Apex Legends Horizon Heirloom - how to unlock Gravity Maw and its release date

As the much-anticipated Apex Legends Horizon Heirloom, known as the Gravity Maw, makes its way to the game, be ready to defy gravity and unlock the ultimate status symbol.

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Apex Legends Horizon Heirloom - Gravity Maw has been revealed

At the start of Season 17, Apex Legends had introduced 15 Heirlooms to the battle royale, leaving fans anxiously awaiting Horizon's turn. However, the players who have been eagerly anticipating Horizon's Heirloom can finally rejoice, as the Gravity Maw has been revealed in the Dressed to Kill Collection Event.

Heirlooms are highly coveted items in the game, offering each character a unique melee weapon that adds to their backstory and showcases the player's dedication to their main character.

This article will delve into the details of Apex Legends Horizon's Heirloom and how players can unlock it, providing a comprehensive guide for gaming enthusiasts.

Apex Legends Horizon Heirloom release date

The Gravitational Manipulator has been a fan-favorite, previously dominating the meta in previous seasons. However, players were left disappointed when Ash received an Heirloom instead. But now, there is cause for celebration as Horizon's Heirloom will finally make its debut in the game during the Dressed to Kill Collection event.

The Dressed to Kill Collection event, launching on June 20, features a range of limited-time cosmetics available for purchase in the in-game store along with the Apex Horizon's Heirloom.

apex legends horizon heirloom, how to get horizon heirloom in apex legends, apex legends gravity maw heirloom, apex horizon heirloom animation
Apex Legends Gravity Maw Heirloom will be available from June 20th

Hence, if players want to acquire Horizon's Heirloom, named 'Gravity Maw,' they should make sure to participate in the event and seize the opportunity when it drops on June 20.

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Apex Legends Gravity Maw Heirloom animations

Although not all heirlooms are created equally, Horizon's are unquestionably among the best. It's the first of its sort in Apex Legends and was exclusively created with her look and concept in mind, meaning that no other Legend could have received it.

Similar weapons, such as a Scottish war mace or Morningstars, served as inspiration for the Gravity Maw. However, the haft's ball-end ball is a contained black hole. There are substantial spikes all around it that rotate and move while being held in place by gravity.

Horizon's Heirloom, the Gravity Maw, takes the form of a medieval mace infused with Horizon's thematic elements. It features spacious and black hole-inspired designs, promising to engulf enemies within its vortex as players wield it in the Apex Games.

The Gravity Maw Heirloom is a testament to the attention to detail and creativity put into designing Heirlooms in Apex Legends.

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How to unlock Horizon's Heirloom in Apex Legends

To unlock Horizon's Heirloom, players have two possible paths. The first option is to participate in the Dressed to Kill Collection event and collect all 24 new skins before the event concludes. By doing so, players will automatically receive Horizon's Heirloom as a bonus reward. Additionally, players can utilize any Heirloom Shards they have saved up to unlock the Heirloom.

During the two-week duration of the Dressed to Kill event, from June 20 to July 4, the Horizon Heirloom will be exclusively available through the limited-time event store. Players can purchase the 24 limited-time event cosmetics using Apex Coins or Crafting Metals. Once all the cosmetics are acquired, players will be rewarded with Horizon's Heirloom.

For players who prefer not to spend money or have limited funds, the Heirloom will become available in the Mythic Store after the Dressed to Kill event concludes. In the Mythic Store, the Horizon Heirloom can be purchased using 150 Heirloom Shards.

These shards are typically obtained through Apex Packs, either as a one percent drop rate or as a guaranteed drop after opening 500 Apex Packs without receiving any Heirloom Shards. Some Collection events may also feature Heirloom Shards as a bonus reward.

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Well, Horizon's Gravity Maw Heirloom is a highly anticipated addition to Apex Legends, providing players with a unique melee weapon that complements Horizon's character and playstyle. The Dressed to Kill Collection event serves as the platform for introducing this long-awaited Heirloom, offering players the opportunity to acquire it by collecting all 24 event cosmetics or using Heirloom Shards.

Whether players choose to participate in the event or wait for the Mythic Store option, Horizon enthusiasts can finally wield the Gravity Maw and showcase their dedication to their favorite legend in the Apex Games.

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