League of Legends 13.7 patch notes - champion buffs and nerfs, skins, release date, more

League of Legends 13.7 patch notes will be revealed completely in a few days, and devs have already given us a preview of what to expect next.

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League of Legends 13.7 patch notes

In the 13.6 update, Yuumi, Veigar, Zeri, and other champions received nerfs while characters like Galio, Talon, and Vayne received buffs. Dragons and several runes were nerfed also with patch 13.6, although there weren't many champion changes.

The live game is indeed progressing right now as Riot continues to fiddle with all of the significant changes in LoL patch 13.7. In patch 13.7, Riot is focusing on champions like Alistar, Azir, Annie, Lee Sin, and others. Also, before MSI 2023, the primary goal of the League of Legends patch 13.7 is to balance every lane and champion.

Check out the complete League of Legends 13.7 Patch notes below.

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League of Legends 13.7 patch notes

RiotPhroxzon, the lead designer on the LoL's Summoner Rift team gave us a sneak peek at the upcoming LoL patch 13.7 changes on March 28th. As usual, some champions will receive nerfs, while some champions' skills will also be improved by League of Legends Patch 13.7.

Riot is currently working on adjustments with MSI in mind while taking Pro Play into consideration. Because there will be numerous champion adjustments, LoL Patch 13.7 will be a larger patch. This time, Riot is aiming to disrupt the jungle meta, therefore the meta junglers are the target.

The developer said in reference to the LoL 13.7 patch, "We're 2 patches away from MSI! Meta looks close, but some adjustments. Buffs to Azir, Katarina (+nerf to DS build), and some fringe champs. Nerfs to the JG S-tier, Thresh CC chain, Zeri, and some high WR champs like Ram, and Veigar. Adjust to Kha W (nerf) vs Q evolves (buff)."

Alistar, Azir, Graves, and others are among the champions that will be buffed as part of the 13.7 update, and Annie, Lee Sin, Zeri, and others will be receiving nerfs. Moreover, several gameplay systems will receive changes with the LoL 13.7 patch.

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League of Legends patch 13.7 Champions buffs and nerfs

As was already mentioned, the forthcoming patch includes a number of champion buffs and nerfs, and this time around, a few champions are at the top of the list. Now let's look at the champion buffs introduced in League of Legends patch 13.7.

LoL Patch 13.7 Champion buffs:

After Patch 13.6, the game's balance was significantly improved. Other noteworthy changes included medium-sized champion buffs and nerf, nerfs to runes and dragons, and the addition of Vayne's adjustments in the 13.6 patch.

Even though only six champions are anticipated to receive direct buffs in League of Legends Patch 13.7, there is still a chance that the meta will change considering how intently Riot is working on each lane.

The champions receiving LoL Patch 13.7 buffs are:

  • Alistar
  1. Base Stats:
    1. Armor: 44 ⇒ 47.
    2. Base Health: 670 ⇒ 685.
  • Azir
  1. Base Stats
    1. Base armor increased 19 ⇒ 22
    2. Attack speed per level increased 5% ⇒ 6%
  2. P – Shurima’s Legacy buffs:
    1. Duration increased 30 ⇒ 45 seconds
    2. Summon range increased 500 ⇒ 700
  3. Q – Conquering Sands nerfs:
    1. Mana cost increased 65/70/75/80/85 ⇒ 70/80/90/100/110
    2. Stab range reduced 370 ⇒ 325
  4. W – Arise! adjustments:
    1. Mana cost reduced 40 flat ⇒ 40/35/30/25/20
    2. Damage adjusted 0-110 (based on level) (+50/60/70/80/90) ⇒ 0-92 (based on level) (+50/67/84/101/118)
  • Graves
  1. Passive Critical Chance Bonus: 20% ⇒ 30%.
  2. R Cooldown: 120/90/60 seconds ⇒ 100/80/60 seconds.
  • Kalista
  1. Base Attack Damage Growth: 3.5 ⇒ 3.75.
  2. Oathsworn Dagger Ceremony is reduced by 4 seconds.
  • Katarina
  1. Passive Dagger AP Ratio: 65/75/85/95% ⇒ 70/80/90/100%.
  2. R Bonus AD Ratio: 18% Bonus AD (+30% Bonus AD per 100% Attack Speed) ⇒ 16% Bonus AD (+50% Bonus AD per 100% Attack Speed).
  • Yasuo
  1. Passive Shield Strength: 100 – 475 (Based on Level) ⇒ 100 – 575 (Based on Level).
  2. E Damage Amplification: +25% Base Damage per stack, up to two stacks ⇒ 15-25% Total Damage per stack (scaling with champion level), up to four stacks.

After drastically nerfing Azir's whole kit in patch 13.4, Riot gave the champion a mini-rework in patch 13.5. Azir was considerably weaker after all these adjustments than before, so Riot will greatly strengthen him in the forthcoming LoL 13.7 patch.

While Katarina's Divine Sunderer build is losing power, she is also receiving a buff. She still has one of the greatest mid-lane pick rates, but Riot will boost her in patch 13.7 to draw some focus to her.

Then there is Graves, who is no longer in good standing. He was one of the strongest junglers in past seasons. However, because of the meta shift, players chose different powerful jungle heroes. In patch 13.7, Riot will give him a modest buff in order to raise his victory rate.

Other champions, including as Alistar, Kalista, and Yasuo, are also gaining buffs in their surrounding areas.

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LoL Patch 13.7 Champion nerfs:

Now on to the Champion nerfs in LoL Patch 13.7. The devs also made public the LoL Patch 13.7 champion nerfs, and the list of affected champions is quite extensive. The nerfs are aimed at the champions who have all been actively pursuing the offensive for some time.

