Valorant Gekko - abilities, release date, teasers, Agent 22 leaks, more

Valorant Gekko will be joining the game soon, and the devs have shared a few details about the upcoming Agent 22 coming after Episode 6 Act 2.

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Valorant Agent 22 Gekko leaks

Valorant currently has a sum of 20 Agents in the game, with Indian Controller Agent Harbor being the last Valorant Agent 21.

Players have already gotten accustomed to Valorant Agent 21 Harbor's effect and were looking forward to the arrival of the next Valorant Agent which was codenamed 'SmokeDancer'. 

There were a lot of rumors about Valorant Agent 22 and players were able to get the codename of agent 21 via ValorLeaks post as a few lines of code found in the in-game files had marked Valorant Agent 22 as SmokeDancer.

The character producer for VALORANT, John Goscicki, spoke about a variety of subjects, including the game's balance and future plans, in Riot Games' most recent "State of the Agents" video. The developer also provided information on the next VALORANT Agent 22.

However, the next character coming to Valorant soon after Episode 6 Act 2 launches is Valorant Agent Gekko and the devs have dropped several Valorant Agent 22 Gekko teasers.

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Valorant Agent 22 Gekko

Earlier today on March 3rd, the devs released a new teaser and it was confirmed that the Valorant Agent 22 will have something to do with electric ability. And, now the leaks have revealed the face of new Spanish Agent Gekko who is all set to join the crew, bringing an additional spark to the game.

Character producer for VALORANT, John Goscicki predicts that the next Valorant Agent 22 will be an initiator. Riot Games will also offer this character a warm demeanor that will help to lessen the stress of the constant battles. In comparison to most Agents in the game, VALORANT's 22nd Agent appears to be relatively youthful.

Fans received a small teaser in the State of the Agents update as well. The foot of the following agent was exposed, as usual. Although there is obviously not much to go on, it appears like Agent 22 might be accompanied by a friend when they arrive.

It will be the 22nd Agent's pet partner, the community claims. The pet will probably be utilized to cast spells resembling those of Skye and Fade.

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Valorant Agent 22 - Gekko Abilities

  • Valorant Gekko Abilities Official Reveal

After some small hints from the leakers, devs revealed the entire kit and the names of Valorant Gekko abilities. 

  • Gekko's Dizzy (E)

Gekko equips Dizzy and fires it to soar through the air. Dizzy charges and then unleashes plasma blasts at enemies in line of sight. Enemies hit by her plasma are blinded.

When Dizzy expires, she reverts into a dormant globule which can be picked up by Gekko for another charge after a short cooldown.

  • Gekko's Wingman (Q)

Gekko equips Wingman and fires it seeking enemies. Wingman unleashes a concussive blast toward the first enemy he sees.

Gekko can use alternate fire to send Wingman out to either defuse the Spike or plant the Spike. Gekko must have the Spike in his inventory to use Wingman as the planter. Gekko can retrieve Wingman after a short cooldown.

  • Gekko's Mosh Pit (C)

Gekko equips Mosh Pit and can throw the projectile underhand with alternate fire or throw normally using regular fire.

Mosh duplicates upon landing and explodes after a short delay across a wide area, most similar to a KAY/O grenade.

  • Gekko's Thrash (X)

Gekko equips Thrash and steers her toward the enemies. Activate to lunge and explode, which detains enemies. After Thrash expires she can be picked up to gain another charge after a short cooldown to be used once more.

Valorant Agent 22 Gekko release date

Valorant Agent 22 will join the current lineup with Episode 6 Act 2, according to Riot Games, but the precise dates have not been released as of writing.

Ignoring any delays, March 7th, 2023, will be the possible Valorant Agent 22 release date as Episode 6 Act 2 also releases then. This release date is can be deduced from the fact that Riot Games has always been consistent with new content for this game and the Episode 6 Act 1 battle pass ends a day before, that is March 6th.


Past Valorant Gekko Leaks 

  • Gekko abilities

We are yet to get any official information on Agent 22 - Gekko abilities, however, we can retrieve some of his abilities from the teaser that we have seen above.

Leaked Gekko Abilities include:

  • Spike Planting Buddy
  • Molly
  • Flash
  • Controllable Ultimate Ability

According to Riot Games, Initiator, Sentinel, and an unnamed third agent will play the roles of new agents starting in 2023. According to leakers, Agent 22 will be one of these initiators.

The new Valorant Agent 22, Gekko will bring its own "eclectic approach to deal with circumstances, check corners, go onto spots, plant the spike," according to John Goscicki, and this could be a hint at new spike-planting techniques and teleportation abilities of Gekko. 

However, it is important to note that Valorant Gekko abilities have not yet been clarified.

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Valorant Gekko Face leak 

Gekko was supposed to be formally revealed on March 4 during the VCT LOCK/IN finals, but this information has already been leaked hours before the event, revealing that Gekko is a small initiator from Spain.

Fans now have their first glimpse at a character thanks to leaked Gekko splash art, who appears to be the VALORANT agent of the future.

Gekko is shown in the artwork as a young adult wearing green-colored attire and sporting short, yellow-dyed hair. Also, he appears to be surrounded by a number of little creatures, however, it is unknown how they relate to him and whether or not they play a significant role in shaping his persona.

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Valorant Gekko splash art leaked early

In their reactions to the leak, various Riot Games devs expressed their disappointment that another game item had gotten out, this time in the guise of a brand-new character that had just recently been teased.

“Welp, this feels pretty bad,” tweeted VALORANT executive director Anna "Riot Super Cakes" Donlon. She stated, prior to the leaks, that the most recent Gekko teaser, which was released this morning, contained numerous Easter eggs pertaining to his character, and that she and the production team were eager to share more information about what they had been working on for what seemed to be a very long time.

Valorant Agent 22 Gekko Teasers

Till now we have got 4 teasers on Valorant Gekko that were released on Valorant's official Twitter account.

  • Valorant Gekko Teaser 1

There wasn't much information about the identity of the next agent in a 'State of the Agents' development update on February 20th, but we did get a few significant hints.

The statement "Beard Papi?" was mentioned at the end. Papi is a colloquial term for “daddy” in Spanish, but in many Spanish-speaking cultures, particularly in the Caribbean. Now, Caribbean counties that speak Spanish are Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. So the agent can be from one of these countries. There is a high chance that we are getting Latin origin agent.

Well, the teaser featured a lot of stuff, and another point noted by the fans was Boba Tea. It led to fans speculating that Agent 22 could be from Taiwan.

  • Valorant Gekko Teaser 2

Additionally, the Valorant Twitter account posted another teaser video of the Valorant Agent 22 Gekko a few days following Gosciki's announcement. a brief animation of the agent's phone notice this time. Where we can watch other Valorant agents debating if our missing character is reliable in a group discussion about his location. We can only assume that he slept in too late and missed the meeting.

  • Valorant Gekko Teaser 3

Another teaser shows Valorant Agent 22 Gekko waking up to a deluge of notifications, including messages, calls, and appointments. In addition, we got our first clear glimpse at Agent 22's buddy, who appears to be a robotic dinosaur. The original teaser image of a pair of robotic claws grabbing Agent 22's bubble tea seems to fit in with its design ethos.

  • Valorant Gekko Teaser 4

The most recent teaser also shows Agent 22 meeting the other Valorrant agents while enjoying some KBBQ and living life as usual. Agent 22 appears to be Mexican, and this is supported by the fact that he picks up tamales from his grandmother, that he eats tacos, and that Reyna, the game's other Mexican character, knows him.

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This was all the latest information about the upcoming Valorant Agent 22 Gekko. Keep visiting for more details that will be coming soon.

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