Resident Evil 4 Remake - Chapter 1: The Village walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 1 takes players to the village where Leon faces an onslaught of deadly enemies and bloodthirsty villagers head-on.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 1: The Village walkthrough

Now available, Capcom's remake of Resident Evil 4 allows gamers to relive the chills and spooks that made the 2005 original such a classic.

Resident Evil 4 Remake will have a number of new locales, enemies, items, and features like a parry and stealth mechanics, even though it follows the same plot of Leon's search for the President of the United States missing daughter.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake chapters are much more dispersed than they were in the original.

Set in a rural Spanish village, Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 1 offers players a terrifying new world filled with religious prejudice and parasitic viruses.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 1 Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 1 Summary reveals: Agent Leon S. Kennedy recalls the events that transpired on September 30th, 1998, the night the T-Virus was released onto the world. Leon travels to a rural mountainous region in Spain to find Ashley Graham.

Players will go to 4 different locations and fulfill five major objectives in Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 1.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 1 locations

  • Hunter's Lodge
  • Village Square
  • Farm
  • Lakeside Settlement

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 1 objectives

  • See what's taking so long
  • Escape from the Hunter's Lodge
  • Head for the Lake
  • Fight them off
  • Head for the Lake

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Let's get into our Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 1 walkthrough now.

  • RE 4 Remake Chapter 1: See what's taking so long

The Resident Evil 4 Remake game begins with you being dropped down a narrow, muddy path after a lengthy opening cutscene. Follow the trail till you reach a gate with a nearby deer carcass while getting comfortable with the movement controls.

Go beneath the barbed wires to enter the garden of the house where the path leads after finding it. Check the first room you come to within the house after entering the hallway. You'll discover a Crude Charm with text on the back of it. Go through the writing to get a file.

Leave the room and enter the hallway around the back. Enter the other door on your right after noticing that the blood-spattered wall in front of you is locked.

Get the Hunter's Lodge Key from next to the dead villager's body, then check the Officer's Badge on the floor by the door before leaving the space. As you regain control, weapons will now be available. Try to save your ammunition for now since you just have a knife and a handgun with exactly 10 bullets.

Use the Hunter's Lodge Key to return to the earlier-marked door and open it. The officer's body is in the room on the other side of the basement stairs once you travel there.

  • RE 4 Remake Chapter 1: Escape from the Hunter's Lodge

The villagers, or Ganado, will attack you as you approach the stairs, so return to the previous room and get your handgun ready. When shooting his head or legs, keep your distance and quickly turn when he approaches to avoid being seized.

To sneak past the Ganados, go back to the hallway close to the first room and move while crouching. To access the previously concealed area with a staircase, turn right.

Go up to the second floor after obtaining a Green Herb from the cabinet in front of you. Then for the next cutscene, enter the room.

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  • RE 4 Remake Chapter 1: Head for the Lake

To locate a cabin, continue on the trail and cross the bridge. You can get some handgun ammunition by interacting with the barrel outdoors. If you require healing or ammunition, keep an eye out for these taped containers (often barrels or boxes). Within, there is a typewriter that you can utilize for preserving your progress.

To access the opposite side of the room, go into the next room. Continue traveling in the direction of the abandoned cabin with the dead wolf outside. Return to the main path through the downed tree after searching the cabin's drawer for additional handgun ammo.

You will be attacked by two locals as you approach the vehicle. Find a little cabin up the winding trail after you remove them. There will be a villager standing by the entryway. You might attempt to draw him out for a clear shot or get ready to block his blow with your knife. The Red Herb, which you can combine with a Green Herb to restore your health to full, is one of the things within. Take them.

The gate leading into the Village Square is near the end of the trail. It is advised to go down the route on your left and tiptoe around until you get to the house east of the region.

While squatting, hug the village's northern boundary. Keep traveling east, grab the Green Herb by the logs, then use a stealthy knife attack to eliminate the villager who is forking. As soon as you are behind the two-story house, dash to the front door to get the following objective while informing everyone in the community.

Because some of the villagers are gathered in the center, it is hard to wipe out the entire region covertly. Keep in mind that you won't advance to the subsequent objective until the people are aware of your arrival.

  • RE 4 Remake Chapter 1: Fight them off

Soon after the cutscene gets over, turn around and move the cabinet next to the window to block it. While you rob the house, this will temporarily stop the villagers from attacking. Take the ammunition, supplies, and First Aid Spray from the back. Get the W-870 and the Hand Grenade by running to the second floor. You can defeat the Chainsaw Man using this.

To prevent other people from getting inside, run around to the opposite side of the room and knock the ladder down. This is only to give you more time to get ready since they will come again soon. You have to survive here for at least 3 and a half minutes.

Don't freak out and quickly arm the shotgun as the Chainsaw Man enters the house. Shoot him in the head with your shotgun and try to stagger him. This will allow you the opportunity to tackle him and surrounding targets with a melee attack that deals heavy damage.

You can also deflect his chainsaw if your knife still has some durability if you want to avoid dying right away.

If the area becomes too congested, run around the rooftop to the east and jump out the window close to the cabinet where you found the hand grenade. By using grenades and melee combat to keep them at bay, you can draw them to the location.

Try to save your remaining ammunition by blasting their head till they are knocked out and available for a melee attack since you just have your handgun with you. The Chainsaw Man can also do this, although it will take considerably longer because of his durability. The people will enter a spell and stop fighting when the church bells ring.

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  • RE 4 Remake Chapter 1: Head for the Lake

You are now free to wander the village because the people have barricaded themselves inside the church. To restock ammunition, you can attempt breaking into a few of the residences.

Visit the gate that the Chainsaw Man came out of. Continue on the trail until you reach the agrarian area and the windmill.

After defeating your opponents, you can proceed to the farm area's locked gate. Enter the room on your right taking care not to set off the tripwire. As you ascend the ladder, a door with a broken cog will be visible. Use the wall opening to leave. Handle the villagers inside by crashing through the window. A Minotaur appears and destroys the barn door after you pick up the wooden cog.

The wooden cog will be on the table just behind the ladder when you have destroyed the Minotaur and the villagers. To open the gate, go back to the room with the entrance mechanism, set the cog there, and then operate the lever.

Cross the bridge after passing through. The big gate will be closed once you've gone over the bridge. To create a new path for you, turn right and interact with the trolley to push it away. Take out the Ganados in your path as you proceed down the route into the tunnel.

Enter the shed on your left after coming out of the tunnel, but take care not to set off the tripwire. You can wait till the villager charges at you and trips the tripwire on themselves to save ammunition.

Go inside one of the houses after dealing with the enemies and move the barricade out of the path by interacting with it. After that, handle the villager who is thumping on the floor, manage the door, and descend to the basement. Luis is bound as you go deeper and engage with what appears to be a moving rope.

When Mendez arrives, he'll chokeslam you into a wall. The chapter ends by injecting you with what appears to be a copy of the T-virus.

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Whether you've or you haven't played the original, Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapters all feature some exhilarating gameplay.

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