PlayStation Q Lite - new PlayStation handheld features, design, release date, more leaked

A new PlayStation Handheld console codenamed "Q Lite" is reported to be in development that will possibly use remote play with the PlayStation 5 feature.

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New PlayStation Handheld - Q Lite

Any computing or electronic device that is small and portable enough to be grasped and utilised with one or both hands qualifies as a handheld.

A small device that has a screen and game controllers built in and can play several, independent video games is now known as a handheld gaming console. It is not a smartphone, tablet, or PDA, even though those gadgets also support gaming. You can pass the time anywhere, especially when travelling or in transit, using a handheld game console.

There are already many handheld gaming consoles on the market, including the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and others. We also have a new Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming PC in development.

And now, according to two independent sources, Sony is about to reveal a new PlayStation Handheld that won't resemble the PS Vita in the least.

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New PlayStation Handheld

Initially, both Grubb and Henderson, two of the most reliable sources in the industry hinted at something being in development under Sony. According to Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb, the unidentified item of Sony that has been hinted at over the past week could be a "cloud-streaming handheld." 

After tweeting that he had heard about such a device overnight, the journalist told supporters to "absolutely scale down those expectations." This is rumoured to be a PlayStation handheld designed to stream games so you can play them on the move, not a PS Vita 2.

Following up on his assertions and Jeff Grubb's blog post, Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming has now published a comprehensive report claiming to have information on the new PlayStation Handheld console.

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New PlayStation Q Lite Features

He has verified it in a subsequent post, saying that the PlayStation Handheld device, code-named PlayStation Q Lite, is primarily made for remote play. This implies that instead of being able to play games directly like a PSP or PS Vita, it requires a PlayStation 5 to do so. Henderson claims that although cloud streaming is not its primary purpose, it is certainly a possibility.

According to the article, it will handle a 1080p resolution of up to 60 frames per second. The PlayStation handheld will have features like volume controls, speakers, an audio input jack, and adaptable triggers for haptic feedback, among other things.

As for the physical characteristics of the system, early prototypes indicate it will resemble a PlayStation 5 controller but with a big 8-inch LCD touchscreen in the middle. The new device will also need continual internet access.

Fellow source Jeff Grubb has commented that he has only ever heard of a cloud-streaming handheld since the initial rumours started on Monday. Even though that particular detail doesn't quite match, it seems noteworthy that the two most trustworthy industry insiders concur that a new portable is coming.

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PlayStation Q Lite Release date

According to Henderson, the new PlayStation 5 model with a detachable disc drive will be released after the PlayStation Q Lite but before the PS5 Pro. He predicts that the PS5 Pro will be available in time for Christmas 2024 and the new PlayStation 5 model will debut in September.

Also, Grubb previously referred to Sony's non-E3 exposition (perhaps PlayStation Showcase before Summer Game Fest) in June as the "second phase" of the PlayStation 5, and Henderson agrees. 

new playstation handheld, playstation q lite, playstation handheld features, playstation q lite design, playstation handheld release date, playstation q lite leaks
New PlayStation Handheld - Q Lite might have 8 inch LCD screen

June 2024, therefore looks like a suitable time to release at least some of this hardware like PlayStation Q Lite to the public. Nevertheless, Sony has not yet made any indications. 

It supposedly includes adaptable triggers, just like the DualSense, which all points to a relatively pricey gadget. The Q Lite will probably fall in between the low-end DualSense Edge, which costs about £60, and the high-end DualSense Edge, which costs about £210.

Well, that is all that we know about PlayStation Handheld, "Q Lite" thus far, however, we can expect Sony to drop new details on this new Handheld device soon.

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