Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 - release date, new agent 22, next map, leaks, more

Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 is quite close to its release, and we have collected all the info available now about the upcoming update.

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Valorant Episode 6 Act 2

When Riot Games first launched the beta version of their free-to-play first-person hero shooter video game Valorant in 2020, it went on to amass the second most concurrent viewers for any game ever on Twitch, with 1.73 million viewers tuning in across dozens of streams. Since then, it has been on the path to success, with Riot Games pumping out new content every now and then.

Valorant is now in its fourth year of operation, having been launched in 2019. Valorant came with four maps and ten Agents in the beta edition and now due to its great success, it has twenty Agents and nine maps by 2023. Of course, there are all of Valorant's battle passes, skin bundles, and game modes to consider.

Now coming to the new update in the game, Act 2 of Episode 6 will be the next Valorant episode having a new Agent and new map.

With Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 we got a new map - Lotus, along with a Valorant Araxys skin bundle, a new battle pass, and a few balance changes. However, the update did not have any new Agent but it is likely that with Valorant Episode 6 Act 2, both a new Agent and new elements will be added to the game.

Let's head over to all the Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 details, including its release date, new agent, map, and more.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 release date

Ignoring any delays, March 7, 2023, will be the possible Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 release date. This release date is can be deduced from the fact that Riot Games has always been consistent with new content for this game and the Episode 6 Act 1 battle pass ends a day before, that is March 6.

As far as the content itself is concerned, the least that can be expected from Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 is a new battle pass with accompanying cosmetic rewards.

However, expecting a new skin bundle along with a new agent that is Valornat Agent 22 wouldn't be wrong as the previous update was obviously missing the latter.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 - Valorant Agent 22

Episode 4 Act 2 was the very first big Valorant update without a new Agent, however, with Episode 4 Act 3, Riot got back to normal.

But once again, we saw a major factor missing from an update in Valorant Episode 6 Act 1. But it is a sure event that Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 will bring in our next Agent 22 as Riot can not afford to release two Acts without a new Agent and the company has promised to bring a new agent in each act after Episode 4 Act 2.

Earlier, there wasn't any info on who might be the next Valorant agent coming in Episode 6 Act 2, however, that changed with recent leaks.

Our data miners have already given us the codename of the Valorant Agent 22, "SmokeDancer" which tells us something about its possible ability to counter smokes or other abilities that block a line of sight.

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There wasn't much information about the identity of the next agent in a 'State of the Agents' development update on February 20th, but we did get a few significant hints.

The statement "Beard Papi?" was mentioned at the end. Papi is a colloquial term for “daddy” in Spanish, but in many Spanish-speaking cultures, particularly in the Caribbean. Now, Caribbean counties that speak Spanish are Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. So the agent can be from one of these countries. There is a high chance that we are getting Latin origin agent.

Well, the teaser featured a lot of stuff, and another point noted by the fans was Boba Tea. It led to fans speculating that Agent 22 could be from Taiwan.

Also, the way the dev in the video described the agent, it seemed like its gonna be an initiator. He mentioned, Agent 22 will have their own way to deal with situations. New ways to check corners, get on to locations and plant the spike. He also stated "stressful" and that not every agent needs to be so aggressive.

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Moreover, Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 will have the same 50-tier battle pass, which will include sprays, skins, Radianite Points, and more. A skin bundle will most likely be released at the same time as the new Episode's release.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 skins


UPDATE: 27/02/23

Valorant Oni 2.0 Bundle Trailer

Valorant Oni 2.0 Vandal

Valorant Oni 2.0 Frenzy


The Oni 2.0 bundle, which has been accepted and is being developed, may also be included in the Valorant Ep 6 Act 2 in addition to Agent. The leaked Valo Oni 2.0 collection, as the title indicates, resembles the original Oni Bundle in appearance.

As per the fans, the new Valo Oni 2.0 skins will resemble the base model of Oni weaponry, and hence, players may expect the variants to be the same as those seen in the original Oni Bundle.

The following gun skins can be included in the Valorant Oni 2.0 bundle:

  • Vandal
  • Ares
  • Bulldog
  • Frenzy
  • Katana

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Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 map

Now, before you get all excited and start anticipating new things for the next map in the game, we would like to remind you that there is no guarantee about Valorant Map 10 release date.

As you might well be aware, we have had many leaks about the Lotus map before it got released in Episode 6 Act 1, however, we have no info on the next Valorant map.

Now, Riot has a habit of releasing a new map every Episode, like we got the Fracture map in Episode 3 Act 2, the Pearl map in Episode 5 Act 1, and the Lotus map in Episode 6 Act 1; there's little chance the developers will be able to cram in Valo Map 10 before the end of Episode 6.

all valorant maps, valorant maps, bind, haven, split, ascent, breeze, icebox, fracture
All currently available maps from the Valorant map pool

Apart from a new map, Breeze and Bind maps were also removed from the Valorant map pool ahead of Lotu's release in Valorant patch 6.0 on January 8, which makes them the second and third map to be removed from the game.

Giving the reason for the removal of the maps, the developer team said, “Please note that Breeze and Bind have now been removed from competitive and Unrated map rotation, but are still playable in all other modes.”

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Well, if Riot will continue to follow the "LUCK SEVEN" policy, then it wouldn't be wrong to expect another map to get removed when map 10 gets added. What do you think, about "which Valornat map will get removed from the game next?"

Well, with this we have come to the end of our article on the details of Valorant Episode 6 Act 2, the new Agent 22, and the possible features. We'll keep you up to date on the latest Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 news as it becomes available. So, keep visiting for more details that will be coming soon.

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