PS5 Slim - release date, features, price, detachable disc drive, more

PS5 Slim has already been released, and the new features it brings like the detachable disc drive, new chassis, and more are gaining significant attention.

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PS5 Slim - the slimmer variant of PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 has been an amazing advancement in Sony’s gaming technology. So much so that it has only been available in limited stock. Now, it seems that Sony themselves have something more to add to the console. This new hardware revision of PlayStation 5 is called PS5 Slim. Check out every new detail on "PS5 Slim" below.



On October 10, 2023, Sony revealed the new PS5 Slim, which was released in the US and the UK in November of the same year. The PS5 Slim release date is 29th November 2023 in the UK and according to Sony, the new PS5 Slim went on sale in the US in November and "will continue to roll out globally in the following months." 

The PS5 Slim Disc and Digital console, as well as the additional disc drive and vertical stand, are available for purchase in the UK from stores like Amazon, Currys, Game, and Very. Moreover, large US stores including Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart also have the new PS5 Slim console.

The new PS5 Digital Edition will cost you £390/€450/$449, while the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive will set you back £480/€550/$499 in pricing. The add-on disc drive for the PS5 Digital Edition console will set users back £100/€120/$80 if they decide to buy it later. Moreover, the new PS5 Slim can only be used in a horizontal orientation unless you wish to pay an additional £25, €30, or $30 for a vertical stand.

ps5 slim, ps5 slim release date, ps5 features, ps5 slim price, playstation 5 slim, ps5 slim detachable disc drive, ps5 new model

Sony unveiled the PS5 Slim, a new console that differs significantly from the original models. In addition to offering a substantial weight reduction of 24% for the Digital Edition and 18% for the standard PS5, these slim models also provide a 30% reduction in volume. A notable improvement over the 825GB storage capacity from the previous model, both thin designs feature a 1TB SSD. The extra internal SSD slot is probably kept by them for future growth.

With two glossy panels on top and two matte panels on the bottom, it looks a lot like the original. The new Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive is situated in the bottom left quadrant of the conventional version. A detachable panel is included with the digital-only version for potential drive attachment; installation and pairing of the drive require an internet connection.



PS5 to get a hardware update next year: Detachable disc drive and new chassis

The report by Henderson claims that this updated version of the PlayStation 5 would host a detachable disc drive and a brand-new chassis. Right now, there are two versions of the PS5 available: a full disc drive version and a digital-only version, which is diskless and cheaper.

So we can divine that this new PS5 would be called the ‘PS5 Slim,’ literally so because the physical volume of the console would decrease as the entire in-built disc drive would be trashed and an external disc drive would be added. Then the developers could do away with the gangly design that we see right now on the consoles.

It seemed that Sony got carried away with the PS5 and stuffed everything they could think of in the hardware, as the console was criticized for being much too large at the reveal and launch. However, the size would be inevitable given the heat dissipation demands of the internal elements.

We all know that the console is not meant for playing games, but also for physically keeping things on. To that effect, we sincerely hope that Sony will do away with the rounded top of the PS5 and go back to something like the flat PS4 design for our convenience.

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PS5 Slim or PS5 new model leaks

And let’s not forget the requirements of an external disc drive, namely an additional USB-C port which could also function as the input-output for the PlayStation VR2 headset.

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Current PS5 update

PS5 had a hardware revision recently. This keeps happening often, but this particular revision is interesting because of a change in the internal layout of the console. In total, the load was decreased by 300 grams, and on the Digital Edition, by 200 grams. Shocking, we know.

But on a serious note, this revision, "PS5 Slim" apparently helps Sony with the ongoing semiconductor shortages after a somewhat staggered production in the last few years. So if Sony eliminates the disc drive, they could concentrate on selling the console itself, with the disc drive being sold as a separate unit.

"PS5 Slim" Price

Surprisingly, the expected cost of this version of the PS5 should be cheaper than the earlier version. Though the price of the PS5 was increased recently, you would recall that the PS3 and PS4 Slim had a cheaper price tag. The same could be the case with the "PS5 Slim" price.

PS3’s original launch was priced at $599. The Slim version had a launch price of $299. Not that Sony would be able to go so low, but we do expect Sony to give some competition to the Xbox Series S, a console priced right now at $249. The Series S does lose some of the features of its parent Series X, like 4K capabilities and the disc drive.

Our opinion is that Sony would not compromise on the performance but would rather focus exclusively on the hardware. There will be a cost reduction in the PCIe 4.0 drives as well as the AMD parts sometime next year. Some reports claim that this new PS5 would have the same hardware as the current version does.

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So, if Sony removes the disc drive for an external option, they would be able to keep at least some of their disc sales, given that most games are still sold in a disc format at the moment. In that manner, the ‘PS5 Slim’ would be a competition for both the Xbox Series S and X.

All of this, let it be said, has some semblance to the way the Xbox 360’s HD-DVD drive would sit on top of the console or next to it, ready to fall to the floor and shatter as your sibling accidentally brushes against it.

"PS5 Slim" Release date

Henderson says September 2023 be the potential release date of the ‘PS5 Slim.’ PS5 launched in 2020, and if Henderson is right, then this would be in line with the console release history.

The PS4 Slim and PS3 Slim were both launched three years after the launch of their predecessor. PS2 Slim, however, was launched after 4 years after the original, and PS One was launched after six years. Varying statistics. You decide for yourself.

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