All Minecraft Legends Mounts - abilities, where to find, how to swap, and more

Each Minecraft Legends Mount has special advantages, making players want to get them all. And the guide below covers all of their abilities, where to find them, how to swap, and more.

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All Minecraft Legends Mounts

The gaming community is ecstatic that Minecraft Legends is finally available today, April 18, 2023, after months of anticipation.

Players are taken on a brand-new and thrilling adventure in an action-strategy game, where they must assume the role of a hero and battle against the Nether corruption brought on by piglins. Players will be immersed in a dangerous and rich open environment while playing the game.

To ultimately unify the Overworld and destroy the piglins in titanic battles, they must negotiate dangerous terrain, form alliances with both new and old foes, and traverse risky territory.

Another element of the game is Minecraft Legends Mounts, which aids players in exploration, combat, and even life-saving situations.

Here are all of the Minecraft Legends mounts, along with information on their abilities and locations where you can find them. Additionally, we go through how to switch or replace your mount in Minecraft Legends so you may travel the Overworld in style.

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All Minecraft Legends Mounts

There are now four mounts available in Minecraft Legends, each with distinct features and locations. Each mount has a unique ability that makes it helpful for particular game mechanics.

To help you decide when and how to utilize your animals, below are all of the Minecraft Legends Mounts:

  • Horse
  • Regal Tiger
  • Big Beak
  • Brilliant Beetle

Players can change the appearance of these creatures in one of two ways, but each mount comes with a default look. First, you may buy them straight from the marketplace store; second, you can play in the unique Lost Legends gameplay mode. Every month, new challenges are added to the Lost Legends mode, and successful players are rewarded with new styles.

Now, that you know the name, it is important to know each Minecraft Legends Mounts's abilities and locations.

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Minecraft Legends Mounts Abilities

You won't ever be without the mount you want since after you've discovered a new one, it will be waiting for you at village fountains or the Well of Fate. Check out every Minecraft Legends Mounts ability below:

  • Minecraft Legends Horse Mount

The first mount you'll be able to ride is the horse, which is your regular mount. It lacks any special abilities to aid you in combat, but its unending sprint makes it useful for scouting.

The horse mount is trustworthy and quick, and it will never back down from a fight. It has little trouble navigating any terrain, from plains to mountains.

  • Minecraft Legends Regal Tiger Mount

The Regal Tiger is the last horse, a superb improvement that is perfect for anyone looking to explore Minecraft Legends' enormous universe. The Regal Tiger is the game's fastest mount, and it will carry you wherever you need to go with no hesitation.

This purple tiger would be ideal for pursuing piglins. Although it can cover ground quickly and is the fastest mount, it can't jump as high as the others.

  • Minecraft Legends Big Beak Mount

Fall damage is bad, especially if you need to cross a vast Piglin base or the Jagged Peaks. Big Beak is the mount for you if this is your main concern. Long distances can be traversed as it glides, negating any fall damage. You will glide for a longer distance as you ascend.

This winged marvel can glide a great distance and has the biggest leap. ideal for traversing lowlands and mountains.

  • Minecraft Legends Brilliant Beetle Mount

Some areas in Minecraft Legends can be a little challenging to get to, particularly if a bridge is broken or you can't jump high enough. The Brilliant Beetle is a great mount if you're having trouble with this. It can scale cliffs and walls, enabling you to circumvent Piglin defenses or reach a new object.

The beetle is devoted, dependable, and endowed with the extraordinary capacity to climb walls and float in the wind. The fastest mount for crossing water is this one.

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Where to find Minecraft Legends mounts?

Coming to location, there is no set place to find each Minecraft Legends mount because every round features an entirely unique map. They do, however, reside in a few places, namely:

  • Horse Mount: available at the beginning of the game.
  • Regal Tiger Mount: Savanna
  • Big Beak Mount: Jagged Peaks
  • Brilliant Beetle Mount: Jungle

You will see a question mark for the mount that lives in that biome as you approach closer to the correct place. One of the mounts has been successfully located if you see a creature's face on your map.

However, not every question mark on your map denotes a new mount because they can also refer to other Overworld mysteries, such as one of the Firsts or a Power Tower.

As you get close to one of the mounts you've found, a popup describing how to switch to it will display on the screen. All players must maintain pressure on the interaction button, which is also the button used to rally their troops, however, the button will differ depending on the platform.

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How to Swap Minecraft Legends Mounts?

Do you want nothing more than to switch to a different mount in Minecraft Legends because you are sick of your current one? We'll explain how to perform a "mount swap" so that you're covered.

The blocky Overworld of Minecraft Legends contains a variety of animals that players can ride. At the beginning of the tutorial for the game, you are given the default Horse mount; however, you will thereafter need to locate and become friends with new mounts.

To switch mounts in Minecraft Legends:

  • Simply press and hold the X button on your Xbox controller
  • Or press the corresponding button on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

That's it; you've switched rides in Minecraft Legends and unlocked a new one to ride. As you continue to play the game, you'll get to acquire more mounts.

And that is all that you need to know about Minecraft Legends Mounts and their abilities.

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We'll make sure to update you with the latest info, so keep following for more Minecraft news.

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