Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository quest - how to start, defeat Ranrok, and find treasures

Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository quest can be challenging for some, and hence we have a guide for you to find both The Final Repository quest location and its treasure.

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Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository quest

On February 10, the open-world role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy was launched for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Later this year, the game will also be released on last-gen platforms and the Nintendo Switch.

The Deluxe Edition, on the other hand, began offering early access on February 7. And the open-world Harry Potter RPG has now overtaken other games on Twitch in terms of popularity since its release.

Players can stroll about the Hogwarts castle and its enchanted surroundings in the game. The setting itself, though, which is just jam-packed with almost everything one would want in a Potter game and more, is even better. Players will find themselves exploring the stone-cobbled corridors and hidden passageways of Hogwarts, riding a broomstick through the Forbidden Forest, and venturing into pitch-black caverns illuminated only by the glow of your Lumos spell.

Hogwarts Legacy also has a tonne of quests, collectibles, and activities for new fifth-year students to complete as they explore the wizarding world. One of them asks you to engage in a dramatic clash as part of the Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository quest.

The Final Repository quest in Hogwarts Legacy can be a little challenging, but as you figure out the map and defeat opponents, it gets quite easy. Below we have detailed the Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository quest route and how to find the treasure.

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Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository quest

The exploring aspect of Hogwarts Legacy is its primary experience, and it is intriguing to find new ways to engage with the exquisitely designed setting as you play.

Hogwarts Legacy players encounter difficulties as they go through their wizarding career with a fresh cast of characters, up to the Final Repository main mission. The penultimate task can be started by going to the map room at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository is the last main story quest in the game. It requires you to explore the final repository and engage Ranrok in a dramatic fight over the future of Hogwarts and the entire globe.

Professor Fig must be met by players in the chambers of the map. After chatting with him, one can continue the quest by going to the Keepers Caverns.

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How to begin Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository

It is advised to begin this Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository quest after achieving level 24 because there are numerous foes in it. The protagonist's primary goal here is to get to the repository before Ranrok.

Well, let's first go through the objectives of Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository quest before we get to the detailed walkthrough of it.

  • Return to the Map Chamber
  • Talk to Professor Fig
  • Enter the Keepers' Caverns
  • Make your way to the Repository
  • Spot the goblin loyalists
  • Reach the Repository before Ranrok
  • Defeat the Loyalists and their Trolls
  • Find a path through
  • Reach the Repository before Ranrok
  • Defeat Ranrok's Loyalists
  • Reach the Repository before Ranrok
  • Defeat Ranrok

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How to complete Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository

Ranrok is set on using ancient magic, and because the goblins constructed this enormous repository, he feels entitled to own it. To meet Ranrok, you must beat all of the goblins who are devoted to him.

Victor Rookwood is now just a memory because we have the wand that was created from the Keepers' treasures. Let's meet up again in the Map Chamber with the Keepers so we can confront Ranrok.

You must either understand the map or do the following steps in order to find the treasure and defeat Ranrok:

Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository - Meet Fig in the Map Chamber

  • When you finally arrive and speak with Professor Fig in the Map Chamber, Rackham warns that you must fight the urge to either use or destroy the magic contained in the repository.
  • A door and a hidden stairway are revealed as the map embedded in the floor disappears and drops. To access the Keepers' Caverns, descend the steps and go through the door.

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Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository - The Keepers' Caverns

  • A sizable drill and a group of goblins may be seen as you move deeper into the cavern. In order to clear the way, Professor Rig will relocate the drill if you defeat them. Go straight ahead until you get to a wide area where two trolls shatter the rocks on either side of the area and barge in.
  • In this cutscene, all of the Hogwarts Legacy professors (with the exception of Professor Garlick) join the battle to vanquish them. You must keep moving while they clear the enemy out since they will aid in clearing your path to the repository. You will eventually find more goblins and trolls circling you. Up until a new cutscene starts, keep attacking them.

Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository - the Repository

  • After Professor Sharp joins you for one encounter, a cutscene will show you the Repository. Before the two Pensieve Guardians on either side of the door can strike you, use the Keepers' Wand to disarm them so that the door can open.
  • In the same sequence, you and Professor Fig arrive at the repository's grand entryway, which is manned by two imposing statues of Knights. They come closer with bad intentions, but the main character waves the Keepers' wand. This causes them to lay down their weapons and causes the Repository doors to open.
  • The conclusion of Hogwarts Legacy will depend on which of the following conversation choices you make when chatting with Professor Fig in the Repository:
  1. "I intend to keep it contained here." this will lead to a normal ending.
  2. "I intend to open it." results in an evil ending in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Whatever decision you make, Ranrok shows there with Miriam's wand and casts a spell of destruction that blows the repository wide. You trip and collapse after Fig appears to be killed by falling debris. The conflict with Ranrok starts down a little slope.

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Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository - Defeat Ranrok

  • Now Ranrok shows up to fight you. The Repository's strength enables him to change into a dragon. There are different phases to the combat, and because magical orbs surround Ranrok throughout each phase, you won't be able to directly reduce his health.
  • Targeting him initially requires matching your spells' colors to the colored orbs that surround him. This will leave him exposed, letting you inflict harm. He will move on once his initial section of health is gone. He will destroy a wall and let you move on to the next phase of the battle once you have reduced his initial section of health.
  • You'll continue to target Ranrok and destroy orbs in the following section. The sole distinction is that he will have a blast that charges swiftly and deals damage to about half of the arena.
  • When you detect this happening, take a step back. At the start of each phase, you'll also need to eliminate one additional orb in the air, and the final phase of the fight adds a third orb.
  • Ranrok descends to the ground to battle you in the last phase. He uses a charged explosion, a tiny fireball, and an ongoing fire stream as attacks. Avoid them all and focus on taking out the bright orbs first.
  • When he is susceptible to spell damage, his health bar will reappear at the top of the screen.
  • You can use whatever spell you like to take away his remaining health. Ranrok will be vanquished by you, and Professor Fig will show up to aid in sealing the old magic. He succeeds in his endeavor but ultimately dies.

Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository - Remembering Professor Fig

  • In the Great Hall, everyone is gathered while Professor Black speaks. Professor Weasley intervenes when Professor Fig is unable to finish his sentence, and after a heartfelt thank you and farewell to Professor Fig, you all raise a glass in his honor.

Well, with this, you have completed Hogwarts Legacy's Final Repository main mission.

The Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository rewards for completing the quest include:

  • The Hero of Hogwarts Achievement/Trophy
  • 260 experience (XP)

Yes, this exciting and thrilling adventure will give you both exciting gameplay and lots of useful cosmetic items.

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