Valorant 6.04 patch notes - Gekko kit, agent and performance updates, bug fixes, more

Valorant 6.04 patch notes including minor agent and preformance updates, some bug fixes, and new Agent Gekko, and more have been shared by the devs.

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Valorant 6.04 patch notes

One of the most popular games in its genre in the entire world is Riot Games' free-to-play first-person shooter called Valorant. This game has captured the hearts of players all across the world thanks to its distinct gameplay aesthetic and the fresh material that the creators are continually adding.

Moreover, recently, players got a new Valorant Reverie skin bundle along with Patch 6.03 which additionally brought some major INITIATORS and DUELISTS Buff, minor Visual changes, and some bug fixes in the game.

Now, we will soon get the Valorant 6.04 update, however, prior to the official reveal we already got new info about the upcoming changes in the game. The new data came from the PBE site of Valorant.

Well, now new details have been shared on the game's official website. As per the info revealed, the devs are all set to bring a new Agent, major gameplay system changes, minor weapon upgrades, some bug fixes, and more to the main game.

Let's directly dwell on the details.

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Valorant 6.04 Patch Notes

We've already seen a preview of what the Valorant 6.04 patch will bring, and it appears that there will be some major changes Agents' kit.

PBE participants will get a taste of what's been cooking in the game. Players on the PBE can try out a variety of new forthcoming features, including Agent abilities, map improvements, bug patches, and more.

However, keep in mind that a few of the testing features are not a part of the officially released patches, and a similar can be the case with the Valorant 6.04 patch. Now let's have a look at what the devs have to offer with Valorant 6.04 patch notes.

As they are moving ahead with the Episode 6 Act 2 release, the developers disclosed that the Valo 6.04 Patch notes are brief this time around (only a few Agent tweaks). Additionally, Gekko, who unquestionably needs testing, will be playable in this 6.04 PBE.

The complete VALORANT 6.04 Patch Notes can be found below.

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Valorant 6.04 Patch - Agent Updates

The Valorant 6.04 patch notes indicated that the upcoming VALORANT patch will only focus on the new Agent 22, rather than providing minor Quality of Life adjustments to several agent skills.

The only significant or meta-shifting addition in this patch is the new Initator agent from Spain named Gekko, who possesses electric-based skills. The primary component of this Valorant 6.04 patch is this new agent. VALORANT 6.04 Patch Notes:

  • Gekko goes live!
    • Learn his abilities on our Agents page.
    • Watch the latest Initiator and his friends take on Los Angeles in the launch trailer.

Valorant 6.04 Patch - Performance Updates

Fixed various issues related to player performances:

  • Updated thread synchronization to reduce input latency.
  • Input latency has been improved by ~1 frame for players who meet all of the following criteria:
  • They do not have NVIDIA Reflex/AMD Anti-Lag available/enabled.
  • They have multithreaded rendering enabled.
  • They use VSYNC.

Valorant 6.04 Patch - Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug where if Sage’s Barrier Orb was damaged while fortifying, it would fortify to full health instead of going to max health minus the damage that was dealt during fortification.
    • Fixed a bug where abilities, like Sova Drone that are pushed by the Lotus doors into other players, could continue to push players even after the door stops or the players exited the doors area.
    • Fixed hitch where game mode related UI is loaded in a blocking manner on game startup.

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Valorant Agent 22 - Gekko

The announcement was made on Valorant's official Twitter account showcasing the new agent and his name, confirming his origin.

Valorant Gekko Abilities

After some small hints from the leakers, devs revealed the entire kit and the names of Valorant Gekko abilities. 

  • Gekko's Dizzy (E)

Gekko equips Dizzy and fires it to soar through the air. Dizzy charges and then unleashes plasma blasts at enemies in line of sight. Enemies hit by her plasma are blinded.

When Dizzy expires, she reverts into a dormant globule which can be picked up by Gekko for another charge after a short cooldown.

  • Gekko's Wingman (Q)

Gekko equips Wingman and fires it seeking enemies. Wingman unleashes a concussive blast toward the first enemy he sees.

Gekko can use alternate fire to send Wingman out to either defuse the Spike or plant the Spike. Gekko must have the Spike in his inventory to use Wingman as the planter. Gekko can retrieve Wingman after a short cooldown.

  • Gekko's Mosh Pit (C)

Gekko equips Mosh Pit and can throw the projectile underhand with alternate fire or throw normally using regular fire.

Mosh duplicates upon landing and explodes after a short delay across a wide area, most similar to a KAY/O grenade.

  • Gekko's Thrash (X)

Gekko equips Thrash and steers her toward the enemies. Activate to lunge and explode, which detains enemies. After Thrash expires she can be picked up to gain another charge after a short cooldown to be used once more.

Not only Valorant patch 6.04, but we also got info on the next Valorant PBE patches. It has been revealed that PBE invite frequency has changed. Instead of a singular invite wave going out to a small number of eligible players once every PBE patch, it will now be once every OTHER PBE patch.

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This started with the 4.10 patch, and it is expected the next invite wave/chance to join Valo Patch 6.05 is on March 17.

However, it was additionally mentioned that this PBE schedule is subject to change depending on what type of patch is going out and it is not completely set in stone.

Obviously, these changes seem interesting, hence, those who are early waiting to see the Valorant agent abilities changes, bug fixes, and more should hop onto the game now.

Keep visiting for more details that will be coming soon.

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