Asus ROG Ally - performance, design, battery, price, new handheld gaming PC

Asus ROG Ally is the new handheld gaming PC whose performance, design, battery, price, and other details have already been revealed.

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Asus ROG Ally - the new handheld gaming PC

Consumers have become more and more attracted to the appeal of carrying a reliable gaming setup with them at all times. After all, portable gaming PCs deliver the outstanding performance of a top-tier gaming laptop along with the portability of a Nintendo Switch.

While many portable Computers are remarkably thin and simple to tuck away in a backpack or luggage, some, like the Steam Deck, are slightly bigger than the well-liked Nintendo Switch.

Now, it appears that Asus ROG Ally, another portable gaming PC, is on its way to challenge Steam Deck's market dominance.

Now that it's been established, Asus wasn't kidding when it claimed to be developing a portable gaming PC on April 1. With some very amazing specs, the AMD-powered Asus ROG Ally appears ready to challenge Valve's Steam Deck.

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Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming PC

Asus has revealed that the ROG Ally portable gaming PC is actually a real device, encouraging people to "stay tuned for more" following the April Fools' Day teaser and a perplexing LinkedIn post from a head of product management.

The ROG Ally, according to Asus, contains a customized AMD Ryzen CPU that is the fastest AMD APU to date. The ROG Ally is compatible with Asus' mobile GPU, the ROG XG Mobile, and has a "high-performance" display, implying it allows you to attach an RTX 4090 for maybe incredible performance.

According to YouTuber Dave2D, who used the device firsthand, Asus' statements regarding the handheld's potent performance are true.

Asus ROG Ally Performance

The ROG Ally is said to have twice the performance of the Steam Deck, at least according to what Asus told Dave2D. He claims that the special Zen 4 RDNA3 4nm APU AMD chip powering the portable lets you play games at higher graphical settings without compromising functionality.

You should be able to install a wide range of apps and applications on the ROG Ally because it is a Windows 11 portable and should be able to run a wide range of games due to the high amount of customization.

Connecting to the ROG XG Mobile, an external GPU that works with the company's Flow laptops, could be one of ROG Ally's secret weapons.

The XG Mobile, which uses an RTX 4090 laptop GPU, might significantly improve performance on the ROG Ally. The device also features a tonne of ports, which is fantastic given that the handheld appears to only have a single USB-C port.

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Asus ROG Ally Design and Display

The Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck share design cues with the ROG Ally. Two vents and two buttons are located on either side of the user interface. An analog stick and a D-pad are located on the left. The face buttons and another analog stick are on the right (at an offset angle). Power and volume controls, a PCIe port for connecting to the XG Mobile, a USB-C port, and a headphone jack are all located at the top.

The ROG Ally offers a 7-inch, 120Hz, 16:9 display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. According to Asus, it can achieve 500 nits of brightness.

The 7-inch display on the Steam Deck has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. In our lab test, the Steam Deck's brightness peaked at 170 nits, despite Valve's claims that it can reach 400 nits.

The ROG Ally weighs 1.3 pounds and has dimensions of 11.0 x 4.4 x 0.5 inches, according to Dave2D. Hence, in general, the Asus portable is lighter and smaller than the Steam Deck.

Asus ROG Ally Battery

The laptops made by Asus employ the same ROG Intelligent Cooling system as the ROG Ally. It's too soon to determine whether or not the Ally will outperform the competition, but this may offer it long-lasting battery life.

Even when playing graphically taxing games, according to Dave2D, he hardly heard the ROG Ally's fans. His testing shows that the ROG Ally's fans only reach 20 decibels when fully loaded, compared to the Steam Deck's 37 decibels. The difference between the two sounds is rather striking in the YouTube video.

Asus ROG Ally Price

According to Dave2D, Asus claims that the ROG Ally will be "competitively priced." The most expensive Steam Deck costs $649 and has 512GB of storage. The Steam Deck's rivals, the GDP Win 4 and AyaNeo 2, are more potent but also more expensive, coming in at roughly $1,000.

Hence, the ROG Ally price may be similar if it is on par with these devices, but that is yet to be determined.

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Although there have been numerous Steam Deck knockoffs so far, this is the first product that doesn't seem to be an imitator but rather a competition.

In actuality, the ROG Ally might be more than that; it might even be the Steam Deck's doom. Based only on the specs that have been publicly disclosed thus far, it should utterly destroy the Deck in terms of sheer performance and graphical fidelity.

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