Rainbow Six Y8S1.2 patch notes - operator balancing, weapon balancing, bug fixes, and more

Rainbow Six Y8S1.2 patch notes have been shared by the developers, revealing the info on gameplay, operator balancing, and much more.

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Rainbow Six Y8S1.2 patch notes

Over the weekend, Ubisoft released information about what will be included in Year 8 Season 1 of Rainbow Six Siege. The new season, dubbed Commanding Force introduced a new operator, gameplay upgrades, and lots of system adjustments.

The Y8S1 Operation Commanding Force for Rainbow Six Siege was released about 20 days ago, and the creators are still monitoring the operators to make sure they are correctly balanced in terms of strength and pick rate.

Tachanka's weapon will receive some significant improvements as a result of the latest R6 Y8S1.2 patch, while his main gadget, the Shumikha Launcher, will undergo some alterations. In addition, the 1.5x scopes will be distributed differently with the Y8S1.2 patch.

The majority of new improvements, including the fixes of many of the flaws and connectivity problems that have plagued the new season, have already been made known by Ubisoft from the Y8S1.2 Designer's Notes.

Here are the whole Rainbow Six Y8S1.2 patch notes, which include various operator balancing, gameplay balancing, bug fixes, and more.

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Rainbow Six Y8S1.2 patch notes - Operator balancing


    • Duration: Increased to 11s (from 9).
  • The Smoke Dart and Smoke Grenade both share the same visuals and utility therefore it’s only natural to normalize the duration across the board.


  • 9X19VSN
    • Sights: Removed 1.5x.
  • Kapkan has a highly lethal kit. It gives him a variety of different ways to kill his enemies. By removing the 1.5x sight from his weapon, he will need to be more careful with direct engagements and rely a bit more on his utility.


  • T-5
    • Sights: Removed 1.5x.
  • Oryx’s popularity has increased season over season. Players are enjoying his ability to rotate faster than any other defender and surprise attackers. Since the change of his primary weapon, his presence has increased more than 25% and his KD is one of the highest at the moment.
  • The addition of the 1.5x sight to Oryx’s kit brought attention to him. The T-5 with this sight is an extremely powerful combination (which is why we took it away from Lesion back in Y5S4). So now that players have realized the potential of Oryx’s abilities, we’ll be removing the sight.


  • MP5K
    • Sights: Add 1.5x.
  • Last year, Wamai was hit twice in a row. First by removing the 1.5x from the MP5K and then by increasing the recoil of the AUG. The combination of these two changes have caused his win delta to suffer more than we anticipated, so he will recover the sight.


    • Ammunition: Increased to 20 projectiles (from 14).
    • Magazine size: Reduced to 5 (from 7).
  • 9X19VSN
    • Sights: Added 1.5x and 2.0x.
  • Having a launcher equipped as a defender is dangerous, as it can leave you exposed to a rushing attacker. but we still believe that launchers can be viable on defense, so we will continue exploring ways to find their fit in the game.

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Rainbow Six Y7S3.3 patch notes - Weapon Balancing


    • Damage bonus: Reduced to 12% (from 15%).
  • The initial reaction to the Extended Barrel rework was like that of the Silencer, in that it was the potential dawn of a new meta. It is easier to see the benefit of a flat damage increase with the Extended Barrel versus gaining a perk while leaving damage untouched as with the Silencer.

According to the creators, a new change's pick rate typically rises initially due to novelty before beginning to decline when enough time has passed for players to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Although this evolution largely holds true for high ranks, it hasn't been the case for lower ranks, where we have observed a steady increase in the presence of attachment.

Veteran players often assess a new attachment's value based on their own playing style, although the majority of players view the damage buff as a helpful tool to always have. Instead, we prefer that choosing an attachment be a deliberate action.

The blog post read: "We’ve been happy with the effect the Extended Barrel’s adjustments have had on the game, but we will reduce the damage bonus to make the decision to use it a bit tougher."

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A number of well-known Operators will undergo significant adjustments in Season 1 of Rainbow Six Siege Year 8, along with other improvements to recoil. Hence, the most recent upgrade looks quite promising. On March 29, be sure to verify these changes on game consoles for yourself.

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