The champions receiving LoL Patch 13.7 nerfs are:

  • Annie
  1. E – Molten Shield:
    1. Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds ⇒ 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds.
    2. Base Shield Value: 60/100/140/180/220 ⇒ 60/95/130/175/200.
  • Lee Sin
  1. Base Stats:
    1. Attack Damage: 68 ⇒ 66.
    2. Armor: 36 ⇒ 34.
  • Olaf
  1. Passive Bonus Attack Speed: 60-100% ⇒ 50-100%.
  2. Q Damage: 70/120/170/220/270 ⇒ 65/115/165/215/265.
  • Rammus
  1. W Bonus Armor Percentage: 40/55/70/85/100% ⇒ 40/50/60/70/80%.
  • Sejuani
  1. Passive Elite Monster Damage Cap: 300 ⇒ 250.
  2. Q Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 seconds ⇒ 19/17.5/16/14.5/13 seconds.
  3. R Cooldown: 120/100/80 seconds ⇒ 130/110/90 seconds.
  • Thresh
  1. Q Cooldown Refunded On Hit: 3 seconds ⇒ 2 seconds.
  • Vi
  1. Q Damage: 110/160/210/260/310 (+140% Bonus AD) ⇒ 90/140/190/240/290 (+160% Bonus AD).
  2. E Damage: 10/30/50/70/90 (+110% AD)(+90% AP) ⇒ 0/15/30/45/60 (+120% AD)(+100% AP).
  • Wukong
  1. Base Attack Damage: 68 ⇒ 66.
  2. W Cooldown: 22/19.5/17/14.5/12 seconds ⇒ 22/20/18/16/14 seconds
  3. E Bonus Attack Speed: 40/45/50/55/60% ⇒ 35/40/45/50/55%
  • Zeri
  1. Base HP Growth: 115 ⇒ 110.
  2. Passive Shield Steal: 60% ⇒ 50%.
  3. R AD Ratio: 100% ⇒ 85%.
  • Veigar
  1. Q AP Ratio: 60% ⇒ 45/50/55/60/65%.
  2. W AP Ratio: 100% ⇒ 70/80/90/100/110%.
  3. R AP Ratio: 75% ⇒ 65/70/75%.

Following periods of dominance in the top lane, Olaf is finally receiving a nerf. Then, due to their supremacy in their respective roles, Veigar and Annie are undergoing significant adjustments. Also, to knock them down a notch, the top meta junglers like Sejuani and Vi are also on the list.

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League of Legends patch 13.7 Champion adjustments

Similar to buffs and nerfs made to other champions, a couple of champions will have their kits modified, providing them both nerfs and buffs.

Overall, these developments are intriguing and are probably worth examining. The champions adjustment list includes the following champ in LoL patch 13.7:

  • Kha'Zix
  1. Isolation Range: 425 ⇒ 375.
  2. W – Evolved Spike Racks:
    1. Slow: 60% ⇒ 40%.
    2. Isolation Slow: 90% ⇒ 75%.
  3. R Duration: 10 seconds ⇒ 12 seconds.

The two that will be adjusted are Kha'Zix and Thresh. Thresh's CC chain is being adjusted, while Kha'Zix's W and Q are being nerfed and enhanced, respectively.

LoL Patch 13.7 System Buffs and Nerfs

Well, along with champions, some of the system's elements will also receive changes to them. These LoL Patch 13.7 system buffs and nerfs include:

System Buffs

  • Abyssal Mask
  1. Health: 500 ⇒ 550.
  • Death’s Dance
  1. Build Path: Pickaxe + Chain Vest + Warhammer
  2. Attack Damage: 65 ⇒ 55.
  3. Armor: 50 ⇒ 45.
  4. Haste: 0 ⇒ 15.
  • Grievous Wounds
  1. Now Applies Grievous Wounds to targets that completely block the damage with shields. Invulnerable targets are still exempt.

System Nerfs

  • Catalyst of Aeons
  1. Total Cost: 1100 ⇒ 1300.
  2. Health: 225 ⇒ 300.

System Adjustments

  • Cosmic Drive

After the nerfs a while ago, Death's Dance has been an inferior item. In order to return to the fold, the item is receiving several boosts. Then Riot is finally nerfing Rod of Ages because it has been too powerful for a while.

As Cosmic Drive synergized too well with some champions and builds, it is receiving significant changes. Riot will therefore presumably intervene to alter this.

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League of Legends patch 13.7 skins

The League of Legends cosmetics keeps on coming with each new patch and the same will be the case with LoL patch 13.7.

We got the Faerie Court skins as the new skin set in patch 13.6, and now we have another set of LoL 2023 skins.

As revealed by devs and leaks earlier, these LoL patch 13.7 skins include the new Cats vs Dogs 2023 skins. The LoL patch 13.7 will bring a whole lot of skins including the following League of Legends Cats vs Dogs 2023 champion skins:

  • Cats vs Dogs Kindred
  • Cats vs Dogs Kled
  • Cats vs Dogs Nidalee
  • Cats vs Dogs Yuumi

Riot also shared the new splash art of these skins and a video to showcase them in their new attire.

LoL Cats vs Dogs Kindred and Kled skins

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League of Legends 13.7 patch release date

On Thursday, April 5th, 2023, the League of Legends patch 13.7 will be released officially to the players. As per the usual time schedule, LoL Patch 13.7 release time will be:

  • 3 AM PT (NA)
  • 5 AM GMT (EUW)
  • 3 AM CET (EUNE)
  • 8 AM KR (Korea)

There can be downtime when the patch begins to roll out and the LoL servers will be disabled for almost 3 hours.

That's all there is to it. Everything we know about the new League of Legends 13.7 patch update and the features it will have. Keep a look at it when it comes out. We'll keep you updated when more information becomes available, so stay tuned.

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