League of Legends Champion Roadmap 2023 - Naafiri, Briar, and Tortured artist's details revealed

League of Legends Champion Roadmap April 2023 has revealed new details about the upcoming champion Naafiri, Briar, and the Tortured artist.

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LoL Champion Roadmap April 2023 reveals info on Naafiri, Briar, and Tortured artist

In 2023, League of Legends Season 13 will feature a tonne of new champions, reworks, champion nerfs and buffs, and other changes.

Riot regularly makes changes to League of Legends, whether it's through the addition of fresh champions or reworks, brand-new items, or even just general buffs and nerfs to keep the meta-game dynamic.

Additionally, Riot Games teased League of Legends players with the introduction of three new champions earlier this year: "Millio" who is already been released, "Naafiri", the Darkin Assassin, a "hangry jungler," and an "artistic mid-laner." While players were mostly in the dark about the new LoL champion releases throughout the year, League devs have provided an update on what players can anticipate.

Today, the developer's team released a new blog post on the League of Legends champion roadmap 2023. And we have included specific information on each upcoming LoL champion Season 13 below.

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New League of Legends Champions for Season 13

League of Legends is always receiving new champions. With more than 160 options currently available in the game, there are plenty of alternatives. However, viewers should expect at least three more champions in Season 13.

Here, the full list of upcoming League of Legends Season 13 champions is provided in the order of potential release.

  • Naafiri, Darkin Assassin
  • Briar, hangry jungler
  • Tortured artist from Ionia

Leading champion designer Lexi 'Lexical' Gao, about the new LoL champions, said, “Prior to Milio, we released a lineup of champions that, while super unique and interesting, may have indexed harder into higher complexity playstyles. Moving forward, the plan is to have a good variety of simple, complex, and everything in between. But we’ll keep a close eye on how they perform, what you all think, and adapt as needed.”

While the first new champion, Naafiri has been developed the most, the other two, a woman who goes by the name of "Briar" and a man who still has to get a name, will be released much later on in the game.

Now, that we have an overview, let’s get into the details of each of these new League of Legends champions coming in Season 13.

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New League of Legends champion – LoL Naafiri, Darkin Assassin

While talking about Naafiri, the devs said "The assassin role can be intimidating to take on". It takes a lot of higher-level game knowledge to make sure you know when to wander and how to position well—especially knowing when's the best moment to pounce and creating an escape strategy to get out alive. And then there is still the mechanical application of the champion's skills."

"We constructed a lot of new technology to accommodate unique Naafiri gameplay concepts in order to improve the assassin gameplay, which should make it feel more alive, dynamic, and uncluttered," added the developer.

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Naafiri teaser image in League of Legends Champion Roadmap April 2023

Additionally, it has been previously disclosed that Naafiri will primarily play the assassin mid-lane. And based on what we know about her gameplay, she will have an easy-to-use kit.

Naafiri is the ideal champion for players who love concentrating on champions with straightforward-to-use kits and who rely more on the macro play. When discussing, this new LoL champion - Naafiri, the developers brought up the subject of her having different bodies. It could have been because of her design or equipment that it was so subtle.

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New League of Legends champion – LoL Briar, hangry jungler

The next new League of Legends champion is Briar, a "hangry jungler" from Noxus. Her mechanics revolve around the idea of going into a "frenzy" whenever her hunger is insatiable.

According to Riot's lead champion producer Alexia Gao, "the team really liked the idea of exploring an uncontrollable hunger, and what happens when sometimes that hunger takes over and the creature is allowed to feast on those who deserve it."

league of legends briar, lol briar, lol hangry jungler, league of legends champion roadmap 2023, league of legends april 2023 roadmap, lol 2023 champion roadmap,
Briar teaser image in League of Legends Champion Roadmap April 2023

Additionally, it was claimed that this new LoL champion - Briar has come to understand the difference between friends and enemies and is on the road to reformation now that she has her insatiable hunger under some degree of control.

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New League of Legends champion – tortured artist from Ionia

The last new League of Legends champion Riot teased was a mid-laner they described as a "torn and tortured artist."

Less information was revealed about this new LoL champion, but players now know that he is a "tortured artist" from Ionia who makes "highly complex" works of art. Riot also included a remark for this new LoL champion, saying, “For some, art is the pursuit of a lifetime. That’s true for me. And… the brush in my hand is a simple tool—but a perfectly crafted one.”

It may be reasonable to assume that this champion will be extremely theatrical if that quote is any clue, even though little is known about him and his release shouldn't be anticipated until far into the latter stages of the year.

league of legends artistic mid laner, lol tortured artist, league of legends champion roadmap 2023, league of legends april 2023 roadmap, lol 2023 champion roadmap
Tortured artist's teaser from the previous LoL Pls video

No new artwork for this particular champion was shared and the devs said, “Regardless, no art for now. All we can hope for is that next time the torn, tortured artist will grace us with his intricate, and incredibly skillful masterpieces. And that you all see him, and his art, for what they truly are. Or that you might even be inspired to pick up your own paints to plan out something with a highly complex execution.”

But based on the teaser image shared previously, we can speculate that this champion might be a calligrapher. Also, we got a hint about his personality when devs revealed that usually, his art is very colorful and alive, on the other hand, we thought the artist was gloomy and brooding. He must have experienced some horrific trauma in the past.

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Along with the three new champions of League of Legends, developers also revealed that several existing champions would receive gameplay and visual updates. The next two people in the queue to get their VGUs delivered to the live servers were specifically identified as Skarner and Jax.

While Skarner VGU has been postponed, the developer team will focus on bringing Jax up to date. His visual makeover, which is expected to be released towards the end of the year, will follow up on the modest Jax redesign from earlier in 2023.

There were the complete details about the League of Legends Champion Roadmap 2023 and the new champions: Naafiri, Briar, and the Tortured Artist.

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