Pokemon Go Rising Heroes - debuts, raids, seasonal rotations, everything you should know

Pokemon Go Rising Heroes details have been revealed by the developers, and fans are quite excited to explore the new season.

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Pokemon Go Rising Heroes

On Sunday's episode of 'Pokemon Presents,' fans of the long-running monster-catching genre were treated to a slew of important announcements as the franchise celebrated its twenty-seventh anniversary.

Along with announcements like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC - The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero and the highly-anticipated features like Pokemon Sleep, and Pokemon Home, there were also reveals on Pokemon Masters EX, and the new Paradox Legendaries.

The announcement also included the next season of Pokemon, where it was revealed that players will get the Pokemon Go Rising Heroes.

Niantic and The Pokemon Company have progressively added new species to Pokemon GO since its premiere in 2016, and at the event, Niantic officially revealed that additional Legendary Pokemon will be arriving at Pokemon Go with the next Rising Heroes event.

So, let's head over to the details of Pokemon Go Rising Heroes, its release, all pokemon including wild, evolutions, and eggs, along with seasonal rotations, events, bonuses more.

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Pokemon Go Rising Heroes release date

The Rising Heroes is almost here in Pokémon Go, and with the update, players will be able to meet new Pokémon from the different areas of the game. Players will be able to accomplish numerous challenges to obtain rewards throughout the event, in addition to meeting new people from all over the world.

For all players, Season 10: Rising Heroes will begin on March 1, 2023, at 10 a.m. local time. It will last for three months, ending on June 1, 2023.

Once the new season of Pokemon Go goes live, Trainers will encounter the Pokemon mentioned below.

All Pokemon Go Rising Heroes Pokemon Debuts

With the Pokemon Go Rising Heroes, a slew of new 'mon will make their appearance in the mobile game. As of the event's start, here's a list of every new Pokemon in Pokemon Go Rising Heroes:

  • Legendary Regieleki
  • Legendary Regidrago
  • Roaming Form Gimmighoul
  • all Pokemon found in XXS and XXL sizes

Players can now obtain the Coin Bag, which increases their chances of catching Roaming Form Ghimmighoul and Ghimmighoul coins. Trainers who collect 999 Ghimmighoul coins can evolve it into the Gen 9 Pokemon Gholdengo.

Another new feature introduced was new Pokemon sizes to players. Trainers can now find Pokemon in XXS and XXL sizes, which will most likely factor into battles. For the time being, only Poochyena, Mightyena, and Mawile are available in XXS and XXL sizes, and when players break size records, a new notification message will appear.

Pokemon Go Rising Heroes Elite Raids

The not-so-popular Elite Raids with Legendary Pokemon Regieleki and Regidrago will return in Pokemon Go Rising Heroes. "Elite Raids is a difficult type of Raid Battle that Trainers face in person," according to the Pokemon Go official website.

It has been confirmed that the only way to encounter these Legendaries this season will be through Elite Raids. Remember that Elite Raids can only be completed in person, so Remote Raid Passes are ineffective.

In Pokemon Go Season 10, Elite Raids will be available to players on March 11 and April 9.

Additionally, the Pokemon coming in 5-Star and Mega Raids for March included:

  • March 1 – 8: Incarnate Forme Tornadus and Mega Charizard Y
  • March 8 – 21: Ho-Oh and Mega Medicham
  • Marc 21 – 28: Incarnate Forme Thundurus and Mega Venusaur
  • March 29: Lugia Raid Hour
  • March 28 – April 10: Mega Alakazam

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Pokemon Go Rising Heroes seasonal rotations

Different Pokémon will come in different regions throughout the world as the Season changes, implying various Pokemon will only be caught in specific types of locales and areas.

In the wild, several Pokémon will arrive, so the Pokemon Go Rising Heroes seasonal rotations include:

City-exclusive Pokemon

Forest-exclusive Pokemon

Mountain-exclusive Pokemon

Beach and water-exclusive Pokemon

Northern Hemisphere-exclusive Pokemon

Southern Hemisphere-exclusive Pokemon
























Hisuian Qwilfish



















Pokemon Go Rising Heroes Eggs

With the start of the new Go season comes a fresh round of Egg hatches, featuring Gen 7 starters and Baby Pokemon. This Season, the following Pokémon will hatch from eggs!












5km Adventure Sync











10km Adventure Sync







Hisuian Growlithe

Hisuian Voltorb

Hisuian Qwilfish

Hisuian Sneasel

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Pokemon Go Rising Heroes events

There will be many events for players to partake in throughout the Rising Heroes, with rewards for their efforts.

