PlayStation 5 wireless earbuds and headsets - PS5 Nomad and PS5 Voyager are reportedly in development

PlayStation 5 wireless earbuds and headsets or ‘PS5 Nomad and PS5 Voyager’ leaks have revealed new details on its possible release date, features, and more.

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PlayStation 5 wireless earbuds and headsets

PlayStation 5 has been an amazing advancement in Sony’s gaming technology. So much so that it has only been available in limited stock. Now, it seems that Sony themselves have something more to add to the console.

Insider Gaming’s reporter Tom Henderson has reported that Sony will be releasing new hardware related to PlayStation 5 sometime 2023 fiscal year. The rumor claims that Sony is producing both brand-new wireless headsets and PS5 wireless earbuds.

The new PlayStation 5 wireless earbuds will probably be called PS5 Nomad and PlayStation 5 wireless headsets will be known as PS5 Voyager. Check out every leak on the new "PS5 wireless earbuds and headsets" below.

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PlayStation 5 wireless earbuds - PS5 Nomad

Users are increasingly choosing wireless earphones as a convenient and portable way to listen to their music and games. Due to their accessibility and portability, products like Apple's AirPods have gained widespread acceptance.

The PlayStation 5 has been around for three years now, and throughout that time, a number of new accessories have been launched. Sony hasn't formally confirmed the existence of any new wireless earbuds or headsets to date, though.

According to reports, the PS5 earbuds, code-named "Project Nomad," will have a five-hour battery life, which puts them on par with Apple's AirPods but less than Sony's own WF-100XM3 earphones, which have a six-hour battery life.

The article also states that Project Nomad will have a charging case that can be connected to the PS5 through a USB-C cable and be used to charge the earbuds and get updates.

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PlayStation 5 wireless headsets - PS5 Voyager

Henderson said that a new PlayStation headset is also being developed by Sony in addition to the wireless earbuds for PS5.

According to the report, the new wireless headset is known as "Voyager," which is probably just another internal codename. Henderson's anonymous source claims that the new PS5 wireless headset would perform similarly to the Inzone H7 headset despite the fact that there are few details available about it.

The use of VR headsets and other quality-of-life improvements like improved controllers are just a few examples of how modern platforms are constantly introducing new ways for players to maximize their enjoyment. This newest prospective product from Sony for the PS5 would provide gamers with a cozy method to get the best experience in their games.

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PS5 wireless earbuds and headsets release date and price

The PS5 wireless earbuds will allegedly be released between April 2023 and March 2024, according to insider sources, along with a new PS5 wireless headset for the PlayStation 5, which is also expected to debut at that time.

Even though we now know when the product will be released, the price has not been decided.

The PS5's new earbuds are rumored to be part of Sony's recent push on peripherals. As just recently, there was another word regarding a new model revision for the PS5 that will include a detachable disc drive.

However, PlayStation's Wireless earbuds will blend in seamlessly with Sony's collection of add-ons designed to enhance the gameplay experience for PlayStation console users.

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