Hogwarts Legacy Dissending for Sweets quest - how to start and find dungeon and treasures

Hogwarts Legacy Dissending for Sweets quest can be challenging for some, and hence we have a guide for you to find both Dissending for Sweets quest location and its treasure.

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Hogwarts Legacy Dissending for Sweets quest

On February 10, the open-world role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy was launched for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Later this year, the game will also be released on last-gen platforms and the Nintendo Switch.

The Deluxe Edition, on the other hand, began offering early access on February 7. And the open-world Harry Potter RPG has now overtaken other games on Twitch in terms of popularity since its release.

Players can stroll about the Hogwarts castle and its enchanted surroundings in the game. The setting itself, though, which is just jam-packed with almost everything one would want in a Potter game and more, is even better. Players will find themselves exploring the stone-cobbled corridors and hidden passageways of Hogwarts, riding a broomstick through the Forbidden Forest, and venturing into pitch-black caverns illuminated only by the glow of your Lumos spell.

Hogwarts Legacy also has a tonne of quests, collectibles, and activities for new fifth-year students to complete as they explore the wizarding world. One of them asks you to discover a hidden passageway that leads to Honeydukes' Cellar as part of the Hogwarts Legacy Dissending for Sweets quest.

The Dissending for Sweets quest in Hogwarts Legacy can be a little challenging, but as you figure out the map and clear dungeons, it gets quite easy. Below we have detailed the Hogwarts Legacy Dissending for Sweets quest route and how to find the treasure.

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Hogwarts Legacy Dissending for Sweets quest

The exploring aspect of Hogwarts Legacy is its primary experience, and it is intriguing to find new ways to engage with the exquisitely designed setting as you play.

Hogwarts Legacy Dissending For Sweets is one of the quests including Garreth Weasley. Garreth Weasley, a student who enjoys preparing a variety of drinks, offers it. To begin this quest, you must be level five and have finished the Potions Class Main Quest.

With the traditional Hogwarts components of violating the rules and hidden passages, Hogwarts Legacy has a side quest for you. After taking Professor Sharp's Potions lesson for the first time, players will first meet Garreth. The player will be asked to steal a Fwooper Feather for Garreth at this point.

However, Garreth is a pivotal character in the sidequest "Dissending for Sweets," so players won't be meeting him for the last time.

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How to begin Hogwarts Legacy Dissending for Sweets

Well, the very first step to begin your Hogwarts Legacy Dissending for Sweets quest is to find its map. You must go to the Hogsmeade cemetery, which is just north of the settlement, to begin the Dissending for Sweets quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Players must retrieve Dried Billywig Stings from Honeydukes' Cellar in order to complete the side mission Dissending for Sweets in Hogwarts Legacy.

Players must take their first Potions class with Professor Sharp in order for the spell "Dissending for Sweets" to appear. After that, Garreth will ultimately show up with a mission symbol in the Great Hall.

Garreth will ask the player to take some Billywig stings from Honeydukes in Hogsmeade and will provide directions to a covert door that will allow them to reach the store's basement unnoticed.

The One-Eyed Witch Statue near the Grand Staircase is the next location students must visit using their map. To access a dungeon with some puzzles and treasure chests, simply engage with the statue.

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How to reach Hogwarts Legacy Dissending for Sweets quest dungeon

Fortunately, the Dissending for Sweets quest is fairly straightforward once you've solved the map.

In order to find the treasure and clear the dungeon, you must either comprehend the map or take the following actions:

  1. Find the statue of the one-eyed witch at the Grand Staircase in order to get there.
  2. To start a cutscene and teleport inside the hidden passageway leading to Honeydukes' Cellar, interact with the statue.
  3. To repair the broken lift, use Reparo.
  4. After descending, grab the chest from beneath the lift.
  5. Proceed through the passageway.
  6. Burn the spiders' webs on your path by casting Incendio.
  7. Players must return to the platform and cast Levioso on it after taking the stowed chest out of storage. It will become levitated and climbable as a result.
  8. Players will have the choice to keep going or turn around to investigate the cave below once they reach the edge.

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Players that keep going will reach the main route of their mission, where they must determine how to pass through to the other side.

  1. Take the left-hand path down at the split in the trail to find a chest and some potion components.
  2. Next, ascend once more to the split and turn right. For a second platform to jump across the opening and continue, use Levioso to raise it.
  3. The next Levioso platform that students will encounter is broken, therefore you will need to use Repairo to mend it once more before using Levioso to elevate it into position.
  4. In order to advance, players should come across cobwebs that can be burned with Incendio or Confringo.
  5. The next broken platform will require Repairo from the players to be fixed. To fully raise in place, you must however additionally use Accio on the locking mechanism. Finally, raise it using Levioso in a manner identical to before.
  6. The dungeon's end features a pressure mechanism, two torches, and a closed door. The entrance to Honeydukes' cellar will open if you stand on the mechanism and light the two lamps with Incendio or Confringo.
  7. Simply proceed through the cellar from here to where the Billywig stings are seated at a table.
  8. To finish the mission, either go back through the dungeon or simply fly back to Garreth with a Floo Flame.
  9. In Hogwarts Legacy, speak with Garreth Weasley.

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Giving Garreth the dried Billywig stings for free or charging a fee will finish the Hogwarts Legacy Dissending for Sweets quest. Garreth makes a promise to the players at the end of the mission to make them among the first to try his Fizzing-Whiz Beer in Hogwarts Legacy.

The prizes for completing the Dissending for Sweets quest in Hogwarts Legacy include:

  • Gold
  • 180 XP
  • Conjuration Spellcraft

Yes, this exciting and thrilling travel will give you both a beautiful view and a useful cosmetic item.

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