Valorant 6.03 patch notes - agent abilities changes, gameplay system and mode upgrades, bug fixes, more

Valorant 6.03 patch notes including major system gameplay changes, minor weapon upgrades, some bug fixes and more have been shared.

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Valorant 6.03 patch notes

Recently, players got a new Valorant VCT LOCK//IN skin bundle along with Patch 6.02 which additionally brought some major gameplay system updates, quality-of-life improvements, and some bug fixes in the game.

As they are moving ahead with the Episode 6 Act II release, the developers disclosed that the Valo 6.03 Patch notes are focused on a few Agent tweaks, system upgrades, and bug fixes. 

The complete VALORANT 6.03 Notes can be found below.

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Valorant 6.03 Patch - AGENT UPDATES

Beginning with their kits, Killjoy and Raze will receive some nerfs. Turret's health is being reduced by the devs from 125 to 100. Raze's Boom Bot, on the other side, is getting a nerf. The Boom Bot now lasts for only five seconds instead of its original ten.


With Chamber’s recent balance and the increased reliability of Killjoy’s Lockdown ult, she has recently sprung up as the premier Sentinel Agent in the game. When we took on systemic damage and health interactions in Patch 5.12, we decided not to reduce Killjoy’s Turret health given her place in the ecosystem at the time. Given her place today, we are making the changes below.

  • Turret (E) health decreased 125 >>> 100
    • Reducing the total health of the Turret will allow for opponents to have an easier time destroying it, particularly with weaker weapons.
  • Lockdown (X) point cost increased 7 >>> 8 
    • We’re happy with Killjoy’s Ult being powerful when opponents don’t have a plan to push or contest it, but feel the frequency is too high for the reliability it now offers.


We feel the duration of Boom Bot has led to a larger recon footprint than we felt was healthy, in regards to the ability’s secondary output. We are decreasing the amount of space the ability can cover in order to sharpen Boom Bot as a tool Raze and her team can use to follow up around angles.

  • Boom Bot (C) duration decreased 10s >>> 5s

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  • Adjusted the Firing Error graph to use worst case error represented as degrees from the aim direction. The graph now reports the worst case error degrees of a possible bullet vector—before it didn't account for the generation of the actual error vector.
  • Introduced a new setting “Operator (Hold)” which allows those of you in Toggle Mode to hold Secondary Fire to go to Level 2 zoom. (Pre-Patch 6.0 zoom behavior).
  • Restored weapon zoom to pre-Patch 6.0 behavior when transitioning from weapon equip to Zoom/Aim Down Sights.

Valorant 6.03 Patch - MODES UPDATES


    • Remember when we told you the Swiftplay Beta would end in January. We sorta lied. Everyone decided to just keep it on.

    Valorant 6.03 Patch - SOCIAL UPDATES

    • Added Real Time Text Evaluation (NA only to start) to the Agent Select screen.

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    Valorant 6.03 Patch - Bug Fixes

    • Adjusted Sage, Neon, Jett, and Yoru’s hair heights to fit within our standardized vertical range
    • AI (such as Skye’s Seekers [X]) will now travel through the crouch-only connection on Pearl near the Defender’s spawn area
    • Fixed a bug where KAY/O would sometimes be able to move after being downed during NULL/cmd (X)
    • Fixed a bug on Fracture where a player could fall off and die if two players ride the zipline at the same time. Thanks for the report on Reddit!
    • Fixed a bug where disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times in a round could cause a door on any map to incorrectly appear open or shut.
    • Fixed a bug where rapidly spamming the Marshall’s zoom button could cause the scope to get stuck cycling in and out.

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    Not only Valorant patch 6.03, but we also got info on the next Valorant PBE patches. It has been revealed that PBE invite frequency has changed. Instead of a singular invite wave going out to a small number of eligible players once every PBE patch, it will now be once every OTHER PBE patch.

    This started with the 4.10 patch, and March 10 has been announced as the date of the next invite wave/chance to join Valo Patch 6.04. However, it was additionally mentioned that this PBE schedule is subject to change depending on what type of patch is going out and it is not completely set in stone.

    Obviously, these changes seem interesting, hence, those who are early waiting to see the Valorant gameplay system changes, bug fixes, and more should hop onto the game now.

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