XDefiant Weapon Guide - Best Guns and Loadouts for Victory

Here is the ultimate XDefiant Weapon Guide, to help you dominate the battlefield in Ubisoft's latest competitive shooter and pave your way to victory.

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XDefiant Weapon Guide - Best Guns and Loadouts for Victory

In a fast-paced shooter like XDefiant, selecting the right weapons can make a significant difference in your performance and success on the battlefield.

With a wide range of guns available, from versatile assault rifles to devastating shotguns, choosing the best primary weapon can be crucial.

This XDefiant Weapon guide aims to help you navigate through the array of options and select the optimal weapons for your play style. Additionally, we will provide you with some recommended XDefiant weapon loadouts to maximize your effectiveness in the game.

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Best Weapons in XDefiant

Here is a list of some of the best XDefiant weapons. Note that this list excludes pistols, focusing solely on primary weapons:

  • AA-12
  • ACR 6.8
  • AK-47
  • Double Barrel
  • M16A4
  • M249
  • M44
  • M4A1
  • M60
  • M870
  • MK 20 SSR
  • MP5A2
  • MP7
  • P90
  • RPK-74
  • SVD
  • TAC-50
  • Vector .45 ACP

XDefiant Weapon Tier List

To provide a comprehensive ranking of the guns in XDefiant, we have created a weapon tier list based on their effectiveness and usability:

  • S Tier: M16A4, TAC-50, M4A1
  • A Tier: Vector .45 ACP, AK-47, AA-12, MP7, RPK-74
  • B Tier: SVD, ACR 6.8, M44, M249, M870, P90
  • C Tier: MK 20 SSR, M60, MP5A2, Double Barrel

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Now that we know which are the best along with the XDefiant Weapon Tier List, it is important that we get to know about some of these weapons.

Top 5 Weapons in XDefiant

1. M16A4: This burst-fire weapon offers stability and precision. While it may not appeal to all players, a well-placed burst to the head can be highly effective in eliminating enemies, especially in intense firefights.

2. TAC-50: If you prefer sniping, the TAC-50 is an excellent choice. With the ability to down enemies with a single shot, mastering this sniper rifle will make you a formidable long-range threat.

3. M4A1: A well-balanced assault rifle, the M4A1 is a popular choice among players. Its versatility, precision, range, and manageable recoil make it an effective weapon in the hands of both beginners and veterans.

4. Vector .45 ACP: Known for its high rate of fire, the Vector excels in close-range battles. With careful ammunition management and magazine capacity upgrades, you can dominate enemies in close-quarters combat.

5. AK-47: This high-damage assault rifle rewards players who can control its recoil. With its impressive firepower and range, the AK-47 is a top-tier weapon in the hands of experienced players.

Please note that these rankings are subjective and based on our playstyle and gaming experience. Different players may have varying preferences and playstyles. Additionally, XDefiant allows for weapon loadout personalization, allowing you to modify and enhance the stats of your favorite guns to suit your gameplay style.

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Now that we have mentioned loadouts, let's have a look at some of the best XDefiant weapon loadouts.

Best XDefiant Weapon Loadouts

To give you a competitive edge in XDefiant, here are a few recommended weapon loadouts that have proven to be effective:

1. Best M4A1 Class Loadout:

- Muzzle: Brake

- Front Rail: Angled

- Optics: Reflex

- Magazine: Quick Mag

- Rear Grip: Quick Draw

2. Best ACR 6.8 Class Loadout:

- Muzzle: Barrel Extender

- Barrel: Recon

- Front Rail: Handstop

- Optics: Reflex

- Magazine: Quick Mag

- Rear Grip: Heavy Grip

3. Best M60 Class Loadout:

- Muzzle: Muzzle Booster

- Barrel: Rapid Fire

- Front Rail: Vertical

- Optics: Reflex

- Magazine: Fast Mag

4. Best MP5A2 Class Loadout:

- Front Rail: Superlight

- Optics: Reflex

- Magazine: Quick Mag

- Rear Grip: Lightweight Grip

- Stock: Removed

5. Best MP7 Class Loadout:

- Front Rail: Tactical

- Optics: Reflex

- Magazine: Quick Mag

- Rear Grip: Grip Tape

- Stock: Padded

6. Best TAC-50 Class Loadout:

- Barrel: Stabilizing

- Optics: Sniper Scope or Variable Scope

- Magazine: Quick Mag

- Rear Grip: Fabric

- Stock: Reinforced

These XDefiant weapon loadouts have been recommended by experienced players. They offer advantages in various game modes and can help you secure more kills and achieve victory.

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Well, in XDefiant, selecting the best weapons and loadouts is essential for achieving success on the battlefield. The M16A4, TAC-50, M4A1, Vector .45 ACP, and AK-47 are among the top guns in the game, each offering unique advantages for different playstyles.

Remember that personal preference and playstyle should guide your weapon selection. Additionally, optimizing your loadouts with attachments and modifications can further enhance your performance. Experiment with different combinations and find the perfect loadout that suits your gameplay style in XDefiant. Good luck, and may your bullets find their mark!

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