League of Legends MSI 2023 Prime Gaming Secret Codes

League of Legends MSI 2023 Prime Gaming Codes giveaway rewards players with lots of free RP daily during the event.

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League of Legends MSI 2023 Prime Gaming Secret Codes

Developed and distributed by Riot Games, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players take on the role of a summoner who commands a champion with special powers and engages in combat with a team of other players or computer-controlled champions.

Since the game's release, Riot Games has regularly released fresh patch updates and added new events to keep it interesting. Players who take part in the event and accomplish specified goals typically receive rewards and rewards from these events frequently include skins, icons, and emotes.

The awards are handed out sometimes directly as well as through new codes. These codes, which can be redeemed on the official League of Legends website, are typically distributed during special events or promotions. Typically, the codes have a time limit and can only be used once per account.

Now, the most recent of these is League of Legends MSI 2023 Prime Gaming Secret Codes.

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League of Legends Prime Gaming Secret Codes for MSI 2023

The LoL MSI 2023 tournament has been enjoyable and has included a number of awards for participants to earn throughout the event.

The MSI 2023 Inkshadow Event got things going first, awarding tokens and letting participants add to the prize pool. The Mercedes Benz Chest, which offers a giveaway on every match day, came next. Now next, League of Legends Prime Gaming Secret Codes for MSI 2023 have been made available, and they reward players with a tonne of free RP.

Every day starting with the Bracket Stage of MSI 2023, a secret code will be distributed. Here are all of the MSI 2023 Prime Gaming codes:

LoL MSI 2023 Giveaway Code

  • Code: DEFYMSI2023

LoL MSI 2023 Bracket Stage Codes

  • Day 1 Code: MSIPAGUXSCX (Expired)
  • Day 2 Code: MSIVKWRQ63O (Expired)
  • Day 3 Code: MSIX35ARROS (Expired)
  • Day 4 Code: MSIOEP7ADI4 (Expired)
  • Day 5 Code: MSIBKV5EZEE (Expired)
  • Day 6 Code: MSIGTXKWCBE (Expired)
  • Day 7 Code: MSIAG2YETBO (Expired)
  • Day 8 Code: MSIUJ5DA35L (Expired)
  • Day 9 Code: MSITTA2CVTN (Expired)
  • Day 10 Code: MSI2QHHOLNP (Expired)
  • Day 11 Code: MSIHNXDJH6P (Expired)
  • Day 12 Code: MSIUSCXYMF

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Keep in mind, though, each code is only valid for one day.

How to redeem LoL MSI 2023 Prime Gaming codes and its rewards

To redeem the MSI Secret Codes, simply adhere to the instructions provided below.

  • Visit the website for the giveaway.
  • For the relevant day, participate in the Daily Giveaway.
  • (Daily and Main Giveaway) Follow Prime Gaming on Instagram.
  • (Restricted To Main Giveaway) Browse the most recent League of Legends Capsule (Only For Main Giveaway) Utilise the new League of Legends emote to honor MSI 2023.
  • Under the methods area, Enter The Broadcast's Secret Code.

After following these steps you will be able to redeem the MSI 2023 Prime Gaming codes.

The Main Giveaway and Daily Giveaways for the Bracket Stage constitute the MSI 2023 Prime Gaming Giveaway.

The following is included in MSI 2023 Prime Gaming Daily Giveaway:

  • For one lucky person - 150k Riot Points.

The following is included in MSI 2023 Prime Gaming Main Giveaway:

  • Winning prize - 295k Riot Points.
  • Two runners-up - 125k Riot Points apiece.

And that is all that we currently know about League of Legends MSI 2023 Prime Gaming Secret Codes. Also, only 22 countries are permitted to enter the Giveaway, so be sure to verify your eligibility.

In addition to these MSI Secret Codes, Riot has established a drop system via which viewers can get various goodies. These prizes could be anything from in-game stuff to tangible items.

On the LoL Esports website, select the rewards tab, where you can see the option to accept rewards. You should be able to obtain the benefits if you adhere to the directions provided there.

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You can get capsules, emotes, and icons from the MSI 2023 drops. You can also gain various esports emotes and icons from the capsule that are exclusive to certain capsules.

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