Destiny 2 Season 20 - Season of Defiance activities, modifiers, weapons, story, season pass, more

Destiny 2 Season 20 release date was announced earlier only, and this new season is all set to bring new content, a map, Season Pass, and much more.

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Destiny 2 Season 20 - Season of Defiance

It will take a week for Destiny 2 Season 20 to launch on the official servers, giving everyone time to get ready. As a result, everyone should get ready for the upcoming season.

Soon, the most recent Destiny 2 addition, Destiny 2: Season 20, will be released, bringing with it a wealth of fresh and unexplored video game content for gamers to enjoy. There will be new exotics, a new Season Pass that must be completed, etc.

In Lightfall, Destiny 2 will shortly undergo a significant makeover that will begin with the Season of Defiance. Players are preparing to travel to Neomuna and defeat Calus with the Light and Dark saga's conclusion just a few days away.

Season of Defiance, which tells the stories of the ground conflict on Earth, reveals that there is more happening in the cosmos at large. The competitive PvP mode and Trials of Osiris will get a brand-new modifier, as stated in their most recent blog post.

Moreover, in order to give you a head start, the following post breaks down several significant chores you can perform over the course of the next seven days. Completing bounties, getting vaulted weapons, and other activities are on the list. Here is all that we know about Season 20 of Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 Season 20 Start date and time

Destiny 2 Season 20, Season of Defiance will get started on February 28th, at the weekly reset, which is 6 PM BST, 10 AM PT, and 1 PM ET.

Sometime in late May, which is also when Season 21 that is Season of the Deep debuts, Season 20 is set to come to an end.

There isn't much to go on in terms of the storyline. During the course of the season, something is almost certain to occur that will force the Guardians to fly to Neomuna and take down Calus.

Destiny 2 Season 20 - Seasonal Content

Over the course of this year, there will be several adjustments to the seasonal activities, some of which will affect Destiny 2 Season of Defiance. According to a recent blog post, Bungie has expressed interest in redesigning and reorganizing the way seasonal content functions. Seasonal vendors are first on the list.

There is a specific NPC that serves as the season's vendor. Focusing weapons and armor on these vendors will become easier starting with Destiny 2 Season 20.

Players will receive seasonal rewards for participating in this seasonal activity, and generally, it will be necessary to advance the seasonal tale. The Season of Defiance activity's format is uncertain, however, it may take the shape of a public event like Season of the Haunted or a matchmade activity like Ketchcrashes or Heist Battlegrounds.

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Destiny 2 Season 20 - Umbral Engrams and Energy

With significant improvements to many of their systems' quality of life, Bungie has recently made progress. Umbral Engram and Umbral Energies are other mechanisms that Season of Defiance seeks to alter.

Bungie intends to "reduce complexity within our progression systems, which implies fewer competing currencies to earn," according to a TWAB. As a result, in Season 20, all Umbral Engrams and Umbral Energy will be eliminated.

It will only take Glimmer and a seasonal engram to complete the procedure because umbral engrams and energies are disappearing.

The seasonal engrams will all be kept on the seller, so you won't need to tote as many around. Another change that will affect seasonal sellers is the upgrading system, which will be streamlined. There will be fewer upgrades, but each one will have a greater impact.

Destiny 2 Season 20 - new PvP mode and Trials of Osiris modifier

The competitive PvP mode and Trials of Osiris will get a brand-new modifier, as stated in their most recent blog post. In PvE modes, modifiers are frequently seen. Although it is uncommon to see activity modifiers in Destiny 2 PvP, the one that is being introduced is quite intriguing.

The Competitive Division and the Trials of Osiris will both continue to use the Notswap modifier for the time being. Players that switch out one Exotic armor item for another while this adjustment is in effect lose all of their ability energy. This is very similar to what takes place when a subclass is changed. Now, it's also thought that Supers will experience this energy loss.

Supers may be incredibly deadly in PvP battles. In reality, some Supers, like the Hunters' Arc Staff, have the ability to one-shot enemy Guardians and deflect all incoming damage. Now, switching to an Exotic that lengthens this Super can frequently devastate the lobby, shifting the flow of the game due to a single player.

Players will have to decide between selecting an exotic with a powerful neutral game or selecting an exotic that strengthens their Super in the hopes that they will be able to use it in that specific match once it is implemented in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance.

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Destiny 2 Season 20 - Seasonal Currency

With Season of Defiance, Seasonal Money will also get a redesign. According to Bungie, gamers won't need to "unlock a chest at the end of every seasonal activity."

Keys will take the place of the currencies that players have been accumulating over the last few seasons. They will now employ treasure keys in place of additional rewards that cost a certain amount of a particular currency.

Although they will be a little less common, if you have a key, you will be able to participate in activities that offer additional seasonal benefits.

Destiny 2 Season 20 - Story and character

Despite the fact that Bungie has been mute regarding the season 20 storyline material, which is currently referred to by players as Season of Defiance, it is expected that Bungie will put everything together to introduce the previously-announced Strand subclass and Lightfall expansion content.

The ground conflict on Earth is the subject of Season of Defiance. It will tell the tale of the story protagonists defending Earth from the Shadow Cabal forces of Calus.

Devrim, Amanda, and The Crow are seen attempting to defend The Last City in a small preview of the season that was featured in the ViDoc for Destiny 2 Lightfall.

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Destiny 2 Season 20 price

This season continues with the Season Pass model, so you can get it for about £10 per season. But if you have purchased Lightfall’s Deluxe Edition, then seasons 20, 21, and 22 will all be yours.

Those that don't will need to spend roughly £17 or $20 on a Dungeon Key, which will give entry to the Duality dungeon and the next season 20 dungeon.

Now that we have discussed all that, let’s talk about Destiny 2 - Season 20 Pass.

Destiny 2 Season 20 Season Pass price

A free version is available to all players. The premium one is 1000 Silver, which is $10/£10. It’s included in Lightfall’s Deluxe Edition.

Destiny 2 Season 20 - Techniques to level up the Season Pass faster

  • Equip an XP mod

Your experience will increase through all activities and bounties. If your Ghost is leveled up, you get a 12% bonus.

  • Use XP bonuses

Buffing up some specific tiers will make your experience increase faster even through normal play. To help your teammates, get the Fireteam XP bonuses.

  • Complete Bounties and Challenges

Bounties are there daily, and they help you level up the Season Pass as quickly as possible. Some Seasonal Challenges that come along with reset will also offer XP bonuses, plus weapons at times with Bright Dust increases.

  • Play regularly

With each weekly reset, players get a “well-rested” bonus. This is for the Season Pass’ first five levels. You get double XP with this. So play for a few hours every week.

And there you have it! That is pretty much everything that you would need to know about Destiny 2 Season 20 until it actually gets here. Make sure to get a comfy seat because you will be stuck to this season (and therefore, the seat!).

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