The Catch Mastery event is ongoing for the first week to commemorate the release of Season 10, with some other events like Community Day, and Festival of Colors on the way. Below is the list of Pokemon Go Rising Heroes events

  • Catch Mastery
  • Festival of Colors from March 8th to March 17
  • March Community Day on March 18
  • An Everyday Hero + Team Go Rocket Takeover from March 21 to March 29
  • GO Battle League

Pokemon Go Rising Heroes - Catch Mastery event

From 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 5th, 2023, through 8:00 p.m. local time, players can participate in the Pokemon Go Catch Mastery event.

The following Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild to celebrate the start of the new season:

  • Hitmonlee
  • Hitmonchan

You might come upon a Shiny one too if you're lucky!

The following Pokemon may hatch from 7km eggs collected during the event:

  • Tyrogue

From March 5 at 10 a.m. local time through 8 p.m. local time, this 'mon can be found completing Field Research tasks:

  • Hitmontop

If you’re lucky, you may encounter a Shiny one!

There will be given timed research that focuses on your Pokeball throwing accuracy. Trainers will be able to encounter 40 Hitmontop by completing 10 sets of research tasks.

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Pokemon Go Rising Heroes Community Day Schedule

We don't yet know who the Pokemon Go Rising Heroes Community Day headliner Pokemon are, but we do know when they'll appear.

Make a note of it on your calendar! Community Day events for Season 10: Rising Heroes will take place on the following dates:

  • March 18 – March Community Day 2023
  • April 15 – April Community Day 2023 Day
  • April 29 – April Community Day Classic 2023
  • May 25 – May Community Day 2023

Pokemon Go Rising Heroes - Go Battle League

This season of the GO Battle League will be tranquil and enjoyable! This Season will provide a unique suite of possibilities for Trainers new and experienced to participate, whether it's your first time trying out battling or you're already a seasoned veteran.

The Pokemon Go Rising Heroes Go Battle League will run from March 1 till June 9. The following is the complete tentative Go Rising Heroes Go Battle League schedule:

  • Great League / Fantasy Cup: Ultra League Edition - March 1 to March 8
  • Great League / Color Cup: Great League Edition - March 8 to March 15
  • Ultra League / Psychic Cup: Great League Edition - March 15 to March 22
  • Ultra League / Mountain Cup: Great League Edition - March 22 to March 29
  • Master League / Little Cup - March 29 to April 5
  • Master League / Spring Cup: Great League Edition - April 5 to April 12
  • Great League, Ultra League, Master League / Evolution Cup: Great League Edition - April 12 to April 19
  • Great League / Weather Cup: Ultra League Edition - April 19 to April 26
  • Great League / Master Premier Cup - April 26 to May 3
  • Ultra League / Little Cup - May 3 to May 10
  • Ultra League / Sunshine Cup: Great League Edition - May 10 to May 17
  • Master League / Element Cup: Little Edition - May 17 to May 24
  • Master League / Catch Cup: Rising Heroes Edition - May 24 to June 1

GO Battle Days will take place on the following days:

  • Palmer - March 25
  • Mega Stardust Surprise - May 14

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Pokemon Go Rising Heroes Researches

During Pokemon Go Season 10: Rising Heroes, a season-long ticketed Willow's Wardrobe Timed Research quest will be available for purchase from the in-game shop.

Trainers who complete this Pokemon Go Rising Heroes Special Research will be able to unlock a new Professor Willow-inspired costume. It will also bring you face-to-face with a Melmetal who knows the Charged Attack Double Iron Bash! In the future, Melmetal will be able to learn Double Iron Bash with an Elite Charged TM.

To access all rewards, Timed Research must be completed by June 1, 2023.

Players will be able to purchase the Tickets for the end-of-Season research in the shop for US$4.99 or the equivalent in your local currency.

There is no time restriction for completing the research; however, you must collect it within the timeframe or you will be locked out.

Pokemon Go Rising Heroes Bonuses

Along with all the events, Pokemon, and raids, Trainer will have some special Pokemon Go Rising Heroes bonuses. The following benefits will be active throughout the Rising Heroes Season:

  • Increased damage dealt by Pokémon participating in raids remotely.
  • Team GO Rocket will appear more frequently at PokéStops.
  • Extra Stardust earned from Team Go Rocket encounters.

This was everything revealed about Pokemon Go Rising Heroes, its release, all pokemon, seasonal rotations, events, bonuses, and more. Keep visiting for more details that will be coming soon.

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