League of Legends April Fools 2023 Game Mode has been leaked

League of Legends April Fools 2023 Game Mode which was previously leaked, is now being teased by the developers.

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League of Legends April Fools 2023 Game Mode

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game that does not need a powerful PC to play but can be difficult for beginners to get into because it has been around for a while.

We've all heard of League of Legends and are aware of its influence on the competitive scene, but the game's varied game types are what really make it enjoyable to play. The Standard game modes, which are always playable, and the Featured game modes, which cycle through the rotating game mode queue, are both included.

In League of Legends, the standard game modes are always accessible. The traditional 5v5 match, as well as 3v3 and ARAM (All Random All Mid) formats, are among these game modes. Then, League of Legends also offers a rotating game mode queue in addition to the conventional game modes, which contain game modes that are only playable for a brief period.

According to recent leaks, League of Legends may soon get a new April Fools' Day game mode.

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League of Legends April Fools 2023 Game Mode

League of Legends adds new game modes, skins, and other items to commemorate certain holidays throughout the year. It appears like League of Legends will celebrate April Fools' Day in 2023.

Riot Games has also hinted at the arrival of a new game mode, a 2v2v2v2 format. Although further game modes were not shown, the PBE appears to provide a sneak preview of an April Fools 2023 game mode that will be released soon.

This PBE sneak peek was displayed by SkinSpotlights showcasing a loading screen that did hint at LoL April Fools 2023 Game mode. He claims that it is marked as a tomato on the label. Additionally, the game mode appears to be an April Fools Exclusive based on a follow-up by SkinSpotlights.

Before this, we were unaware that Riot would be adding a new game mode to League of Legends as an April Fool joke. Dataminers discovered several new League of Legends items in the PBE files, though. A new game mode for League of Legends dubbed Tomato was contained in those files.

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League of Legends April Fools Game Mode teasers

Riot Games recently hinted at upcoming changes coming to League's Blind Mode that would give the game's action a funny twist by allowing players to amass hats that stack on any champion they ultimately decide to play. And, we also now have official word that something will be arriving in League of Legends on April 1.

There haven't been many specifics released, but the teaser trailer that was aired on social media today indicates that probably the LoL April Fools 2023 game mode will launch tonight at "midnight."

This mechanic might or might not affect the outcome of the game because it might just be a fun addition to the standard Summoner's Rift game. Even still, seeing a champion racing around with a huge stack of hats that reaches the sky and then launching into a team fight would be amusing to see.

The Scuttle Crab sent a distressed emote at the Vi player who was attempting to take it down as evidence that neutral objectives and towers can once again emote at champions when they are nearby.

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Other than the possibility of tossing snowballs at a scuttle crab or a theme involving minions and similar characters, not much is known. All we can say with certainty is that a new LoL game mode, which would be fantastic for gamers this year before the 2v2v2v2 mode launches, may be revealed on April 1.

April Fools' Day will also bring League of Legends new skins in addition to a brand-new game mode.

Once we got the Space Groove skins, Nasus and the other characters were placed in an outer space environment. Now it appears that the theme for this LoL April Fools 2023 skins is dogs and cats. And Kindred, Nidalee, Kled, and Yuumi's characters will all have this new skin.

LoL Cats vs Dogs Kindred and Kled skins

That's all there is to it. Everything we know about the new League of Legends April Fools game mode and the features it will have. Keep a look at it when it comes out. We'll keep you updated when more information becomes available, so stay tuned.

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