XDefiant Factions Guide - All Abilities with best Factions Ranking

This thorough XDefiant factions guide will go through every faction in the game, highlighting their abilities and giving helpful tips on how to use them effectively in battle.

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XDefiant Factions Guide - All Abilities with best Factions Ranking

Ubisoft's latest game, XDefiant, has captivated the gaming community with its thrilling multiplayer experience and diverse roster of characters.

One of the most exciting aspects of XDefiant is the inclusion of different factions, each representing a franchise from Ubisoft's rich gaming history.

In this guide, we will explore the various XDefiant factions and delve into their unique abilities and playstyles.

All Factions in XDefiant

In XDefiant, factions consist of three agents hailing from different Ubisoft games. These factions represent beloved franchises such as Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, The Division, and Watch Dogs.

Let's take a closer look at each of the five XDefiant factions:

1. Libertad – Far Cry: Inspired by the Far Cry series, Libertad focuses on freedom fighters and their abilities reflect their resilience. With healing and defensive capabilities, Libertad agents can withstand intense battles and support their team.

2. Phantoms – Ghost Recon: The Phantoms faction draws its inspiration from the Ghost Recon series. These futuristic soldiers possess advanced technology and excel at battlefield control. With defensive and tank-like abilities, Phantoms can hold strategic positions and protect their teammates.

3. Echelon – Splinter Cell: Echelon agents, originating from Splinter Cell, are expert covert operatives skilled in reconnaissance and subterfuge. With their utility and stealth-focused abilities, Echelon agents excel at gathering intelligence and taking down enemies undetected.

4. Cleaners – The Division: Based on The Division franchise, the Cleaners faction specializes in dealing damage and chaos. Their abilities include fire-based attacks and area denial tactics, allowing them to control the battlefield and disrupt enemy movements.

5. DedSec – Watch Dogs: Inspired by the Watch Dogs series, DedSec agents are skilled hackers and disruptors. Their abilities revolve around hacking enemy-deployed equipment, turning it to their advantage. DedSec agents excel at disrupting enemy strategies and providing support to their teams.

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Best XDefiant Factions: Every Faction ranked

Now that we know what each faction is, it's about time we know which ones are the XDefiant best Factions. To provide a comprehensive ranking of the factions in XDefiant, we have created a list based on their effectiveness and usability:

  1. Echelon
  2. Libertad
  3. Phantoms
  4. Cleaners
  5. DedSec

Every XDefiant Factions and its Abilities

When entering a match in XDefiant, players have the freedom to choose any faction and class they desire, regardless of their team composition. This flexibility allows for strategic combinations and effective control of the battlefield.

Consider the map layout and game mode to make an informed decision on which faction and abilities will best suit the situation in your XDefiant gameplay.

XDefiant Faction Abilities

Let's take a closer look at the abilities of each faction in XDefiant:

1. XDefiant Cleaners abilities:

- Incinerator Drone: Deploy a mechanical drone that deals burn damage to enemies.

- Firebomb: Throw a throwable that sets the ground on fire for a short duration.

- Incendiary Rounds (Passive): Bullets deal burn damage to enemies upon hit, but with reduced damage range.

- The Purifier (Ultra): Wield a flamethrower for a limited time, dealing devastating damage.

Cleaners are ideal for pushing foes and goals because they have strong offensive powers.

2. XDefiant DedSec abilities:

- Hijack: Hack and turn enemy-deployed abilities friendly.

- Spiderbot: Throw a bot that attaches to an enemy's face, temporarily shocking them.

- Fabricator (Passive): 3D print abilities to acquire them faster.

- Lockout (Ultra): Prevent enemies from using any of their abilities by hacking them.

The DedSec XDefiant Faction can offer your team the upper hand over the opposition by utilizing a variety of tools.

3. XDefiant Echelon abilities:

- Digital Ghille Suit: Temporarily become invisible, but shooting or getting shot removes the ability.

- Intel Suit: Scan the surroundings in a short range to reveal enemy positions.

- Low Profile (Passive): See enemy movements on the minimap, while Echelon members remain hidden.

- Sonar Goggles (Ultra): Equip goggles that reveal enemy outlines, even through walls. Also wield Sam Fisher's Five-Seven pistol, dealing high damage.

If outplaying your opponents is your preferred strategy, the Echelon faction in XDefiant is the best choice for you.

4. XDefiant Libertad abilities:

- BioVida Boost: Heal the player and provide additional 20 health.

- El Remedio: Drop a health kit on the floor for group healing.

- Regenerative Health (Passive): Libertad members and their teammates regenerate health at an accelerated rate.

- El Remedio (Ultra): Boost health to 200 and gain super regeneration for a short period.

Thanks to their swift self-healing and ability to win any battle, Libertad is the greatest XDefiant Faction for solo players.

5. XDefiant Phantoms abilities:

- Mag Barrier: Deploy a barrier that protects players from incoming damage while allowing them to shoot through it.

- Blitz Shield: Equip a bulletproof shield that shields players from incoming damage. Also equipped with an electro-scatter gun.

- Hardened (Passive): Base health is increased to 120.

- AEGIS (Ultra): Activate a plasma shield that protects the player from all angles. This 360-degree shield also provides an electro-scatter gun.

Phantoms are excellent factions for controlling the map and any objective regions you need to capture thanks to a number of tanky and defensive talents.

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With its diverse range of factions and abilities, XDefiant offers an engaging and strategic multiplayer experience for fans of Ubisoft games. Whether you prefer the tactical gameplay of Splinter Cell or the chaotic battles of Far Cry, there is a faction and playstyle to suit every player.

Experiment with different combinations, master the abilities of your chosen faction and dominate the XDefiant battlefield. Get ready to unleash your skills and enjoy the thrilling action that XDefiant has to offer.

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