Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest - how to start, defeat Rookwood, and find treasures

Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest can be challenging for some, and hence we have a guide for you to find both Wand Mastery quest location and its treasure.

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Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest

On February 10, the open-world role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy was launched for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Later this year, the game will also be released on last-gen platforms and the Nintendo Switch.

The Deluxe Edition, on the other hand, began offering early access on February 7. And the open-world Harry Potter RPG has now overtaken other games on Twitch in terms of popularity since its release.

Players can stroll about the Hogwarts castle and its enchanted surroundings in the game. The setting itself, though, which is just jam-packed with almost everything one would want in a Potter game and more, is even better. Players will find themselves exploring the stone-cobbled corridors and hidden passageways of Hogwarts, riding a broomstick through the Forbidden Forest, and venturing into pitch-black caverns illuminated only by the glow of your Lumos spell.

Hogwarts Legacy also has a tonne of quests, collectibles, and activities for new fifth-year students to complete as they explore the wizarding world. One of them asks you to engage in a dramatic clash as part of the Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest.

Wand Mastery quest in Hogwarts Legacy can be a little challenging, but as you figure out the map and defeat opponents, it gets quite easy. Below we have detailed the Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest route and how to find the treasure.

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Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest

The exploring aspect of Hogwarts Legacy is its primary experience, and it is intriguing to find new ways to engage with the exquisitely designed setting as you play.

One of the primary objectives is the Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest, where you meet with Ollivander to create the Keepers' Wand and engage Rookwood in a titanic struggle of the fates.

Mr. Ollivander was able to create the Keepers' wand using the artifacts found above the Pensieves in the Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest. But as soon as they leave the wand store, Rookwood ambushes them and demands that they turn up the wand. When you refuse, his lot transports you to an isolated area where they make an effort to take it from you violently.

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How to begin Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery

It is advised to begin this Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest after completing all of the Keepers' trials. You can proceed to the last reservoir of old magic after completing all of the Keepers' trials, but in order to do so, you must have Ollivander create a unique wand.

Also, achieving level 24 is important because there are numerous foes in this quest. The protagonist's primary goal here is to get to defeat Victor Rookwood and secure the wand.

Well, let's first go through the objectives of the Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest before we get to the detailed walkthrough of it.

  • Consult with Gerbold Ollivander
  • Defend Yourself from Rookwood’s Lot
  • Defeat Victor Rookwood

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How to complete Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery

After finishing Sam Bakar's Trial, the player must face Victor Rookwood one last time in Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery. The game can only be finished by finishing all of the main quests, which are required quests that explain the primary plot.

You must either understand the map or do the following steps in order to find the treasure and defeat Victor Rookwood:

Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery - Consult with Gerbold Ollivander

  • To begin the Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery quest, warp to South Hogsmeade in Hogsmeade and stand in front of Ollivander's Wand Shop.
  • Ask Gerbold to make the Keepers Wand by speaking with him. Victor Rookwood will meet you outside as you leave with the wand after he does so in a little cutscene.
  • You decline his appeal for a partnership to prevent the Goblins from succeeding. One of Rookwood's lackeys grabs you and Apparates away before you can do anything else.

Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery - Defend Yourself from Rookwood’s Lot

  • You will encounter a wave of enemies in the arena to where you are transferred, including different Ashwinder and Poacher foes. Protego/Stupefy should be used wisely to keep progressing and get rid of them all.
  • As soon as you do, Rookwood will show up and start a wand battle. To win, you'll need to rapidly and frequently press the button prompt displayed on the screen.

Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery - Defeat Victor Rookwood

  • He will shortly go once more as more Ashwinder and Poacher foes show up, while Rookwood will also be present throughout this second phase.
  • The only ways to destroy Rookwood's shield charm are Ancient Magic, Ancient Magic Throws, or the Protego/Stupefy combination. This is because the shield charm does not depend on any specific sort of Spell.
  • Do Rookwood as much damage as you can when it is shattered, then repeat the process until he is vanquished, starting a new wand beam battle.
  • You'll need to press a further button after that to erase him from existence.
  • You must go back to the Map Chamber and inform Professor Fig of your victory after Rookwood has vanished and the Keepers' Wand has been secured.

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Well, with this, you have completed Hogwarts Legacy's Final Repository main mission.

The Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mastery rewards for completing the quest include:

  • 300 XP

Yes, this exciting and thrilling adventure will give you both exciting gameplay and lots of useful cosmetic items.

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