Destiny 2 x Among Us collaboration - new skins, release date, price, leaks, more

Destiny 2 and Among Us collaboration has been announced officially and soon we will get new character skins in the game.

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Destiny 2 x Among Us collaboration

In the online multiplayer game Destiny 2, you and your friends can sign up whenever you like and take part in a single dynamic world. By gaining strong elemental abilities and collecting special equipment, you can customize your Guardian's appearance and playstyle.

The Season of the Seraph, the current season of Destiny 2, is coming to a conclusion soon, and Destiny 2 Lightfall is scheduled to debut on February 28th, 2023. And it appears that the developers are planning something unique for the upcoming season.

Although not everything about the upcoming Lightfall expansion has been made public, we do know that there will be some modifications to the game's fundamental mechanics, new Legendary campaign, and overhaul to Power Levels.

However, that is not all. Leaks have revealed a new Destiny 2 collaboration that is set to happen in the near future.

The hype is all about the newly leaked Among Us and Destiny 2 collaboration that is increasingly growing. New information about what appears to be a significant collaboration between the two franchises introducing new skins has been leaked.

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Destiny 2 x Among Us collaboration

Bungie revealed a fresh alliance with Epic Games at the Destiny 2 Lightfall demonstration. Players can now access Destiny 2 through the Epic Games Store as a result of this new connectivity. Several distinctive cosmetic packs have been released as a result of the announcement. And the developers intend to keep using the pattern.

Fans of Destiny who may have been considering trying Among Us now have more motivation to do so because Destiny 2 might soon receive crossover items from both franchises.

When Twitter user and Destiny leaker DestinyBulletn stated that a new collaboration would be coming to Among Us next week, the news first started to spread in the Destiny community. The possibility of Among Us as one of the features in the future drop was mentioned in a subsequent tweet.

Well, soon after the leak, Among Us officially dropped a teaser of Destiny 2 x Among Us collab on Twitter.

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Destiny 2 Among Us skins

A picture of several characters in silhouettes against a neon pink and blue background was uploaded on the official Among Us Twitter account. The silhouetted figures are the armless astronaut blobs from the video game Among Us, however they are wearing different Destiny 2 gear.

It goes without saying that the Destiny 2 x Among Us crossover will have some aesthetically pleasing elements, allowing you to outfit your little Among Us character in some Destiny 2 attire. However, it's uncertain what else the crossover might contain.

Eyes up, crewmate is a clear homage to Commander Zavala's slogan "Eyes up, guardian" in the teaser image. The hues bring to mind Lightfall's neon-drenched look and its Neomuna-based environment.

In its tweet, Among Us also made reference to "fireteam," which might be a reference to the six-man teams in the online first-person shooter. A few users also suggested possible future Among Us crossovers, such an Undertale with a Sans skin.

We seem to be getting six character cosmetics. Osiris and Saint-14 appear to be two of them based on their distinctive headgear. However, until additional information is provided, we won't know much more about the other characters who are getting cosmetic changes.

We are yet to get the proper details on Among Us Destiny 2 skins and it is expected that soon with the official reveal, players will get to know more about them.

Destiny 2 x Among Us crossover release date

Thiygh we got a possible teaser on the Collab, the "Destiny2 x Among Us" skins release date is yet to be announced.

However, it is possible that February 28th can be the Among Us x Destiny 2 skins release date as it is the same date when Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion launches.

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Destiny 2 x Among Us skin price

Even though we have a teaser, the devs have not announced any details on Among Us x Destiny 2 crossover cosmetics price.

However, we should expect the skins' prices to be consistent with those of Ubisoft's other products, so there should be no surprises for seasoned gamers

Since Destiny 2 has been available for a while, a wider scope of collaboration may be possible. This crossover may include specific armor sets, challenges, ornament sets, and much more.

So, even if Destiny 2 and Among Us collab turn out to be a smaller-scale partnership, it would still be a really amazing one. However, they have yet to be confirmed and even leakers are unaware of this part.

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