Goku Black Fortnite skin - Dragon Ball Super x Fortnite crossover 2023

Goku Black Fortnite skin could be released soon as a part of a new Dragon Ball x Fortnite crossover for 2023, according to recent leaks.

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Goku Black Fortnite skin is in the pipeline as a part of the next Fortnite crossover

Epic Games created and released the free-to-play battle royale game Fortnite. Over 150 different brands, including Marvel and DC Comics, have worked with the game. Real-world celebrities, athletes, artists, corporations, and even other video game characters have collaborated on several projects with Fortnite.

And it seems like Epic has no plans on taking a break. Recently we have got an epic Star Wars event as a part of a Fortnite collab, and there are rumours of yet another Dragon Ball x Fortnite crossover.

Several anime films, TV shows, and video games make up the Dragon Ball series. The show follows the exploits of Goku as he practises martial arts and travels the globe in search of the seven Dragon Balls, orbs said to fulfil his wishes.

According to recent sources, a Goku Black Fortnite Outfit might be released very soon, along with a number of complementary accessories. Continue reading to find the details.

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UPDATE: 12/05/23

Goku Black Fortnite skin teaser dropped

Epic Games has now released the first official image of Fortnite Goku Black skin following multiple rumours of a future Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration. A PlayStation Store front advertisement led to the discovery of it.

However, there is no information available on the Goku Black Fortnite skin release date, despite an official teaser being released.

To honour Goku Day on May 9, 2023, it was rumoured that the skin would be released to the Item Shop, but sadly nothing happened. It should, however, be released to the Item Shop very soon, possibly by the end of this week, considering that Epic Games has started to actively promote the new skin.


Dragon Ball x Fortnite crossover

Due to the incorporation of some of the most popular anime brands to come out of Japan, Fortnite has had significant success over the past couple of years. The first round of Dragon Ball cosmetics was released by Epic Games in August of last year, followed by a second round in December.

The trend began with Naruto in 2021. And it now appears that Epic may have at least one more skin for lovers of the DB.

ShiinaBR and FN_Assist, two Fortnite leakers, claim that Epic Games is developing a new outfit that is cel-shaded in style, codenamed "DualParadox" and is a male skin. The fact that the aforementioned Outfit is still encrypted has led many fans to believe that it might be a part forthcoming Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration and could be Goku Black and Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super.

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Goku Black Fortnite Skin

GMatrixGames, a data miner and content producer for Fortnite, claims that with the most recent update on May 7, they were able to extract the textures from the "DualParadox" file. Since then, fans have been trying to figure out what or who this skin will be, and they now think they have it figured out.

Although it largely only appears to be splotchy colours, reliable leakers ShiinaBR and HYPEX added credence to these rumours when they claimed that the renowned Goku Black version from Dragon Ball Super would soon be made available in Fortnite.

The data indicates that the Goku Black Fortnite skin is cel-shaded, has a variation with a pink head, and carries what appears to be a twin pickaxe that extends while the character is sprinting.

Additionally, according to GMatrixGames, this new Goku Black Fortnite Skin is a different version of Son Goku from the one that was added in August. This suggests that Goku Black will have its own skin rather than merely a different appearance like Super Saiyan versions.

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Goku Black Fortnite Cosmetics and Release Date

Similar to previous occasions, the Goku Black Fortnite Skin will be included in a bundle with some new cosmetics. Moreover, based on the leaks, here is what people are looking forward to:

  • Goku Black Skin (+ Pink Style)
  • Staff Pickaxe
  • Gold Pickaxe
  • Emote
  • Wrap

As Chapter 4 Season 2 is about to expire, there isn't enough time to build anticipation for a prospective collaboration this season, so it was initially anticipated that the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super collaboration will happen next season.

However, HYPEX has gone far as to specify a specific date, speculating that the new Goku Black Fortnite skin would debut on May 9, Japan's Goku Day.

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It just makes it reasonable that Goku would be added since the holiday bears his name. And it seems natural that Epic would add this new character when the genre has been so influential given that it is widely considered as the occasion to celebrate the cultural influence of anime.

However, before making any decisions, we must wait for formal confirmation from Epic in the upcoming days.

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