R6 Fenrir - loadout, gadgets, gameplay and skills

R6 Fenrir's loadout, gadgets, gameplay, and other details have been revealed and players can't seem to hold their excitement of exploring this new operator in Operation DREAD FACTOR.

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R6 Fenrir, the Y8S2 operator for Dread Factor revealed

The Y8S2 Operation Dread Factor for Rainbow Six Siege has been officially unveiled, and we have at long last had a thorough look at the newest operator, "Fenrir."

If you've been keeping up with the leaks, you'll be happy to know that Operation DREAD FACTOR's newest Defender, Fenrir, will be joining the Rainbow Six roster.

The newest Defender, FENRIR, contributes his invaluable knowledge to Operation DREAD FACTOR. Fenrir, a member of the REDHAMMER team, is from the Swedish city of Uppsala. A crucial lesson in fight or flight is learned by being the first person through the door.

At the beginning of a game, Fenrir will have access to five weapons, but you never know, the devs might change something before the operator goes live.

That was for the introduction, now let's head over to the details that have been revealed thus far about R6 Fenrir, his loadout, gameplay, weapons, and much more.

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R6 Fenrir

Growing up in Uppsala, Svensson aka Fenrir was an inquisitive child whose parents supported his interest in animal biology by enrolling him in every science course they could find. After completing his military duty, his attention moved from attending his hometown university to pursuing his love.

He discovered that he enjoyed physical preparation and tactical planning, and he developed a specific interest in how war affects troops' emotional moods. When FENRIR, a neurochemist, suggested a proposal to develop formulas that affect a soldier's emotional condition, he was released from the Swedish Armed Forces and DEIMOS contacted him to sponsor his research.

FENRIR fled and sought Rainbow when he realized his creation was being used as a lethal weapon. He broadened his skill set as a communicator in the Special Operations Group and worked to create plans that would boost his colleagues' performance.

The F-NATT Dread Mine is Fenrir's primary gadget. Like an Ela mine, this new throwable device adheres to any surface.

Additionally, we are aware of the following information regarding Y8S2 R6 Fenrir based on all the official data.

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R6 Fenrir Gadget

The F-NATT DREAD MINE is a gadget carried by FENRIR. When concentrated on gameplay strategy, FENRIR delivers a good area of denial ability by releasing a gas that causes anxiety.

The throwable, wall-sticking F-NATT DREAD MINE can be buried in locations where dread can flourish.

You never know when your resolve will fail you because FENRIR has 5 mines that it can trigger three at a time anyplace on the map. A mine explosion reduces the target's field of vision, providing FENRIR and his team an edge over their terrified adversaries.

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Rainbow Six Siege Fenrir loadout

R6 Fenrir Loadout

R6 Fenrir loadout includes the following, as officially revealed:

  • Primary weapons: MP7 and SASG-12
  • Secondary weapon: Bailiff 410 revolver
  • Secondary Gadgets: Bulletproof Camera and Barbed Wire

The MP7 SMG or SASG-12 shotgun is Fenrir's primary weapon of choice. He can have the Bailiff 410 pistol as his secondary weapon and either a barbed wire or a bulletproof camera as a secondary gadget.

With regards to R6 Fenrir's loadout, the official blog post revealed: With his primary weapon options being the MP7 and SASG-12, 2 HEALTH, 2 SPEED, and 2 SPEED, FENRIR makes his opponents feel like deer caught in headlights. You'll never be certain if you're being watched if there are options for BARBED WIRE and BULLETPROOF CAMERAS.

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Discussing R6 Fenrir's gameplay, the devs have revealed the following.

R6 Fenrir Gameplay

Let's now discuss Fenrir and those terrifying F-NATT mines.

Well, F-NATT dread mines have a spooky appearance, and when they affect you, they intensify the spookiness of everything. But if you're interested in the details, here's the situation. There are five of these sticky mines on Fenrir. And he can use them almost anyplace in a devastating fashion.

The F-NATT dread mine produces a terrifying gas that impairs your vision and may have fatal repercussions.

The new defending operator, Fenrir, is the owner of these mines. They're not the only device that "Siege" will include this season that distorts eyesight. Select defenders will have access to the new observation blocker to aid them in hiding their actions from the attacker's drones, cameras, and holograms.

Once an Attacker is within its effective radius and the Fenrir's gadget (F-NATT dread mine) is turned on, a stream of eerie purple gas is emitted from the mine, obstructing the Attacker's eyesight. If the device is in its activated condition, it will not just affect the Attacker but any operator (apart from Fenrir).

Attackers can take the chance of having their eyesight obscured in order to disable the F-NATT mine because the device is not bulletproof in its operational condition.

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Fenrir can only have a maximum of three of his five mines activated at once because he only has three activation codes. By focusing on and engaging with the icon of a deployed mine, he can send activation codes remotely. This activates the mine, making it ready to explode and begin gassing off in the event that an Attacker approaches.

The same method can be used by Fenrir to obtain activation codes remotely. This restores the mine's deactivated status, renders it once more bulletproof, and places the activation code back in Fenrir's inventory for future usage. The effect soon dissipates after the attacker has left, returning the mine to its initial state of simple activation.

Devs proposed putting Melusi's banshee weapons or staging a battle around one of Fenrir's mines in order to take advantage of Fenrir's synergies with his fellow defenders. They also advised estimating the reduction in life expectancy for any attackers who are slowed down while being exposed to fear gas.

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Draw a Venn diagram to show how it becomes more difficult for attackers to flee danger when the radius of Thorn's razer bloom shell and the radius of an F-NATT dread mine overlap.

To assist Fenrir in deploying his activation codes at precisely the appropriate time, team up with a Valkyrie and practice using her black eye camera information.

For extra points, practice some Fenrir mine counterattack tactics that go beyond merely detonating it with explosives or simply going into the cloud and inhaling fear gas until you can see the mine and shot it.

As you move closer to the minefield, use IQ to find the mines. Then, momentarily disable it with an impact EMP using Thatcher or an ally. The Kludge Drone from Brava has the ability to destroy deactivated mines and change the allegiance of activated and triggered mines.

An active mine can also be destroyed using Zero's Argus Cam laser or Twitch's Shock Drone. And if you need someone to set off the mine to make it vulnerable, think about Finka or Montagne, whose adrenaline rush delays the mines' effect on vision.

Fenrir will be made available as part of Rainbow Six's Operation Dread Factor on May 30th, 2023. Prior to being made available to the general public, the Swedish defender will undergo testing on the TTS starting on May 15.

And that is all that is there to know about R6 Fenrir, his gameplay, loadout, gadgets, and other elements.

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