Valorant Premier Game mode - open beta, launch date, how to join, features and rewards, more

Valorant Premier Game mode open beta launch date has been announced, and here we have shared how you can join the beta and enjoy the new competitive mode's features and rewards.

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Valorant Premier Game mode beta launch date announced

There are many different game modes available in Valorant, whether you want to play against the best of the best or just fling snowballs while skating.

Game Modes are various types of playable modes in Valorant. Most game modes fall into one of two categories: deathmatch style or plant/defuse style.

Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch are the four permanent PvP modes in Valorant. Escalation, Replication, and Snowball Fight can alternately be selected as the rotating PvP game mode.

Adding to the above, Riot Games has now confirmed Premier, a new competitive mode in Valorant that will enable players to progress "beyond Radiant" with a fresh seasonal challenge.

Riot Games just launched the Valorant Premier in Brazil to evaluate its performance. However, the devs promised to release the open beta shortly after the alpha was made available. And now that players from all around the world can enroll in the Valorant Premier Global Open Beta, the moment has finally arrived.

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What is Valorant Premier Game mode?

The Domestic Leagues will be closely connected with the new Valorant in-game tournament mode that Riot revealed earlier in 2022 for the VCT 2023 ecosystem. This feature has finally undergone alpha testing, and it will be known as Valorant Premier Game mode.

Premier, a new competitive mode in Valorant as we previously announced, will offer players a far greater level of competition than Ranked.

The purpose of Valorant Premier Game mode, according to Riot Games, is to "present an even higher goal beyond Radiant that offers the most competitive players with a rewarding challenge beyond ranked."

The Valorant Premier mode aims to give gamers an experience that is comparable to that of VCT professionals and teams. Premier was made available to a small set of players as part of the alpha test, and Riot gathered input from them before spreading it out to everyone.

Now, the Valorant Premier beta version will also be made available worldwide in Episode 6 Act 3, which will debut on April 25, according to a recent announcement by Andy Ho, the game's director.

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When will the Valorant Premier beta begin?

The Valorant Premier beta will go live worldwide on April 25, 2023, with Episode 6 Act III, according to Laura La Vito, the project's lead producer, who made the announcement on April 17. The Premier Global open beta will last for four weeks, from April 25 to May 23, 2023, as stated on their FAQ website.

The enrollment period, the weekly matches, and the playoff tournament will be the three divisions of the full duration.

The Valorant Premier weekly matches will occur from April 29 to May 20. And on May 21, the final Playoff Tournament will take place.

Because Premier's open beta is only a test version, it will run on a tighter timetable than the full version, which will be planned to "last the duration of a regular VALORANT Act."

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Valorant Premier Roadmap

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How to take part in Valorant Premier beta?

You must meet three conditions, as stated by Riot Games, in order to participate in the VALORANT Premier open beta:

  • SMS verification
  1. Click Verify in the Verify Now panel on the right of the Premier tab of the client.
  2. You have already been validated and meet all requirements to start or join a Premier team if you see a Create a Team panel on the right instead of a Verify Now button. The rest of the actions are optional.
  3. After entering your area code and phone number, enter your country code.
  4. Your account will be SMS validated after a text message with a secret code is sent to you.
  • Finishing a Ranked Placement in any Act
  1. You can easily join the Valorant Premier beta if you completed a Ranked placement in any of Acts 1-6.
  2. But this is the perfect moment to grind some Ranked placement matches if you haven't already.
  3. You can enroll in the VALORANT Premier open beta once your ranked placement matches are over.
  • A group comprising 5–7 players
  1. To form a team, you need at least 5 people.
  2. You can join other people's teams if you don't have one of your own.
  3. A maximum of 7 players may be on one team. A player can only be a part of one team at a time.

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Who can play Valorant Premier?

With Premier, you or anybody else may create a team and participate in a season of pre-arranged matches. This implies that you are free to form a team out of your friends, neighbors, or anybody you choose, and compete against some of the top teams in your area for glory.

Your team will be assigned to a division once you've assembled your lineup, and you'll compete in a persistent season that consists of a mix of weekly games and tournaments.

You might even make it into the end-of-season tournament to compete for the title of Division Champions if your squad has everything it necessary to win.

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How does Valorant Premier work?

  • A team of 5 to 7 players can be formed in Valorant Premier, or you can join one.
  • The team owner can enroll the team and choose a zone once the roster has been finalized.
  • There will be a list of 14 Zones. Based on where the players are, the team owner must pick the option that is most convenient.
  • The servers and timing will be decided by the Zone.
  • Based on the average MMR of your team's top 5 players, your team will be seeded into one of the 20 divisions after enrolling.
  • Each week, players may have up to two matches.
  • From the Team Hub, you can see the timetable and map rotation. Additionally, Team Hub has a queuing feature.
  • Your Premier Score will increase if you win each game. You will be eligible for the Playoff Tournament if your team earns a certain amount of Premier Score.
  • On the final day of the VALORANT Premier open beta, official Playoff Tournament matches are played using a map pick-and-ban system just like the pros.
  • Winners of the playoffs during the Valorant Premier open beta get a special Player Card and Title.
  • Also, a Player Card and Title are awarded to every participant in the Valorant Premier open beta who plays at least one match.

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This new Valorant competitive mode has only been available in Brazil since November and is now in its Alpha stage. This indicates that a plethora of additional features are now missing from the mode and will be added in the upcoming days.

Before the Valorant Premier mode's general release in July, Riot Games will also conduct another Premier test period. Additionally, they have stated that the Match and team history would not carry over to the Premier's final release.

Well, that is all that you need to know about the new Valorant Premier game mode, which is set to raise the standards of competitive matches.

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