Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration skins and cosmetics coming in 2023 leaked

Doctor Who Fortnite skins could probably join the battle royale soon as suggested by recent leaks.

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Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration skins might be coming in 2023

Fans were able to acquire and dress up as their Sunset Alto and Desert Dawn Lyric as part of the Fortnite and Coachella Crossover and now once again another crossover is set to happen with Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration.

Considering the number of crossovers that Epic has been doing recently, fans can easily say, Fortnite has turned into a world where any sort of crossover can happen. The previous year, fans had the option to get their hands on Marvel and DC skins of all sorts.

However, Doctor Who showing up in Fortnite as a skin started numerous speculations.

Previously, when Fortnite and Doctor Who crossed together, Epic delivered more of a Doctor Who experiences by releasing the Doctor Who TARDIS in the game rather than just adding some new skins. A specially created island with the good doctor's well-known phone booth/time machine was accessible to players.

Now it appears that players will finally get access to Fortnite Doctor Who skins. The crossover isn't simply restricted to one skin, as it seems there is a small bunch of different cosmetics in-game as well, and there could be a couple of more skins on offer too.

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UPDATE: 17/04/23

Fortnite x Doctor Who skins and cosmetics leak

Since we posted our first findings, new information has leaked about the Fortnite x Doctor Who crossover on April 18, 2023, including the assertion that the fourteenth and fifteenth Doctors played by David Tennant and Ncuti Gatwa will be the two skins available in the item shop at the time.

According to trustworthy community leaker @iFireMonkey, the following item shop cosmetics will appear in the Fortnite x Doctor Who crossover:

  • Fourteenth Doctor skin (David Tennant)
  • Fifteenth Doctor skin (Ncuti Gatwa)
  • Tardis Glider
  • Psychic Paper Emote
  • Sonic Staff Pickaxe
  • Dalek Manipulator Arm Pickaxe


Doctor Who Fortnite skin leak

Data miner and Fortnite leaker, iFireMonkey claims that there may be plans for a Fortnite and Doctor Who collaboration.

The partnership is most likely scheduled for November, according to iFireMonkey. This is predicated on the Beep the Meep (Spray) having a lot of relation to the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special. But bear in mind that a number of variables could cause this date to alter.

It appears that there have been discussions about the topic based on the information given to the leaker/data miner.

The Doctor Who x Fortnite collab will probably last for two weeks in-game and it will have an event tab that looks similar to the ones from the "Most Wanted" and "Dragon Ball" events, as per the leaks.

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Doctor Who Fortnite Cosmetics and Rewards

It is given that similar to every collab, Doctor Who x Fortnite collaboration will also offer several cosmetics and rewards, and thanks to the leakers, we do have some idea of what to expect.

The following Fortnite Doctor Who cosmetics have been publicly confirmed as of right now:

  • 2 Skins
  • 2 Pickaxes
  • 1 Glider
  • 1 Emote

Given that Ncuti Gatwa will make his debut as the most recent regeneration and that David Tennant will make his comeback as the Doctor for the 60th anniversary, we might see variants of each actor's Outfit appear in Fortnite. Moreover, Tardis flying is the most likely argument for the Glider.

These will be available for purchase in the Item Shop with V-Bucks. However, as time goes on, this could alter. Only a few days before the launch of the Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration will the whole list of cosmetics items be revealed.

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Players that visit the Creative Map and complete the Challenges connected to the collaboration will also receive a few items in addition to cosmetics. There is no information about the map's appearance for Doctor Who Fortnite collab at this time, although UEFN will undoubtedly be used in its creation.

Players will be able to get the Beep the Meep (Spray) in addition to other rewards, and experience points can also be gained in Doctor Who Fortnite crossover.

According to reports, the Fall Guys and Doctor Who crossover was originally scheduled for October 2022, the 'Zero Point' event's plans, however, supposedly fell through.

Like the recent Dragon Ball Super cooperation, it appears like the time-traveling Doctor will be visiting Fortnite as part of a big two-week event, replete with its own event pass. So, it might get interesting for the fans of both titles.

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We will make sure to update the article with new information, however, players should think about it with a grain of salt as the leaks are always subject to change.

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