Rainbow Six Operation Commanding Force - Y8S1 operator, release date, leaks

Rainbow Six Operation Commanding Force has been announced as the Year 8 Season 1 operation, and we already have a few leaks on the operator, keyboard and mouse issue, and much more.

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Rainbow Six Operation Commanding Force

For Rainbow Six Siege fans, the most recent update brought a new operator, a little amount of map change, exciting gameplay, and much more. A new Solar Raid operation, which involves another Rainbow Six Siege operator, Solis - a Colombia Attacker, is now available to players.

However, the players will soon be finished with Operation Solar Raid and will be able to explore a new update. And additional information concerning the Rainbow Six Y8S1 operation, operator, elite, and more have been leaked by leakers.

There will be a new Operator, a combat pass, and cosmetics, as is customary. According to leaked information, players will get a reload on the weapons along with quality-of-life improvements as promised in the roadmap.

So, let's dive into the specifics of this new "Rainbow Six Y8S1" upgrade - Rainbow Six Operation Commanding Force.

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Rainbow Six Operation Commanding Force - Y8S1 leaks

With Solis, the ADS improvements, and more, Operation Solar Raid completed Rainbow Six Year 7 in style. Now the next season, Rainbow Six Y8S1 Operation Commanding Force will keep the game continued.

Earlier the Rainbow Six update was rumored to be called Operation Commanding Force, which will include a new operator and several major components that were teased at the start of 2023. And now Ubisoft has officially announced the Rainbow Six Operation Commanding Force as Year 8 Season 1 operation.

Ubisoft has promised that the entire unveiling of the Y8S1 Operation Commanding Force will happen during the Siege Invitational 2023. Now the Siege Invitational 2023 will end on February 18th.

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Here's all we know so far about the new Brazil Operator, adjustments to the quality of life, and more.

Rainbow Six Operation Commanding Force Operator

The leakers have gradually been revealing insights regarding the Rainbow Six Y8S1 operator. The name of the next Seige operator is yet to be leaked, however, we do have some leaks on its appearance, nation, and more.

A well-known data miner named Lungu posted an exciting image R6 Y8S1 operator on his Telegram channel. Well, it was actually a prize charm from Rainbow Six Siege from November 2022 that may have given some insight into the history of the Year 8 Season 1 operator.

The charm bears the marking Y8S1 and is decorated with South American design elements, Brazilian colors, and the Brazilian flag. It's important to note that this isn't currently the first charm pertaining to Brazil.

The fact that something similar has happened before renders this information credible as Ubisoft also hinted about the charm's Colombian flag introduction during the Y7S4 broadcast.

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Now fast forward to February 2023 another element concerning the next operator in Rainbow Six: Siege was uncovered by dataminer Lingu. He revealed on Telegram that the future R6: Siege Y8S1 operator will be an attacker who is female.

The concept image that was also displayed by Ubisoft earlier was posted by Lingu, where the blue tint that the developers had applied in the teaser animation was erased.

Despite the fact that Rainbow Six Siege has previously had a range of Drone and intelligence Operators, the forthcoming Season is anticipated to feature the introduction of another Attacker who might bring a drone to the table. The teaser depicted an armored drone with a camera and perhaps a mini-missile launcher attached to it.

Even though we don't yet know much about it, we can tell that it's some kind of remote-controlled drones, like Flores' Ratero drone. However, it doesn't appear like the bomb will detonate; rather, as many fans have proposed, it might be a projectile-catching device for the attacking team.

Due to the last patch's significant reduction to Twitch's weaponry, the forthcoming Operator may serve as a replacement. All things considered, there's a possibility that the Rainbow Six Siege Sens operator will have a weapon like no other as the next Operation is called R6 Y8S1 Commanding Force.

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Rainbow Six Operation Commanding Force release date

Ubisoft releases all-new Rainbow Six substances at their esports majors, so more details will be released during the Siege Invitational 2023 on February 18th, so be sure to watch it live on twitch.tv/rainbow6 where players will bet a significant look at R6 Operation Commanding Force.

Rainbow Six Operation Commanding Force release date has not been announced up until now. Nonetheless, given Ubisoft drops its new season substance at regular intervals of 3 months, players can anticipate that the next R6 Commanding Force will hit live servers somewhere around March 2023.

Rainbow Six Operation Commanding Force - Upcoming content

Operation Commanding Force is the name of the upcoming Season in Siege, according to Ubisoft's official announcement. This is an unusual way to name a Season in Siege. However, fans are ecstatic to receive the first significant update of the year with a brand-new Operation on social media.

Ubisoft has promised console players "something major" to be revealed during the Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 Livestream on February 18, 2023, in addition to the new Year 8 Season 1 (Y8S1) content.

The console version of Rainbow Six Siege may finally be addressing keyboard-and-mouse (KBM) supremacy, according to a teaser that shows a danger notice next to a computer mouse symbol.

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Despite the fact that Rainbow Six Siege does not support cross-play between its PC and console versions, some players have been employing input translation devices, such as the infamous XIM adapter, to play the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game with KBM controls.

This leads to what many consider to be an unfair edge in the game's FPS combat, yet up until now, these exploits have gone unchecked.

Console users will be happy to hear that the MnK issue will finally receive some attention from Rainbow Six Siege developers. Years have passed since this problem first appeared, and it appears that Year 8 may finally bring about a resolution.

Also, Ubisoft is planning immersive reload, anti-cheat mousetrap, anti-toxicity, balancing changes, and more for R6 Y8S1 reveal.

A roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege's Year 8 Operations has not yet been made public by Ubisoft. On February 19, during the Siege Invitational 2023, the development team will presumably make all the essential announcements regarding the following Season.

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This was everything about the Rainbow Six Y8S1 Operation Commanding Force, its operator, release date, upcoming content, and leaks. We will keep refreshing the article with new info, whenever we get any.

However, it is suggested to wait for Ubisoft to make the official announcement soon so that R6 Y7S2 leaks can be proven right or wrong and fans get to know the confirmed news on Rainbow Six Siege Commanding Force and the Y8S1 operator.

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