League of Legends Ivern rework 2023 - new abilities changes, buffs and nerfs in patch 13.10

League of Legends Ivern rework 2023 has majorly targeted his passive, but his other abilities have also seen sizable adjustments.

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League of Legends Ivern rework 2023

Players are likely to reach the mid-season point in League of Legends Season 13 which has been going on for roughly four months. The mid-season update for 2023 by Riot Games has a lot of improvements planned, one of which is an Ivern rework 2023.

Riot has shifted its attention from major overhauls to mid-scope tweaks since the previous season. Riot is able to modify a champion's kit without entirely redoing them thanks to mini-rework.

Azir, Kayle, and Neeko have seen some more recent revisions. And according to Riot, the upcoming mid-season update will include an upgrade to Ivern's mid-scope.

New skills have now been made available on testing servers for League of Legends' friendly tree. Ivern has been in a difficult situation for a while; maybe, this Ivern mid-scope update will help. Read more on LoL Ivern rework 2023 below.

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League of Legends Ivern rework - patch 13.10

One of League of Legends' most distinctive champions is Ivern. He is geared towards playing as an enchanter jungler, the same as how Blitzcrank does. However, he is less of a jungler and more of a support.

He has played on the periphery as a top laner, mid-laner, and support in both professional and casual play, but with an average play rate of only 0.6%, he is undoubtedly not a popular choice. Riot has already made it known that they plan to tweak the champion's mid-scope with an emphasis on making Daisy a more essential component of his arsenal.

The specifics of the League of Legends Ivern mini-rework have been disclosed by Riot Games. The champion will now modestly increase damage output and improve ally buffs. On Twitter, top designer Blake "Squad5" Smith shared a list of revisions. He also described the modifications, stating that the revisions were made to achieve two key objectives:

  • First, to make Ivern feel better about supporting ranged champions (and possibly be able to lane as a support enchanter).
  • The second goal is to improve satisfaction around Daisy (and possibly completely go away from the pet control model, which we didn't fully end up doing).

According to the information provided, patch 13.10, not 13.9, will be the release date for the Ivern mid-scope rework. He was posted early for feedback, so he will likely spend approximately a week on PBE. When the 13.10 cycle begins, he will return to PBE. Riot Squad5 provided all of the information, and the most recent information on the LoL Ivern Rework 2023 is presented below.

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League of Legends Ivern Abilities Mid-Scope Update

Expected Ivern Mini Re-works include the following changes:

Passive: Friend of the Forest

  • Grove base health cost: 98.25 ⇒ 131
  • Grove base mana cost: 90 ⇒ 113
  • Growth time lvl 1: 50 ⇒ 40
  • Can still Smite camps to instantly clear them, but buff sharing has been removed

W: Brushmaker

  • [NEW] Allies now gain on-hit magic damage from within Ivern’s bushes
  • Ally magic damage bonus: 5-15 (+10% AP)
  • [NEW] Brust disappears once Ivern’s team lose vision within it, but now has a duration of up to 60 seconds instead of 30
  • Recharge: 40-24 seconds ⇒ 20 seconds flat

E: Triggerseed

  • Shield amount: 80-220 (+70% AP) ⇒ 70-190 (+60% AP)
  • Shield burst damage: 70-150 (+80% AP) ⇒ 60-140 (+70% AP)
  • [NEW] If Triggerseed detonates and no enemy champions are hit, the ally will be shielded for 70-190 (+60% AP) for 2 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 11-7 seconds ⇒ 12-8 seconds

R: Daisy!

  • [NEW] Does damage on arrival, knocking up enemies hit for .75 seconds and dealing 90-130 damage (+20% AP) in an AoE.
  • [NEW] Daisy can be cast on targets rooted by Rootcaller at any range.
  • Removed bonus movement speed for Daisy the first 5 seconds after spawning
  • Daisy AD: 70/100/170 (+30% AP) ⇒ Base slam damage 40-80 with Daisy’s AD being 55 base (+10% AP)

Q: Rootcaller

  • Ivern now dashes into his maximum range when not recasting. Upon recast he will dash directly onto the enemy

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League of Legends Ivern rework release date

As previously mentioned, the entire new LoL Ivern rework will be visible in LoL patch 13.10, so fans can anticipate seeing the updated Ivern on May 17, 2023.

Almost all of Ivern's skills have been altered. First, his strike range substantially expanded. His passive ability has significantly lessened power. Ivern's Q was solely changed to improve quality of life, hence there were only minimal changes made. On the other hand, his W merely got boosts, and his E - Triggerseed had some significant alterations as well.

Ivern Rework 2023 sees him both nerfed and buffed in many ways, such as keeping backline targets alive and working around ADCs, as well as Triggerseed dealing slightly less damage in exchange for the second shield proc and Daisy dealing less damage.

This was all the information regarding the League of Legends Ivern rework in patch 13.10,. The list of champion buffs, nerfs, skins, and system changes that will also be included in LoL patch 1310 will soon be made public, in addition to the Ivern buffs coming in LoL patch 13.10.

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