafiri, Darkin Assassin

Naafiri wasn't given any other information, but once her scheduled release date nears, players will learn more. So far we know that League of Legends Naafiri's release date will be scheduled after Milio.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the devs are currently developing a brand-new jungler and midlaner. Unfortunately, those champions won't be available for quite some time; the topic will be covered later in the year.

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New League of Legends hangry jungler

Riot teased the early development of two more champions after announcing Naafiri. One of them was referred to as a "Hangry Jungler." However, they have only shared one picture so far. We can infer from that image that the new champion may be from Camavor, Viego's country.

league of legends season 13 champions, lol hangry jungler, lol season 13 jungler
New League of Legends Season 13 jungler

New League of Legends artistic mid-laner

A mid-laner who they referred to as an "Artistic Mid-laner" is the final champion Riot teased in their video. They haven't provided any information regarding this champion, just like they didn't with the previous jungler.

However, we may reasonably infer from the image that this champion may be an Ionian. From what we can tell, this champion will also be a calligrapher. We may anticipate their release in late 2023 because this LoL Hangry Jungle champion will be the last to arrive.

league of legends season 13 champions, league of legends artistic mid laner, league of legends season 13 mid laner
New League of Legends Season 13 mid-laner

Last but not least, League of Legends season 13 will concentrate on mid-scope changes and Riot Games seems to wish to pay homage to those champions who have been left in the shadows for a very long period.

In addition, Riot has revealed that League of Legends will receive new cosmetics in season 13. Chemtech Drake will be updated with new items, adjustments to the jungle, and much more. So clearly we have lots of new content planned for League of Legends Season 13.

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